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Foxland Family 1st Year Anniversary

Dan 1,914, 19:17 Objavljeno u Croatia Francuska od AlexMCS182

Hello people,

It’s been a long time since I didn’t publish anything, so what could be better than finaly publishing a Foxland article related after all this time ?

Before starting anything, I would like first to thank hugely Marta Li for the time she spent for me working on all those awesome, good looking, beautiful banners, divider and frames for avatars...

One year old, this is the age of the eFamily I’ve been building around me, sometimes in controling it, sometimes in not being able to, lot of things happened, lot of good memories, the only bad ones were to see members of it leaving... For a year, I met several people, that became friends, and then close friends and that I now carry in me. People that have been there for me as I’ve been there for them. People I feel confortable talking with, and at my ease to share things from my real life. Because, yes, we’re all humans behind those screens, never forget it even though I know some do and it’s sad to see.

So well, one year ago, I started creating a circle of friends, a family around my role playing as the “Fox of War”, what has definitely made it real in the game was the gift from Angelique.A (now known as Miss Tinker Bell) and Princess Emily for ArisaChan and I’s eWedding at that time, a MU... At first it was just meant to be a place where me and her were remaining together, but with the time, some friends went to visit me in eFrance and they started gathering there. Seeing how lucky I was to have those extraordinary people next to me, I decided to make this family more visible in the game beside being very close to each others on IRC and other communication platforms. So, we started all to act as a real family in the game, as we still do because we feel like we are a real one. From my passion to travel, I made my family moving from countries to countries and we had a lot of fun together. Now we remain in Croatia (that’s why I came back to Croatia lately and publish my article here) and I think we’ll stay there unless anything happens that would force me to move on and take my eFamily with me.

Foxland is still alive, will always be. And it is growing day by day, I regularly have the surprise to realize that some people start to be enough close to me to be considered as part of the family. And, what will follow is a thank list to all of them, all the people I consider as being in Foxland and that I will carry in me, no matter if they left the game or not, whether they are in the in-game MU or not... It doesn’t matter, because Foxland is something that even surpasses the game... I also would like to let some people know that they will see themselves appearing in this article and be surprised about it. Don’t be, because you deserve it. I will address a paragraph to each persons that are in Foxland for me, concerning the persons who left the game, I will share the article to them on FB or whatever I use to still be in touch with them. The order is irrelevant, I just wrote it in several days to make sure I was writing down the good words to describe my feelings toward each of you.

(PS: After a few hours writing I realized I couldn’t write everything I would like too regarding the fact of how much people Foxland counts in... So I just had to make it shorter, I apologize for it. Though please know I have also lot of friends out of Foxland that I thank as well for being awesome.. 🙂 )

Princess Emily :
You are surely the person I am the closest to, I consider you as being my best friend in real life, I am lucky I met you, you make my life better and you mean a lot to me and you know it I already told it to you several times. Without you Foxland wouldn’t exist though... Without being fully aware of it, you are a central pillar for Foxland. I have dragged you in my issues sometimes, game related, and you suffered from it, all I have to apologize are words, I can say I am sorry thousand times it won’t repair anything. Still you are there for me, everyday. Reaching out your hand to me and spreading me your joy, kindness and happiness, every persons being able to have you as a friend should treat you as you really are : a wonderful person. I thank you for everything you did, do for me and will do for me, because one thing is sure, it is that I’ll never accept to let our friendship going away, there are lot of things ahead for both of us. I’ll always be there for you simply because you’re a part of me. Thank you.

Angelique.A (Miss Tinker Bell) :
Ani, same for you, well, mostly because I met you and Emily at the same time, and that you both have been following me since the start caring for me and keeping an eye on me, always. I love your craziness, and you know I also keep an eye on you, I miss our long talk times, but life is what it is, you’re busy now and I know you are a girl that loves to feel free. Although I am missing you and seeing you that busy, I know you still keep an eye on me, and I thank you for that. Same as Emily, I will always be there for you, and as I am used to tell you : Te sakam moja Ani.
Thank you.

ArisaChan :
I thank you for willing to follow me for a big part of my eLife, being the girl I called “my Foxy”, I really have good memories, I wish you to have a great future, I know you will anyway, you work hard for it and it is sad you had to go to 2 clicks mode because of the burden studies are. Take care of you and don’t forget to give me news when you can and feel like to. Thank you.

