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Fair Winds and Following Seas

Dan 1,872, 09:47 Objavljeno u USA SAD od George Griffin
Reading Music That Inspires

Today is such a bittersweet moment. These are the days you can reflect back on your past and see exactly what you have done and how many relationships you have created. Everyday people face problems but keep going on living without addressing the source of the problem. Normally it ends up in bad situations where you end up burning bridges and throwing yourself into your own grave. Today is the day I come to an end of my playing days on eRepublik. I have been playing this game for so long that now everything that happens doesn’t come to much of a surprise.

January 11th marks my third year on the account - George Griffin. I have actually been on this game for around five years... Times fly’s and gets away from you quick. You have your ups and downs and fun times but eventually, what does it come to, to benefit you in real life? Time gets easily wasted on this browser game where you are lead to believe you can be something truly amazing but instead it locks you up into some sort of fantasy living that becomes almost too real.

This article will have no bashing and burning bridges. I will not go into detail of grudges but nothing less than saying “I’m Sorry”. I have put down so many and helped so few. I feel like the time I have spent was nothing of gain. Thats when you know it’s time to call it quits. I will get into a few details before saying my final good-byes to this great nation.


This is where I have spent so much of my time. Ever since I started this game, I wanted to be in Congress. I wanted to be the biggest influence in the house. I wanted to have the strongest voice and to be heard. I always wanted to lead in everything I did and Congress was a great step in that direction. I’m on my 4th straight term (Since September 25th) as a Congressional member and I do plan on two-clicking to help this 61st roster out and then it will fully be the end of my logging in days. Again, I will not be here for anything else then to two click for Congress and make sure proposals will be answered correctly.

eUnited States Airborne

What can I say? You guys are simply the best! I enjoyed my time so much in the MU. I can’t thank you all enough for what you have done for me and my career. You guys accepted me under requirements and not long after brought me into the Officer rankings. I will be retiring as the PCO of the 101st/2nd! You guys keep doing what you do and enjoy those BBQ’s!

We The People

What a weird relationship we had? I had lots of followers and lots of people that wanted to see me gone. I will surely miss all of you no matter what. You’ve been my home for some time and I can’t thank the members enough for all the support they have gave me. Again, thank you.


Another great party that has helped me along the way. It’s a party full of great people that do great things. If I wasn’t a WTP member, I would sit proudly in the Feds. Maybe one day, eh? Keep doing your thing Feds!

It’s time to say some goodbyes to the people that had a pretty big impact in my career and fun on this game. I may not beable to name everyone but do note that I will think of all of you later down the road and remember the good times. This list doesn’t go in any kind of order either...

John Jay:
Where do I even begin brother? You’ve done so much for me and I owe you so much. You have helped me day in and day out. You have basically taught me everything I needed to know coming back to this game and still taught me new things everyday. You will always be a brother to me and I will always stay in touch. You have done so much for my erep career.

My boy Carolus! You are the man, brotha! You’re another very close friend that I have known for some time. We had lots of fun times causing trouble on the IRC and causing a mix-up between people. I’ll miss ya brotha.

Another great guy that has helped my career and done so much for me. You ever become CP again is the day I’ll come back to the game. Keep being you and being BA.

This guy is an absolute historic figure in eRepublik. He has done so much for this country and it’s a honor to have known him as long as I have. I hope he sticks around because this nation needs him.

Bia Pandora
You’re my favorite and you know that. I will always have your back no matter what and when you need me, you’ll be able to find me... I promise < 33

Josh Whitehead
You’re honestly right in the top five of the coolest guys to ever get to know on this game. You’re a great guy with great intentions. You’re the type of person that anyone honestly could get along with. I will remain in contact with you outside of the game balling it up on other games we share. You are an awesome person, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Mazzy Cat
You’re a great lady with a great head on your shoulders. We have had some rocky times and I have been a jerk to you sometimes and I owe you a HUGE apology. People need to really sit down and get to know you because you end up truly being an AMAZING person. I will also have your back and you’ll know where to find me if you need me.

My brother! We created “We Hard, Brooklyn” and I want you to carry it on. Bring the name far and wide and share the story. You and I have been close for some time and I’ll keep in touch with you to see how you are doing and how things are running. Keep your grind on, you're going to be a star someday soon!

Joseph Dinero
We go way back and you’ve always been close! I’ll poke my head in and see how things are going with you every now and then. Keep doing your thing. You and Torrin doing great things for the Vox party!

