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Dan 1,737, 09:31 Objavljeno u USA Srbija od Naluteniot

Complete Buyers Guide to Voters Club.

Orders up to 1000votes and 2000subs available lower in the article.

Getting your MEDIA MOGUL Medal and having ALL your articles in TOP5 has never been so easy and cheap!

With the now renewed Voters Club you can get Subscriptions for just 14CC each and Votes for only 12CC - Become a real MEDIA MOGUL today!

- ALL your Articles will become TOP5 in just a few minutes and never before getting your MEDIA MOGUL Medal was so easy!

Check bellow all new and cheaper prices and how to start ordering today Votes and Subs!

visit the following URL :
(copy the link and paste in another tab)

what next ?
at this point ensure you do the following
1) copy the order number and keep it safe until the order has been "Accepted" or "Rejected"
2) click on "Your Order Status"
this will provide extra information to "who is voting/subbing your articles or newspaper, if you have any problems with your order please PM the moderator who accepted or rejected your order as he is the only person that can assist you at this point

once you click on order status it will say the order is " Waiting for acceptance " stage 2 is where it will say "order is progress" this means order has been accepted "rejected" means the moderator has rejected your current order it is also important to copy that long URL after clicking on "Your Order Status" you will need this in case anything goes wrong or if you have a question about the order

once order is accepted you will begin to receive your subs/votes an example is below

did you know that you can order up to 1000votes and 2000subs ?
there are 2 ways that this can be done

I. an order of 600 subs has to be made first

once you have your custom order created please ensure you "bookmark" the confirmation page until it has been rejected or accepted

II. custom orders can be dealt with via IRC too by following these steps:
1) create your order
2) come to IRC Channel #voters
3) ask to speak to a Moderator of Voters Club
4) speak to the moderator via PM giving them your "Order Number"
5) send correct donation to the moderator

the order will be accepted and may start straight away, please be aware that the moderators can be busy at times and your order may take several hours before it is accepted/rejected
this may be the case if you are on IRC or ordering via this link and awating for your order to be accepted

Current Price List for Custom Orders

did you know
we accept orders for Facebook Likes & YouTube Subs
both these orders have a max of 600 subs/votes
YouTube = Subs order
Facebook = votes order
voters/subbers will receive 50cc per vote for YouTube or Facebook orders
price for fb likes and youtube subs go according to this formula:
price = 50*number of likes/subs *1.3
so for every 100 likes/subs you will have to pay 6500cc

please also watch out for the wall shouts these are voters club members who can assist you with ensuring your order is accepted, here is an example of what you may see on the wall shouts

please don't ignore these shouts if you need subs or votes these citizens are here to help assist you to ensure your order goes through

IRC Channel : #voters server : ( Rizon Server )

when will my order be accepted ? :

you will need to be patient with the moderators order can take hours to accept orders sometimes minutes this will depend on 3 thing
1) when you order
2) Moderators awaiting your payment ( donation )
3) if the moderator is online

the most easiest way to order is the following
1) create the order
2) come to #voters
3) ask for a voters club moderator
hint : they will have op status ( @ )

If they are not online please be patient and await for one of them to arrive, also asking someone on IRC about orders may help with your queries, we are all helpful and able to guide you if you have any question!

...and remember get your orders here:

visit the following URL :
(copy the link and paste in another tab)

Based on original article from Snowderblazer.


Salahudin el Ajub
Salahudin el Ajub Dan 1,737, 10:06


pop George
pop George Dan 1,737, 10:13

looks awful (&) complicated

Crolaki619 Dan 1,737, 11:11


Vlad Barka.
Vlad Barka. Dan 1,737, 13:49

This is a FRAUD, I paid them 600 CC, 4 days ago, for the pack of 50 votes, they gave me the referrer number 3548788, but I have not received the votes.

Save your money, don't contract for them services.

Zheng He
Zheng He Dan 1,737, 14:39

The URL is considered to be "malicious" ..

Waysted Dan 1,737, 15:01

if u buy subs buy more than u need. people keep unsubbing. they have no way of checking this. i bought 200 subs and got 180. less now because of the unsubbing.

Hawt Monkey
Hawt Monkey Dan 1,737, 15:19

sadly part is even if you aim for Medal you still gonna spend more money...

armbeno Dan 1,737, 15:45


Naluteniot Dan 1,737, 18:15

those that get caught get banned from the club and don't receive payment.
@The Scafe
we are a service and we have price. people that order don't order to make profit but to receive what they want.
@Zheng He
copy the link and paste in another tab

Waysted Dan 1,737, 19:15

That is moot. you cant check it unless they admit they did it or u hack their account. how are you gonna ban 200 people? you dont know who unsubbed. i find your site to be useful. i was just advising to over buy to get desired results.

Naluteniot Dan 1,737, 19:30

till now we have banned around 50 people that write messages and when you don't sub back they unsub and some of them sub and unsub. we have our sources

Saint Nikolay
Saint Nikolay Dan 1,737, 20:15


poisin224 Dan 1,737, 23:29

You're worse than a multi'er.

Sheppherd Dan 1,738, 00:32

Looks like the site is being DDoS'd

Naluteniot Dan 1,738, 04:27

we had server reset . It's back now and running

Evil Dictat0r
Evil Dictat0r Dan 1,738, 05:16

lol u cant write this in article because for this many people got bann

Naluteniot Dan 1,738, 06:53

@EvIl SpErM
that's not true . voters club has nothing to do with people getting banned. it's legal according to erepublik law . if you don't believe write a ticket to the admins and ask

TuuttiTonttu Dan 1,738, 07:07

Komentar izbrisan

seckinozturk31 Dan 1,738, 07:14

I don't like voters club,it doesn't work!Don't give ur money to them

dkivi Dan 1,738, 08:53

for me as voter work fine,almost 20g in local curency in 10-12 days 😃
nice service 🙂
atm server is down 😕

puka city
puka city Dan 1,738, 09:57

please anyone fight for albania

Dobro powraca
Dobro powraca Dan 1,738, 14:06

Everything is great, except one thing - voters page is not working since 2 days...

Bucephalus92 Dan 1,738, 19:48

why would you ever buy votes/subs? I mean honestly if you can't accomplish it on your own does buying it really make you feel better?

Ardianta Jaka Prabawa
Ardianta Jaka Prabawa Dan 1,739, 02:39

RI not P to jurnalist

guest8495 Dan 1,739, 07:55

buying votes won't heal your erection problem and won't make your d*ck bigger

FreeAlbanianSpirit Dan 1,739, 13:32

Service Temporarily Unavailable

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

StreakyTyphus Dan 1,739, 21:03



4everBosnian Dan 1,773, 23:55


ahmad.bold Dan 1,791, 10:43


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