Argrob (Do not play anymore) :
Argrob was used to be seen as a rich man tanking like crazy, but every players that tried to talk to him at least a few times realized that this man is actualy smart, thoughtful and hiding lot of experience in life.. I enjoyed every talk we had, enjoyed welcoming you in eFrance and having you next to me for a year, I’ll always be thankful to all the services you did for me, and life related stuff you told me about. I know how tough is the period you are passing through and I am, on my side, sending you thoughts which are positive and hope that will help. Thank you.

Cruellla (Left the game) :
Argrob’s Lioness, well.. I have been really pleased to have you next to me as well, spreading your joy when we talked together, it is sad that you quited, I hope you’re having happy moments in life. Thank you.

Caroline au Marymont (Left the game) :
You also are a person I am close to, and you did a lot for me, I’ll never forget, also you keep doing things for me and I am speechless, I am very glad that we are still able to talk together because I really care a lot about you. And you know Iam an ear for you, anytime, you can come to me and we can talk together as you did for me a few weeks ago. You’re a person I carry in my heart, take care please. Thank you.

flasckq :
Surely one of the best french players I met in eRepublik, comprehensive, kind, having a unique character.I am happy having you as a friend and enjoy every talks we have on IRC or Xbox Live, do not change yourself because you’re perfect, also you’ve been a support to me several times and I thank you for that, I wish you luck and keep being courageous. Thank you.

LaBoudeuZ (Mrs. Rey) :
You are just one of the kindest, brave, courageous and generous women I’ve ever met. And I really mean it, you’ve been the first to take the decision to introduce me into the french community and then caring about me, you also helped me many times and I miss you. I just hope you’re ok although we both know what you’re living.. If not.. I hope that where you are, things are better than here... I’ll carry you in my heart. Thank you.

Margaret H Thatcher (now known as Arrlo) :
You are a person I consider as a brother, and you know it, what can I say, we care about each other, and for months, you have always been there not that far away for me and you supported me many times, I am glad to be able to count on you, please know I am also there for you. Thank you.

DakotaBlue/Blue Skye... :
Wow, well.. I consider you as my big sister in real life, we’ve spent nights talking together, we both care a lot about each other, you’ve been a huge support to me concerning my real life, and you still are although you have your own issues. I will always be there for you, do not forget it. Thank you.

Radiche :
A friend I can’t forget, you’ve been there almost since the start, following me, helping and supporting me. I don’t know where you are lately, if you’re still involved or not, but I miss our talks and your jokes as well. Thank you.

hailey14/hailey dark... (Left the game) :
Well, how could we forget such an angel... You have been such a huge and useful support to me, you did so much.. I will never be able to thank you enough, caring about me as I will never be able to do toward you, I am very lucky to have you next to me and also to be able to stay in touch with you although you left that game. I wish that things will be ok for you and will improve because your current situation isn’t what you deserve. To you angel. Thank you.

Yetlanesi :
Haaaa mi Mama, you’re the mother everyone would like to have, I am very lucky, you’ve been such a real support to me for my real life... You’re an incredible and wonderful eMother, I know you’re busy in RL for few months, but take care of you, I miss you a lot Mama, te quiero. Thank you.

Ladymerhnaz (Left the game):
Another joyful, generous, kind person I had the chance to have next to me for months, that cares about me. You have done so much for me, support in the game, following me no matter where I was going, supporting me for my real life... I am glad I can keep talking with you even though you are quieter than before, I miss you. Thank you.

Elmira/Apr0dite :
This isn't for nothing that I am considering you and Fariba as sisters, so I am telling you the same, you're kind, you helped me many times, you've been following me till' you went to 2 click mode and now I miss you a lot... I can't wait for you to come back, if you ever do one day... Thank you.

Haaa my bro’ njab, I still remember how crazy we went when we sent gift to each others and spending whole day sending them back with more and more each times.. And you also are a support to me by your presence. Let’s keep it that way, it’s all good. Thank you.

ilphen :
Also the bro’ I am the closest to, you’re really a person I can count on, everytime I really appreciat that and I’ll do anything to return it. All the nights we spend talking about everything, everytie you have advantages in erep’ or anything, you always share them to me, You are a HUGE support for me for my real life and I am impressed how comprehensive you are toward me, you understand me and everything I do. Do not change, you are an awesome bro’, I’ll always be there for you, no matter what, why, where... Thank you.

