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Greetings Netherlands

Dan 1,826, 05:06 Objavljeno u Netherlands Češka od Rhual

Hello Netherlands,

Im on a journey, of which you are the 14th station. My aim is becoming the citizen of not 1 country, but the whole eWorld. Im trying to get citizenships from every nation, writing 1 article there about the country to their citizens and fighting for their side a little, just to make the fact that I was there appear on my profile page.

Here is the article about this trip

I would like to write about the Netherlands from my RL point of view, not ingame, in spite of the fact I don’t know how many RL Dutch live here.
By the way I won’t write too long articles about the countries, I rather let the pictures talk 🙂

First of all thank you for your trust that I may be here.

Don’t forget, Im here and write as a simple eWorld citizen, without any side. And again, Im talking about IRL, not ingame!

What is the very first thing which occurs to me about this country?

The Flying Dutchman. The legendary ghost ship that can never make port, doomed to sail the oceans forever. This legendary story became so famous, it appears in many movies, series or even in cartoon. Richard Wagner, the German composer made an opera about it.

I’m a sport fan (as you may notice from some of my previous articles) so it’s not a surprise if I say, the Oranje (the Dutch football team) occurs to me either. They reached the World Cup final 3 times (1974. 1978, 2010) but never win it. The biggest success was the European Championship winning in 1988. Moreover this team is one of my favourite. It was bad to see them and Spain (the another favourite) in the World Cup final in 2010. Players from the Netherlands are the best around the world, everyone may know these favourite names when you hear, the Oranje occurs in your mind: Edwin van der Saar, Geovanni van Bronckhorst, Ronald Koeman, de Boer brothers (Frank and Ronald), Philip Cocu, Marc van Bommel, Clarence Seedorf, Rafael van der Vaart, Marc Overmars, Arjen Robben, Wesley Sneider (my favourite), Johann Cruyff, Ruud Gullit, Dirk, Kuyt, Dennis Bergkamp, Marco van Basten, Robin van Persie, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, Edgar Davids, John Heitinga, Frank Rijkaard and many others.


The Netherlands is the 132nd largest country in the world, 32nd in Europe.

Now I just show you what I visit if I would go to the NEtherlands. And as I noticed, some of my readers are also curious about the given culture of the country.
My trip with the articles is a show, what places the world has. So my apologize if I do a mistake, Im trying to be informed via internet, sometimes it turns wrong.

I like to discover either ancient or cultural places, even natural sightseeing.

I hope everyone understands, searching for places “You must see” and making articles about every countries I’d visit takes huge time so I decided to adding only 2 pictures per place, not more, not less.

So let’s see them:







Den Haag




Texel island

The Wadden Sea

Ijssel lake

And many other places...

Now let’s see some Holland girls:





Persia Guard
Persia Guard Dan 1,826, 05:08

اول شدم

alpho Dan 1,826, 05:09


aslanozkan Dan 1,826, 05:14


GregoryG Dan 1,826, 05:19

Carice van Houten

MaartenW Dan 1,826, 05:20

I was born in Alkmaar ... people born in alkmaar are called cheeseheads ._.

Rommel Erwin
Rommel Erwin Dan 1,826, 05:24

nice pics

Gwom Dan 1,826, 05:32

Nice article, (Hague and Den Haag are the same city XD)

GregoryG Dan 1,826, 05:36


2.D.G Dan 1,826, 05:36

^ What he said, they're really the same city.

Anyway, no Arnhem? What is this bull.

Mc Claren
Mc Claren Dan 1,826, 05:36

voted nice article

Rhual Dan 1,826, 06:35

Then a city is involved twice : P Thanks FYI

RaviMirza Dan 1,826, 06:45

hello Holland! greetings from your former colony, Indonesia (East-Indies) o7

djirtsdew Dan 1,826, 06:54

Indeed "the Hague" = "Den Haag"
Scheveningen (the beach and Kurhaus) is something Dutch people do not tend to call the Hague, although it is one of the eight neighbourhoods of the city.
And the Hague of course is the city where our parliament is seated (something which ended up at Den Haag in the pictures above), and the "International City of Peace and Justice".

The Netherlands is divided into 12 provinces. And unfortunately most provinces are not included in the pictures above.

djirtsdew Dan 1,826, 07:03

Arnhem, mentioned by 2.D.G is internationally well known from the second world war, as "one bridge too many" ( ), or the film based on this "A Bridge too Far" ( )

And,000_people gives a list of the 23 biggest cities in the Netherlands, also with some nice pictures for the top 5

Antikillah Dan 1,826, 08:00

nice pictures but your are forgetting something. i'll give you a hint:

2.D.G Dan 1,826, 10:14

O-okay, it seems that I live in the 21th biggest city of the Netherlands and I never even realized it was that big. 😣

Gwom Dan 1,826, 13:21

It's strange that Nijmegen isn't the capitol of Gelderland instead of Arnhem. Because it is bigger and older. And beautifuler... (I live there)

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Dan 1,826, 14:07

ty for the article Ruai, and have a nice e-world yourney!

SKYJACKED Dan 1,826, 15:02

good article m8 , but i think you forgot the greatest tourist attraction of em all ......cannabis 😉

Myself born & raised in Amsterdam , see so many tourists looking to get high on our best product 😃

good luck traveling the world m8

SKYJACKED Dan 1,826, 15:53

@Antikillah : great tunes m8 , and the lyrics are the best 🙂 ........we beginnen met t zaad 🙂 , beetje achterhaald LOL tegenwoordig beginnen we met de kloon .... maar blijft een ijzersterk nummer

2.D.G Dan 1,826, 22:41

Gwom, it's generally more logical that Arnhem is the capital.

Djoks Dan 1,827, 02:35

Nice, good luck with the journey! o7

Struis Vogel
Struis Vogel Dan 1,827, 05:32

Nice Article ! If you can get Montenegro to attack Poland, i will arrange a meeting for you with one of those girls!

tommot Dan 1,833, 10:31

Nice, : D

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