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DISHONOR: Condemnation of the eSerbian PTO

Dan 2,014, 18:06 Objavljeno u USA Cipar od Kemal Ergenekon

DISHONOR - Condemnation of the eSerbian PTO

Dear citizens of the eWorld,

I come to you as a fellow player, and I want to ask a simple question:

Imagine the worst enemy of your eCountry. Your countries are always at opposite sides. You clash on the battlefield often, and they are not the best gentlemens around.

Imagine also that your country is militarily victorious against its enemy. They cannot defeat you on the battlefield.

Then, the players from this country infiltrate your own:

- They bribe their way into your country's citizenship.
- They capture congress seats.
- They let more PTOers in and sell citizenship to others.
- They PTO political parties.
- They propose false NE and donation laws to hurt your eCountry.
- They disguise themselves as spies, come into positions of power, and then betray the trust.
- Their infiltration forces the country to lose bonuses for years.

Have you finished imagining? Please add the following details on top:

- They justify their PTO by real-life reasons to hate your real-life country.

Here comes the question: Would you call these PTOers honorable? Or would you condemn their actions as dishonorable?

And if these actions are dishonorable, would you like citizens of other eCountries to support you against these PTOers?

If your answer to these questions are yes, then I would be grateful if you could add your voice to ours. Because this is what has been happening in eUS for the past 2 years...

I am a citizen of eUS, and our country has been under the threat of a Serbian PTO for 2 years now. Since 10 months, the situation has been acute, and the PTOers controlled more or less 33% of the votes in the country. Because of this PTO, eUS couldn't focus on anything except the internal threat.

- We cannot have bonuses, because that would be the invitation to more eSerbian PTOers.
- We cannot expand our country, because that would increase our bonuses.
- We cannot have proper elections, because not uniting around a single candidate means immediate PTO success. All winners have to be chosen before the in-game elections.
- We cannot enjoy the game anymore, since we cannot fight for our country.

Just yesterday, the Serbian PTOers in eUS had yet another success: Through trickery and deceit, they managed to PTO a Top 5 party, and changed the list of congressional candidates. You can read the shameless admission of the inside agent here. As a result, they managed to earn 19 congressmen that will work tirelessly to hurt eUS. And the reason behind this PTO? Real life animosity against the USA, due to events in 1990s in Yugoslavia... As if the players in eUS were responsible for that!

Your country may be allied with eUS or not... You may like the USA in real life or not...

But HONOR and FAIR PLAY should be above all!

We are all players playing an online game. There is no reason to break the games rules, lie and cheat to beat an enemy through an insidious PTO.

TO ALL PLAYERS OF THE eWORLD: If you value HONOR above all, please join us in condemning the PTO of the eSerbian players:

TO ALL eSERBIANS: If you have a grudge against eUS, you should fight us ON THE BATTLEFIELD. Like MEN do. PTO is a weapon for the COWARDS. Why do you forsake honor and bring shame to your country?..

Best regards,
Kemal Ergenekon


Here are responses from various country presidents. Some responses have been omitted due to political concerns. More will be added as responses arrive.


I am the President from a nation with a 2 years TO in the recent past, so its clear I am against TOvers.


Their actions is NOT honorable,that's cowardly!!!



CP of Brazil


Signed and supported


a PTO is always condemnable, especially under those circumstances.


All acts of PTO are despicable, and yet another form of the big countries to control the small ones. It's devastating for the real players of a country and very hard to get rid of one they're in place.

Know that the Danish people sends our condolences, and if there is any assistance we can spare - let us know. Denmark has fought off countless of PTOs and continues the struggle for a PTO-free country.

Stay active, stay strong - and most importantly:
Give the PTO'ers hell. Make them regret the day the applied for US citizenship.


As every month, we helped the eUSA against the PTO (many french had the CS) and in my opinion, TO a country like the USA isn't a good thing mostly for the american people.


Naturally I condemn PTOers


i do condemn them to. here in eMY have same problem too but their didnt PTOed us, but they PTOed neigbor (eThai) and wipe us out for 3 month now and own 2 of 3 our core region.


we allready proposed mpp whith USA


I signed it


Thank you for information,looks like eSerbians and eCroats are both the worst PTOers in the eWorld as two eCroats stole all of the national treasury of the Peoples Republic of eNorway.


Obviously, I am against PTo does not seem right. It is an action that I can not see the real reason for doing argued.

Unquestionably condemn such actions and do not see any reason to do so honorably.

We provide support to the U.S. under any circumstances. We are allies and friends.


I am friends with the PTOers but I am not okaying on their actions. I am still astonished in their skill for the PTO, but I'm against one since our nation is also in a PTO.


PTO is an evil to be condemned and a challenge to be dealt with.


Of course. eSaudi has spent months under PTO by Romanians and other groups so we know what it feels like to see cheaters succeed and we condemn it wherever it happens regardless of who is doing it.


I've been informed about the serbian pTO action in the US. I'm so sory for you guys. I understand you cause we are under attack from lazocracy and some turkish ppl. I condemn all the pTO actions around the eWorld. I can't understand why ppl dare to steal even if it is a game. And ofc they are dishonored ppl.


Sure i condemn this type of behavior comrade.

How can we help you to make something?

A warm greeting




Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Dan 2,014, 18:21

First reserved for honorable citizens of the eWorld...

Lord Oli Dan 2,014, 21:23

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Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Dan 2,014, 21:41

I wear that avatar since the day your Cipelici pals admitted that they were conducting the eUS PTO because of the NATO intervention in the 90s. And stop acting cool and saying it's fun. You took all the fun out of eUS since a year now.

Winter Night
Winter Night Dan 2,014, 21:38

Bombs over Kemal's brains! : )

General Stonewall Jackson Dan 2,014, 22:36

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Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Dan 2,015, 05:48

Опанчари, чарапани,
обројани су вам дани!