Desperados51 :
Behind your political image you’ve been bulding for years in erepublik, you hide a great, comprehensive, mature, generous and kind man. There are a lot of things I have to thank you for regarding what you did for me in the eFrance community and for more than a year. I remember that day when I interviewed you for an article, I was surprised to find out how great you are. Since then you’ve always been supporting me and behind me to make sure I was doing the things right (for example during my terms as CP). Thank you.

Anoxia/tiodio :
Well... I don’t even know if one day I’ll be able to thank you enough for what you did for me, all those nights, helping me and supporting me for my real life, encouraging me, being involved in game and for real for Foxland as much as you could... I will forever remember how we meet, just because of a Q1 food hehe... Generous, kind, a real light in our lives in Foxland, too bad that you’re now busy in real life, but don’t worry we will all wait for your come back. Foxland and I miss you enormously.. Foxland has an empty feeling when you’re not around... Thank you.

Dirty16/Angel Diabolo :
I have to admit that when I welcomed you in Foxland I did it purely randomnly, I didn’t know you that much but you were looking for a new and quiet place where to eLive and remain. So I gave you my trust and today I am glad I did it. You are one of those who helps me to keep Foxland alive in the game, you contributed many times to the good ongoing of the Family. Thank you.

Your kindness and caring for me just impress me so much... Even though you can’t speak english a lot, you always are there, and what could I say about that day when I came to eRoC and that you drew me a magnificient drawing to welcome me... And your postcard for Christmas... It’s just unforgetable and I am really feeling proud and lucky to have a real draw from you now... I will send you a draw one day too, I just need to practice more before.. Take good care of you, you’re awesome. Thank you.

Axy Paxy/WhiteTigerOfFoxland :
You’re brother to me Strale, and you’ve contributed a lot to make Foxland a great place where to be, you are a generous person, caring about his friends a lot. I won’t forget the first days we got to know each other, I am glad I can call you my brother, but I miss you, although I understand you got bored of that game and also are busy in real life, i wish you could show up a bit more often. I really miss you. You are a great person that helped me a lot. Thank you.

alzena :
I don’t have the words to express how much I thank you for being there for me, caring about me, cheering me up, being a huge support... You are one of the pillar of Foxland. I made mistakes toward you, I am so sorry, I regret each of them... But you know that I do my best to fix them. You are a strong women with big responsabilities in eRepublik, you’re brave, I admire how you run Furious Meerkats. One thing is sure is that without your presence next to me, things wouldn’t be the same today... Thank you.

Leuch :
You’re a very good friend that has been following me in many of my moves, too bad you’re planing to quit the game soon because you are making a difference in the community, not only with your articles that are making trembling admins each times there are maintenances or bugs but also because you have a unique character, kind and friendly. You are also one of the first persons I talked with in eRepublik, so I can’t forget you. Thank you.

kushtrimzz/GameOverzz :
You are also a good friend, I was surprised of your interest in Foxland in last May, and I find out you are a good person so I accepted to get you in. I, for sure, did a good choice, you followed for a few months in game now you’re more playing on your side but you contributed to the family. Thank you.

Sushuki :
Frozen Shukette... You are a pillar of Foxland as well, your support is priceless, the joy you spread to me is like gaz for a car, it helps me to feel better faster. You follow me for months, and I will always remember the first time we met in that shout when you said I was your idol.. That really made me laught, and even more the day when you told me your dream is to catch me up on my XP points. Keep running, I wait for you! You did a lot for me, I owe you a lot. Thank you.

The first words that come in my mind when I think about you are “I miss you”, please come back soon, I miss our talks about music and recording studios.. I enjoyed a lot working with you when we were in the TERRA HQ, those are unforgettable moments to me. Since then you’ve been following me everywhere I go.. You’re awesome. Thank you.

Torfyn :
No matter how much you’ll get mad at me : I play on XBox 360 and I play CoD, I enjoy it ! Hehe, well, I hope you found what you were looking for when you joined the family to try something new. I’ve never asked you the question since then. You have been a huge support and helpful when I went trying to be CP and that was useful. Keep it that way. Thank you.