I am missing so many people that deserve a shout out and I could go on all day. But I need to wrap things up. I am not leaving this game because of grudges or problems in game. If you remember when I first started Erepublik as GG, I was a caring and outgoing person that tried to help everyone! Recently in these last few months I have been referred to as a “goon” and other crazy names. It’s true, I have been so mean to so many people and I need to apologize to this great nation for my actions. I am simply sorry for everything I stirred up and caused. If you’re reading this and thinking; “George hated... this article means nothing to me”. Think again... I don’t hate you. I was in a destructive path that lead me to be a monster. None of you deserved what I’ve done. I apologize again for what I have done.

However, if the time is right and things go good. I may be back one day. Will I be back in eAmerica? Probably not if things continue to stay the same path. I hope you all come to find out that the path we are taking will not work out down the road and you all come together and find my “CHANGE” that I have talked about so much of lately. It’s up to you all to come together and work as a team. You can do it, but you have to open up your plans and damn you’re free.

Everyone, I hope you all have a great eLife if I don’t talk to you again. Remember, when you get to in depth in the game and it starts to control your mind focus, you know its time to either slow down with the game or call it quits. I will forever be in the heart of eAmerica and forever be Brooklyn. Viva La Griffin

George Griffin

(George Griffin’s first avatar starting back in the game^)


Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dan 1,872, 10:06

This sucks.

< 3 you.

Mister Y
Mister Y Dan 1,872, 10:06

So sad. Bye and good luck.

MazzyCat Dan 1,872, 10:07

🙁 GG... *huggles*

Cya in Brooklyn < 3

Tiacha Dan 1,872, 10:08


seeker1 Dan 1,872, 10:14

Sorry to see you go. We'll miss you. (And your articles).

redbirdusa Dan 1,872, 10:36

Sorry to see you go.

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Dan 1,872, 10:56


ligtreb Dan 1,872, 11:01

Best of luck to you in whatever you do next.

kuckuck Dan 1,872, 11:09

Best of luck!

SandalaiM Dan 1,872, 11:21

"this sucks"


best of luck in RL and make nice BBQ for us!

leraje Dan 1,872, 11:57


Sam Krak
Sam Krak Dan 1,872, 12:25

One of the greats. Best of luck GG

Hale26 Dan 1,872, 13:20

Sorry to see you go mate. Was a pleasure being in Leadership with you.

Goodluck o7

Cabato Kawika
Cabato Kawika Dan 1,872, 14:03

Honestly I understand, Maybe I should go also, This game sucks I can do better than this, i have worked so hard for nothing. sharing is okay, working hard is okay; getting nothing is worthless... Why try when you are wrong.......

PeVall Dan 1,872, 14:13

Wow this truly does suck, George you are a great guy don't let anyone tell you different!

Good bye and good luck!

Tiamati Dan 1,872, 15:25

Best of luck in all future endeavors George.

av khan
av khan Dan 1,872, 15:39

Good luck in RL. o/

SColbert Dan 1,872, 15:46

This really sucks. Sorry to see you go. I always enjoyed the short times I talked to you, and listening to you on eRadio.

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Dan 1,872, 16:00

O> Anytime bro.

Candor Dan 1,872, 16:03

No one ever leaves eRep.

But in the really really off chance that you make it, send my wife a note and let her know where I am and that I'm ok.

Good luck in real life George!

bigcdizzle Dan 1,872, 17:11

Gonna miss you bud. have a good time in real life, and remember that we're all still here pulling for you.

We go hard, Brooklyn.

Jon Barack Bluejacket
Jon Barack Bluejacket Dan 1,872, 17:25


EK Blacky
EK Blacky Dan 1,872, 17:53

sorry to hear that bro.. good luck and good bye 🙁


A Rock Star in Tanzania
A Rock Star in Tanzania Dan 1,872, 17:55


Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Dan 1,872, 17:55

GG, I just got to know you, but you've been great brother. Good luck with everything.....and I'll see you around I'm sure.

Take care my friend.

ChubbZilla Dan 1,872, 18:04


Kody5. Dan 1,872, 18:09

we will be here if you ever come back.
The Game Needs more people like you .

Josh Whitehead
Josh Whitehead Dan 1,872, 21:10

DAMN IT all. Dude. Going totally miss you bro. It was a true honor knowing you from the time i started this game. You a a true talented player that will never me forgotten. You have, as well taught me to never take crap from people. You know where to catch me.

fingerguns Dan 1,872, 21:46

I was just getting to know you


Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Dan 1,875, 14:08

Take care man

ChewChewShoe Dan 1,875, 14:09

I love you babe. ;_;

Dr. Badd
Dr. Badd Dan 1,875, 15:43

Took me like, forever to find this....since I can't read.'re my boy!

Come and find me when you get on....I won't forget you man!

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