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Guess the anime! 5 q7 weapons prize

Dan 1,741, 10:29 Objavljeno u Japan Japan od Fuyumi

Your clues are, its a fantasy and the main character is lazy, it aired within the last 3 years

1 guess per person



Kazami Yuuka
Kazami Yuuka Dan 1,741, 10:33

And you narrowed the anime list from 1 million to about 500,000 😛

Greatmoff Dan 1,741, 10:41

1 guess per person? How about 1 guess per person per clue? as Hizaya just said out of god knows how many possible animes even if I did have a rough idea I'm not going to use my one guess on the most vaguest of clues...

Fuyumi Dan 1,741, 11:22

ok ill put another clue that should make it easier

tsakali Dan 1,741, 11:25

come on ! give people q7 weapons as donation ! I'll make you famous in my country and eveyone will love you !

Fuyumi Dan 1,741, 11:26

keep in mind that this is supposed to be vague, its to liven up the community, if the clues werent vague it would be too easy

tsakali Dan 1,741, 11:28

And I wanted to add you in my article above, as everyone give something to other people ! But ok ! If you make some day a donation to everyone, write me and I'll place your offer in my article too !

Fuyumi Dan 1,741, 11:29

i only have like 300 q7 tsakali 😛 cant be giving em out for free, its gotta be fun

Kazami Yuuka
Kazami Yuuka Dan 1,741, 13:24

Well with almost 100 animees coming out each year.. of which 50 is fantasy related.. and around 25 where the main character is lazy as that is a common thing nowadays.. it would be 75 animees +/-.

tarasino Dan 1,741, 15:14

Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu
Legend of the legendary heroes!

Fuyumi Dan 1,741, 16:28

tarasino wins

tarasino Dan 1,741, 16:35

Eh it was a no brainer! xD

Fuyumi Dan 1,741, 16:54

thats why i didnt wanna put more clues

Natsu Natsumee
Natsu Natsumee Dan 1,741, 22:54

you should have said something about the dangos 🙁 ^^

Sophia Forrester
Sophia Forrester Dan 1,742, 15:23

After all, there are other lazy main characters, but laziness is probably not their first or second most obvious character trait... unlike Ryner. It's a fair riddle if you know the anime.

Zodiarque Dan 1,743, 04:47

DYD is such a good manga... ^^

If it wasn't for the "aired last 3 years" I would have say Lucky Star (Lazy Konata Izumi ^^)

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