My master Kitty, I know you for a long time already.. I was sad when you quited, but now that you are back I am happy to see you next to me. Your kindness, joy that you spread are helpful for me. It was my pleasure when I helped you during your CP term in India and that I got the CS to help in your wars. There are more fun moments to come, because I hope you won’t ever quit again, I forbid you anyway. Thank you.

melini :
Thomi, I enjoyed every night we spent talking together, you have been a support to me and even more, I appreciat that you cares about me, you are unique, smart, joyful for sure, keep being you, I know you are loyal to yourself. That’s you moto anyway. I’ll come back soon to annoy the greek community on Team Speak with my guitars! Thank you.

BlazeX :
Damn I love your craziness, you’ve been around for a long time already, I can’t exactely remember how we met but hell that was surely one of the greatest thing that happened in my eLife ! I alawys knew you wanted to marry me, back 8-9 months ago when you were jealous of Ani and Emily being spoiled by all my “Te sakam” in their shouts. You asked on your own for them then.. ! Keep being this way, you’re the awesomeness in person. Thank you.

You are a brave and strong women, that fights a lot everyday in her life, I admire how you can rebuild everyhing around you when everything fall apart... You’re the bravery in person. You are a huge support to me in my real life, and your kindess toward me impresses me. Please never give up, I’ll do so on my side as well, keep being yourself. Hope that I’ll be able soon to share with you some new songs I’ll create.Thank you.

Zoragan and J35000 :
Well, why put I both of you together ? Simply because you’re alike to me and we lived many things together. Both of you may be young but you have maturity. I am very happy I met both of you and I only can be very thankful about how a big support and help you’ve been to me during my two terms as the French CP. That’s what made us being closer and closer to each others day by day. And I enjoyed to have this adventure with you, and I am even more happy to now have both of you next to me. I’ll keep sharing musics with both of you, lot more to come guys. Thank you.

Aniisha :
I know you for months already and we’ve spent so much hours talking together at night, you’re an extraordinary person, you can underestimate yourself as much as you want I’ll always maintain my opinion about you. You’re great, you care about me, and I do for you. I’ve loved being a support to you, helping you with the only thing I have: words. But I hope it made the difference, because on my side yours made it. Do not give up.. Thank you.

Clorofila/Clora de Bord0 :
Haaaaa Clora... You’re a brave women, I love talking about music with you and when we share our own stuff to each others. I also appreciat that no matter where you are or what you are doing, you always support Foxland, with just a little comment from time to time now, but that is good, you love freedom and I can understand it because I am like this too. But do not forget us and try to visit us more often please, well you know what I told you already. Thank you.

MissPaunova :
… Thank you for being there, making my days better, bringing a smile on my face, you are wonderful. And I am not saying this because I love you but rather because it’s totally true and what I feel. I am very lucky that I met you, you made me realize a lot of things, you contributed to some changes in my real life since I know you, I’ll do anything for you, you know it, I love you. Thank you.

turturica :
Tourterelle des bois, your presence around in Foxland is making the difference, you bring smiles on faces, I don’t know how you exactly manage to do that, but it’s helping a lot... I am very thankful that you will to be next to me I was sad when you told me months ago you were planing to quit, luckily you didn’t.. Thank you.

Re Coder :
Afshin you’re a very kind person, with a unique personality. I love the way you spread your kindness and love all around in shouts and stuff. Keep being that way because persons like you are very rare, take care of you though. You helped me several times when it came to translate stuff for Ladymehrnaz, you’re awesome. Thank you.

Lexutza :
A unique person is hiding behind that profile, when I found it out, I’ve been really impressed. I can’t even remember how much hours we spent talking together about life and how bad it can be sometimes. I truly love being an ear to your problems, I always enjoyed giving you advices and then see a smile back on your face... And I am thankful that by your presence and also the way how you care for me, you make my days better. I am there for you when you need, don’t give up as well,tough periods always last not for that long even though it seems like eternity.. Thank you.

