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Freedom or Death

Dan 1,854, 15:17 Objavljeno u USA SAD od George Griffin
Death Before Dishonor

We as Americans have seen so much disrespect... Seen so much disappointing blows to our Government. Seen to much lies against the real eAmerican's. We have a group of terrorist that consider themselves citizens to our great nation. And this article is a direct message from me to the leader of the "American Freedom Alliance"


I am here to be direct and honest with this great nation. There is one guy that wants nothing more then to be the leader of this nation to destroy it. He wants to see everyone that help build this country to drop off the face of the game. He wants nothing more then to make you his slave of useless power he could bring us. He has nothing to give this country and never will. And his name is, Ronald Gipper Reagan.

Ronald Gipper Reagan's ERA of terror and harassment comes to an end NOW. RGR is also formerly known under about two or three other accounts and maybe even more. He is no one's friend nor leader. He is scam artist that uses his citizens in his party to be his puppets and pets. AFA goes by his word and rules and play his silly game every month.

This is the man playing as RGR and other accounts aswell.

This man has had one hell of a rap sheet. But he would tell you it's all a lie. Because hundreds and hundreds of people can come up with the same story on what you have done to this nation and the citizens that live in it, right? Ohhhh wait, lets take a inside look on seeing him on live camera taking this game to a whole other level...

RGR's Youtube Channel

You sit there and watch his videos and it becomes clear as day that something is wrong with him. No one, NO ONE should be taking a game like this one to such EXTREME levels to make himself more known and popular. Most of his videos are regarding his attempt runs at POTUS and then he fails HARD. I think eRepublik counted he has ran 11 times and lost all 11 times... You know why people? Because hes a scum bag and lies to his puppets for support.

I ask personally and directly to the AFA why they support a guy such as Ronald Gipper Reagan to lead them? To lead this nation? Why support a man that is hated all over, in game and real life? Lets get personal, shall we? RGR is not innocent like you think he is... He has sent EXTREME threats to many and many citizens in this country. He has even threatened the well being of one of our well known citizens daughters in real life. He has many times stalked women and girls on this game and real life. It's also gone public that he was kicked out of - American University for stalking and harrasing women on campus. Isn't public records a hell of a thing?

Really, heres another one of RGR's accounts... Before it got banned. This shall not be allowed. Actually, you know what. I won't allow it. You may call this personal attacks and what not, but RGR has got away with it WAY, WAY to long and now it comes to an end.

Ronald Gipper Reagan, this is my direct message to you. If you continue with personal attacks and use peoples real names in game, I will make sure you will not login in again. This is not a threat to your real life health however unless you want me to buy you a plane ticket and we can settle your physico ways toe to toe and then I'd be even more happy. I'd also like you to enter below that you apologize to the people you have affected and hurt emotionally. I'd also like you to step down from Party President in 24 hours after this article is published. If not, I will make sure your ERA of terror comes to an end very, very fast.

Now, my message to the AFA...

Why go against the American people? Why fight us and make things more complicated? We could go back to the day of people voting for there favorite candidates in elections and share our times together if you could work with us. All it takes it to realize we are not against you unless you fight us and our constitution. You could join us and become the strongest nation in the eworld again. Why attack InCi and PTO them? This is why American's do not trust you guys. You can change this, you're the captain of your soul and brain. Do great things and accomplish great goals with us. We could become something

We are America. We are family. We work together. Come together and ditch the evil. Please understand the terror that has gone on and take it outside of the game and realize he is leading you lies upon lies. Join us and we will protect you. RGR, you will never know who I am and you will never be able to defeat me. Consider me... Your worst nightmare, for however you reside on this game.

George Griffin


Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dan 1,854, 15:22

Nobody screws with the family.

George Griffin
George Griffin Dan 1,854, 16:37

Brooklyn, we go hard.

kuckuck Dan 1,854, 16:51


Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Dan 1,854, 17:01


ElvenCRO Dan 1,854, 17:40


Ralph Kline
Ralph Kline Dan 1,854, 17:47

Gotta say I would sooner buy a plane ticket to watch Ajay get punched in the face than I would to go to an Erepublik summit, lol!

bigcdizzle Dan 1,854, 17:52

Brooklyn, we go hard.

good job bro.

redbirdusa Dan 1,854, 18:03

Bravo well said!!!

Candor Dan 1,854, 18:31

The "GG" Mafia! Cower before the power!

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dan 1,854, 18:48

I gotta think of a good mob name for him...

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dan 1,854, 18:48

Georgie Stugots...cuz he's got HUGE balls.

George Griffin
George Griffin Dan 1,854, 18:50


Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dan 1,854, 18:51


Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Dan 1,854, 19:06


George Griffin
George Griffin Dan 1,854, 19:13


Chase Mason Mikeals
Chase Mason Mikeals Dan 1,854, 19:14

This is 'murica, we are family, not PTOing AFAgs that show now respect for the oldfgts and the leaders of the People.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dan 1,854, 19:15

jesus christ i cant see rotflmao

Jon Barack Bluejacket
Jon Barack Bluejacket Dan 1,854, 19:15

The truth can suck.

If you want to be Country President of a Country you seek to destroy.

BeachBunny Dan 1,854, 19:16

Love the new name

Lorenzo VonMatterhorn
Lorenzo VonMatterhorn Dan 1,854, 19:16

You forgot to mention he is a fat hobbo look a like son of a bitch...

xenophob Dan 1,854, 19:32

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Sir Gulden Draak
Sir Gulden Draak Dan 1,854, 21:07

cCc Less cheeseburgers, more celery cCc

Syz2 Dan 1,855, 08:23

RGR wont apologize, he can't man up that far.

Viarizi Dan 1,855, 16:12

I really think you will die,,,,

★★★ American Freedom Alliance ★★★

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