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ELECTION RESULTS: Before and after checks

Dan 1,905, 00:07 Objavljeno u Ireland Irska od Brian Boru

Before Admin Checks:


And so MikeBane has become the President of Ireland in the closest election in a very long time indeed.

It appears that large amounts of obvious multi-ing was not present in the election, but the single multi vote that was removed from Marinkomargarin's ticket has cost him the highest office in the land.

I'm also very glad to have Viktor Kurgan's multi removed from my vote count, as that would have given me herpes if I had kept it.

Brian Boru



MR. HANK SCORPIO Dan 1,905, 00:12

Deployment of multis by all sides?

Far as I know the only multis that have been found and proven to exist were controlled by Saoirse members.

I would be very suprised if they are detected.

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Dan 1,905, 00:15


MR. HANK SCORPIO Dan 1,905, 00:17


Brian Boru
Brian Boru Dan 1,905, 00:18

Mr Hank, the admins don't just check Saoirse for multis is the point.

If anyone used multis, they could be found and the result changed.

Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Dan 1,905, 00:20

"The deployment of Multies by all sides...."

No, I repeat No multies were deployed by the ILP

A very poor choice of words.

Ill let Saorise issue their own denial

Brian Boru
Brian Boru Dan 1,905, 00:25

WHS, the rest of the comment qualifies it "is the issue now", i.e. multis could be revealed on any candidate's roster, it's not impossible. Candidates and parties have very little control over who votes for them ultimately.

Bhane Dan 1,905, 00:44

"No, I repeat No multies were deployed by the ILP"
You can't say that for sure.

You can say that you personally made no multis. but there is no way you can speak on behalf of the entire ILP. Some enthusiastic young player might have done so without your knowledge.

You can probably say the ILP did not "endorse" any multis, because I am sure you did not have multis as a matter of party policy. I'm sure you dissuaded people from making multis for more ILP votes. Even if you did your best to prevent the tactic of multivoting to win an election, there's no way you can 100% be sure that no player did it.

And the same goes for all the other candidates.

Bhane Dan 1,905, 00:45

There will most likely be more than a few multivotes discounted from this election. The only question that remains is "how many?"

JeguljaM Dan 1,905, 00:50

Bhane is raaaajt

Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Dan 1,905, 01:03

Bhane that is exactly what I mean. We did not "deploy" (which IMHO insinuates that is was a policy of the ILP management) multis but there is noway tone sure a multi did not vote for MikeBane

As I said a poor choice of words

Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Dan 1,905, 01:04 way to be sure....

( bloody iPhone touch type errors)

MR. HANK SCORPIO Dan 1,905, 01:08

I know that feeling ;_;

Brian Boru
Brian Boru Dan 1,905, 01:14

Other people can deploy multis other than ILP leadership, WHS.

Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Dan 1,905, 01:20

Your sentence said "all sides" did?

It is a poor choice of words

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Dan 1,905, 01:47

I depolyed 1 multi for Pierre Chang.....

Brian Boru
Brian Boru Dan 1,905, 01:59

WHS, all sides does include people beyond election teams.

Rip Riley
Rip Riley Dan 1,905, 02:12

all this fussing makes my nuts, where's the rum?

Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Dan 1,905, 02:19

Brian it also includes the teams themselves

Brian Boru
Brian Boru Dan 1,905, 02:35

But it isn't specifically against the election teams.

Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Dan 1,905, 03:00


My point is made

irishbhoy1967 Dan 1,905, 03:14

WHS you have no way of knowing whether the ILP leadership, other than yourself, uses multies or not. Just like you didn't know one of the ILP leadership was about to steal 4 million IEP from Ireland. So Bhane is correct.

As usual, you are wrong.

Your need to defend ILP above all else in this game has proven costly to Ireland. So give it a rest.