ReMiiX :
Laura, I care so much about you... You’re an extraordinary person, full of joy, generosity and kindness. I’ll always do my best to make sure noone annoys you and I protect you because you need someone to be behind you. A lot of people don’t really realize how great you are, it’s sad. But do not worry, just don’t pay attention to them. I’ll always be there for you, keep doing your things in the game, I am behind you, watching over you. And take care of you in real life. You surely make my eLife better. Thank you.

Annexia :
Your entrance in the family is maybe recent but for me you’re already full part of it. You’re a nice person, big hearted, and kind, you always try and succeed to be a big support, as much as you can, and that is absolutely priceless, stay the way you are and do not give up as well.. Thank you.

Muri19 :
To be honest I was surprised when you asked me if you could “adopt” me as your “Fox”, and I said yes, and I enjoy that role playing, this is funny and that makes my days better. You also are a very good and nice person, that spreads joy around, I enjoy our Team Speak sessions, hope we’ll keep it that way. Thank you.

n0s3 :
You’re the kind of person that are so rare on this planet, you’re so kind and genrous, ready to help anytime, no matter what. We met when I was working in the TERRA HQ, since then we’ve always been on some common channels on IRC and we had many great times. It’s a chance that I know you, keep being the way you are and take care of you... Thank you.

In the past few days, I’ve been really glad to welcome two new nice persons in the family.
Fuxxxx, and Maligan . Hope you guys are going to enjoy the time here, you are both good persons, you fit well with us... thank you again.

Also I would like to thank the people who follow Foxland for months and who contribute to its well ongoing by their presence among us, persons like Rike Espada , Street-soul Crew, LitoII, Nanotik, Spiromkd, Oblige, Wendy Power, mafk, Imoenbg1 ...

Wow... I didn’t even realize how much people were actualy in... that’s impressive.. And still I hope I didn’t forget anyone...
In finishing writing all those paragraphs, I suddenly had a memory that came back to the surface in my mind, it’s from months ago. It is ilphen’s words on IRC about Foxland, here they are :

15ilphen12:1 - about foxland
15ilphen12:1 - you kinda started something there
15ilphen12:1 - which became bigger than you thought
15ilphen12:1 - they are running it
15ilphen12:1 - its quite fascinating 😃
15ilphen12:1 - you dont even have to be there, still a community!
15ilphen12:1 - you created a community man 😃
15AlexMCS18212:1 - I know...
15AlexMCS18212:1 - I am proud of them
15AlexMCS18212:1 - I really do love them as well
15AlexMCS18212:1 - It's the most beautiful thing that happened to me in this game and glad you're a part of it

A community.... that’s what shows that Foxland is something now that lives on his own, an independant family that do not care about anything as long as they are together. It's better than I ever could imagine.

So, after one year of existence, I thought that we was finaly time (I insist on the “finaly”) to get some proper and official frame for avatars for the family. MartaLi did an incredible job, I personaly love the work she did for me, as said ealier, I am very thankful. She did a special avatar for our anniversary celebration, there won’t be any raid, that’s not the spirit of Foxland, its spirit his the mutual help and caring, so if you want to help us to celebrate our anniversary, here’s a frame for you :

Feel free to take it, put the picture of your choice in it and wear it the time you wish to celebrate with us that event ! I would be very thankful and impressed for sure !

(If you need help to put your image in the frame, ask around or send me a PM)

Wel, this article is already very very long so I am not going to keep writing stuff that probably most of you won’t find interesting. So I’ll just say thank you again to the whole Foxland, to the people that support us, like us, love us... We are there, we will still be there in a way or another.
Thank you for reading and now let’s celebrate together !

Fox of war**...



Comodoro Carballo
Comodoro Carballo Dan 1,914, 21:34

Oh, I forgot, pole 😛

Glad I got to meet you honey and sooo pround of being part of Foxland and having a space here * - *

Thanks a lot for everything you too, you're one of the sweetest guys in eRep :3

Angelique.A Dan 1,915, 00:14

Je t'aime mon ami : *

Georgian Queen
Georgian Queen Dan 1,915, 00:18


Happy anniversary (:

Finway Dan 1,915, 00:24

Bring Handkerchiefs : D

alzena Dan 1,915, 00:25

congratz for 1 year, love you all : *****

Rozan Zibar Dan 1,915, 00:30

Komentar izbrisan

Rozan Zibar
Rozan Zibar Dan 1,915, 00:31

yay ...foxiessss
Is Alzena a fox ?? 😁))))))))))

LadyMonica Dan 1,915, 00:33

i didnt find Elmira on above list 😕

alzena Dan 1,915, 00:34

yup Rozan Zibar

M Bogdan
M Bogdan Dan 1,915, 00:42

Congrats alex and foxland!!!