Norbengo Dan 2,015, 05:52

Omg Turk speaking about honor, how about you first honor the victims of Greek and Armenian genocides?
Also I don't know who have you been talking to, but we are not in the eUSA because of the 1999. Thats was just a minor skirmish in the recent Balkan wars. We are here cuz' feels great pissing of arrogant asses 😉

Vaskoliki Dan 2,016, 14:28

'оћеш и еТурску да ти ПТО-рујемо?
Само реци - летећемо као меци

Hampton H. Hampton
Hampton H. Hampton Dan 2,016, 15:26

I dont get the dishonor part, they made a submersive move and it worked. If the US didnt lie, bribe cheat and steal then Bin Laden would still be alive. Spying is a part of warfare, you elite govt babies are just made that they got you. STFU already and learn from your mistakes.

Don Milli
Don Milli Dan 2,014, 18:23

Current CP of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Camarada Ernesto
Camarada Ernesto Dan 2,014, 19:41

I am the President from a nation with a 2 years TO in the recent past, so its clear I am against TOvers. And GOONs too... and abuse of power too (we are occupie by 2 countries and they dont want to negotiate the liberation of at least 1 region.

USA government ORDERED their soldiers to help and Support the Paraguaian Occupation army against us. We were trying to liberate 1 region to have congress this month and the help of USA make it impossible. USA supported our occupiers.

So I dont give a Sh1t about what is happening to the US government right now.

And I am sure you understand MY reasons, right?

Camarada Ernesto
President of eBolivia

MightAndMagic Dan 2,014, 20:08

It doesn't make PTO an honorable action, though. You might not like USA, however, you should take your side against PTOers.

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Dan 2,015, 08:43

sta ti potpisujes 😃 sa nama ste ih tu zaebavali mjesecima xD

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dan 2,014, 18:30

The former Khal of an INCI horde condemning anyone is laughable at best

btw, u likez my formz submissionz?

and Don Milli, unfriended

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Dan 2,014, 18:36

You are even more dishonorable than the eSerbian players, a traitor to your countrymen. A RL Conservative selling his eCountry to its enemies? Irony, at its finest...

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dan 2,014, 18:37

nah, Serbs are our allies IMO
Good folks

NueveOcho Dan 2,014, 18:46

Are you high? Have you forgot that you PTOed eUSA not so long ago? and... Is your butthole still sore?

Free Area
Free Area Dan 2,014, 19:05


Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Dan 2,014, 19:06

Get your facts straight, fake owl.

NueveOcho Dan 2,014, 19:13

U mad? Ur butt is hurting?

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Dan 2,014, 19:15

Ergenekon It's just that I am sickened by your demeanor. Nothing to worry about.

Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Dan 2,014, 18:43

Take some video of yourself again please. I'd use a laugh

kloraq Dan 2,014, 18:45

How did you like your khal, khaleesi ? Doggy hurts much ?


schalwar Dan 2,014, 18:50

And it is my honor to remove you from my friend list.

Kemal Ergenekon Dan 2,014, 19:15

Komentar izbrisan

Kutluk Bilge Kul Nukez
Kutluk Bilge Kul Nukez Dan 2,015, 10:00

kergenekon adamın içinde gezdirmiş beyler

Leon With
Leon With Dan 2,014, 18:32


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dan 2,014, 18:38


Leon With
Leon With Dan 2,014, 18:54

C'est la vie.

elation Dan 2,014, 19:11

Reagan you need to stop getting all butt hurt over people voicing their opinion. I really think people would look upon you with a bit more favor if you didn't unfriend people who criticize you. I am telling you this, because I am hoping you want what is best for the eUSA. All this hate and hostility you create from unfriending people is just childish.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dan 2,014, 19:16

if you are dumb enough to buy their bologna... then yeah, don't want to be your amigo

elation Dan 2,014, 19:22

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elation Dan 2,014, 19:26

We are all eAmericans so cut the political BS! If there is one thing I cant tolerate its people who wont tolerate other people!

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dan 2,014, 19:28

THey won't tolerate us.... ask your PP that if we said(which we have before) that we will leave you be if you leave us be) if they would do it, 10 gold says he says no.

elation Dan 2,014, 19:42

Look Im not saying the FEDs are somehow morally superior (they are but that's besides the point) all I'm saying is you are going to lose even more respect if you go around unfriending people. "Keep your friends close end your enemies closer" Besides what you are doing right now is obnoxious.

ElRoi Dan 2,014, 18:39

v – Honor above all!

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dan 2,014, 18:49


ElRoi Dan 2,014, 18:51

Do you really think I care about your friendship???

AlmightySo Dan 2,016, 12:46

Hmm since when were you a teen age girl?

bigcdizzle Dan 2,014, 18:40


Kody5. Dan 2,014, 18:42


Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Dan 2,014, 18:43

Serbs and honor?
Keep hoping 🙂

nem01able Dan 2,014, 22:43

coming from a Croatian that's funny
you guys PTOed Egypt and sent all their gold to your accounts
you guys PTOed Denmark and made it impossible for them to be relevant to anything, ever
Serbs PTO Thailand and work with the Thais side by side
Serbs PTO NZ and work with the Newzealanders side by side

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Dan 2,015, 00:30

I am pretty sure that Serbs did the most PTO's in erep. And a lot where the malicious did send money and gold to Serbia

General Stonewall Jackson Dan 2,014, 22:51

Komentar izbrisan

nem01able Dan 2,014, 23:19

Komentar izbrisan

General Stonewall Jackson
General Stonewall Jackson Dan 2,014, 23:49

I agree, if they agree

General Stonewall Jackson Dan 2,014, 23:51

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