MR. HANK SCORPIO Dan 1,905, 03:15


MUFC992 Dan 1,905, 03:16

Bhane is right.

columbia Dan 1,905, 04:24

why are u doing this to ursvelves?it is not the first time 2 candidates were so closed and who cares about multies?it is not your job to accuse each other for this but just let the admins do their job and if someone is so clever to create multies and not being caught then we can not do anything about it,can we?so accusing each other or defending parties wont lead us anywhere except fighting,who ever believes he can earn sth by voting with multies he can only harm our community and the least we can do is a simple ticket,the rest is pointless so just wait for the rsults when counting ends and stop this madness here

Brian Boru
Brian Boru Dan 1,905, 04:25

^ There's just one problem columbia, multis are an issue worth fighting over, because defending democracy is worth fighting over.

columbia Dan 1,905, 04:27

i agree brian but accusing each other wont help erase the multies

Brian Boru
Brian Boru Dan 1,905, 04:32

No, but it's far better than silence.

columbia Dan 1,905, 04:36

for me it would be much better if first we waited for the results and after that talking about multies or start searching for them and send tickets,much better than arguing into an article

Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Dan 1,905, 04:38

I agree Columbia

We all know Multies get used and in reality we can do FA about it

However it turns out this election was very close and both tied candidates plus the others deserve a thanks for giving us choices and if multies decide it it will be a shame. If the result stays the same and Mike loses on exp points I have no complaints

iBhoy don't hold others to your low standards. I repeat the management team of the ILP did not sanction or encourage use of multies. Of course any player could of used them but that was not what I complained about was it. I complained about the insinuation that the election teams deployed multies as a tactic. We didn't.

mirek12345 Dan 1,905, 04:40


But seriously though,from like 32-32 to 66-66 .. one gaining a single vote just after the the other one gained it. Seems totally legit

Brian Boru
Brian Boru Dan 1,905, 04:57

WHS, I didn't insinuate that election teams did anything, I said "sides", meaning partisans of all sides.

This wasn't targeted at you, get over it.

Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Dan 1,905, 05:25

Fair enough.

Tnx for the clarification.

irishbhoy1967 Dan 1,905, 05:36

Tnx for admitting you're wrong.

Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Dan 1,905, 05:53

I didn't say he was wrong I said I accepted his clarification

IamGawain Dan 1,905, 06:06

I did not need multi's as I want real support, fake makes you a sad person with bad reputation. I know I have lost but plan to try again, my full support is with Marinko. 🙂 Thanks to all who supported me!

19 real votes for me, I am proud.

Mr. Jack X
Mr. Jack X Dan 1,905, 06:09

^ this is how i see most of those comments

Sean MacDiarmata Dan 1,905, 07:31

Komentar izbrisan

this is nothing Ireland, In Canada they elected a multi

Brian Boru
Brian Boru Dan 1,905, 07:41


AppleMan Dan 1,905, 08:05

Lol Canada fails
Irony if he turns out to be a good CP though

Aries Prime
Aries Prime Dan 1,905, 08:39

GG Ireland, you guys are screwed!

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Dan 1,905, 09:23

Shut up Aries you haven't a clue.

orangejuicemmm Dan 1,905, 09:49

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha MikeBane actually won hahahahahaha this is hilarious, no offense to the other candidates but you guys are fu**ing re*arded

Brian Boru
Brian Boru Dan 1,905, 13:25

^ iknorite

moomoohead Dan 1,905, 14:34

Good job last month BB

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Dan 1,906, 01:25

1st: 34%
2nd: 33%
3rd: 22%

We appear to have had pretty much identical election results on each side of the Irish sea... weird.

Sweet Drinker
Sweet Drinker Dan 1,906, 01:30

Back when this game was young CP's saw the value of advice from consultants and delegation of responsibilities to field specialists.

That's why Ministers became a worldwide standard in erep CPship.
Poor was a CP who ignored the sum total of advice given by these specialists/consultants.

'The Committee' is in no way a new idea. It's just the existing system, repackaged, and marketed as a revolutionary concept. eIreland bought into base Leninist Marketing again.

That's why I've no stomach for public service in this community anymore.

Rip Riley
Rip Riley Dan 1,906, 03:47

1 or more of you turds needs smacked in the,where's the rum?

MUFC992 Dan 1,906, 07:45

@Sweet, you're right, but I don't think Comittee won this elections for ILP, they are biggest party and if you look number of votes they've got they could have done much better tbh.

Rest of eIreland is too divided at this moment and as long its like that ILP is gonna win all elections (even with Mike as candidate).

I'm not saying that's bad, they've played it well and deserved win tbh. Too much political bullsh*t if from them if ya ask me, but that's there way....

Brian Boru
Brian Boru Dan 1,906, 08:15

Let me get this straight Sweet: You have no stomach for public service because of Leninism?


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