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Dan 1,915, 00:46

1 year old! Congrats Foxland! : )

coues Dan 1,915, 01:05

Congrats Foxland! 🙂 ♥

Are Verno
Are Verno Dan 1,915, 01:50

Congrats o/

RD1234 Dan 1,915, 01:55

Foxland 😘

theirina Dan 1,915, 02:07


Fuxxxx Dan 1,915, 02:14

Congrats for 1 year, and thank's for give me the opportunity to have a second eLife : )

lovric505 Dan 1,915, 02:17


J35000 Dan 1,915, 02:18

Komentar izbrisan

J35000 Dan 1,915, 02:19

I'm so happy to be a member of Foxland. Thank u Alex and Foxland. Love u < 3

Gagi F
Gagi F Dan 1,915, 02:32


jedan_019 Dan 1,915, 02:43

v + s

tasos maximous
tasos maximous Dan 1,915, 02:53

Happy anniversary!!!

BeDva Dan 1,915, 03:03

so much beautifullnessss ^^
: 3

Zdlemmy Dan 1,915, 03:16

Foxland ♥
: 3

BlackWater GR
BlackWater GR Dan 1,915, 03:20


funky_ribar Dan 1,915, 03:24

vote HB o/

The Night Killer
The Night Killer Dan 1,915, 03:29

Happy 1st Anniversary xD Congrats Foxland ♥

ReMiiX Dan 1,915, 04:04

Alex, thanks for your great words 🙂
I want come back to Foxland and be there for ever... but if I leave from eCanada I can´t go again to here, because we haven´t territories 🙂
I promise you that I will come back to Foxland 😉

See you in not much time 🙂

I Mes
I Mes Dan 1,915, 04:05

Happy Anniversary!!!

LitoII Dan 1,915, 04:10

I was there! o/

One of the really greatest people I've met in this game! Continue being so awesome 😛

n0s3 Dan 1,915, 04:13

aww, you're so nice. 🙂 thank you too, Alex. I'm glad we know each other, you're one of the kindest persons in eRep. I enjoy your presence every day - thank you for letting me be a part of Foxland. 😘 🙂

BacoST Dan 1,915, 04:27

Happy Anniversary!!!

vasspana Dan 1,915, 04:31

Congrats Foxland \o/

RoteBaron Dan 1,915, 04:53

1 year old! Congrats Foxland! : )

Tylad Dan 1,915, 04:55

HB and nice article:)

shayumin Dan 1,915, 05:01


Mrs. Hazelnut
Mrs. Hazelnut Dan 1,915, 05:10

Congratulations Foxland! It was a pleasure doing this work for you Alex! 😉

troylun Dan 1,915, 05:42

Congrats~ 😃

Atea Dan 1,915, 06:09

Congratz on your first B-day!

ilphen Dan 1,915, 06:10

What a nice article : D
Congrats bro!!

WhiteTigerOfFoxland Dan 1,915, 06:15

Tears still drop'in... Thank you Alex,my Bro. No words to describe my feelings..

Sas Dragos
Sas Dragos Dan 1,915, 06:54

No Sas , no vote

AlexMCS182 Dan 1,915, 06:56

Want to be in Foxland too ? xD

Sas Dragos
Sas Dragos Dan 1,915, 07:19

Didei is already there. That's too gay for me....

Didei Dan 1,924, 11:28

Sas I am not a member of Foxland 😉

Clorofila Dan 1,915, 06:57

you know Alex, you're a friend and i love foxland. I like freedom and i am glad you finally understood that.
I'll try to visit you in your channel as oftern as i can.
congratulations on this celebration, a toast for all foxland and all its values!

john_rambo Dan 1,915, 07:09

forgot to wrote a comment : O

live long and prosper \\//

Wendy Power
Wendy Power Dan 1,915, 07:10

MDejzi Dan 1,915, 07:13

o/ fox family

FrutekXXX Dan 1,915, 07:18

Happy anniversary my friends 😁

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