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Communication Leads To Community, To Understanding

Dan 1,913, 16:29 Objavljeno u USA SAD od Azazel Romanov

Been a while since I stepped up to the writing plate. For those of you wondering, I've been working on an article for the past week that required patience and more in-depth work due to its contents. I had previously written a series of articles dealing with our joining Circle of Trust and an article about playing the game as a game. I have seen several comments and statements made by Americans that have dealt with the discomfort of fighting against our former allies and fighting for our former enemies. So I decided I would do a bit more investigative journalism for my own interest and to share with you all. Wanting to get some direct information, I decided to contact the Minsters of Foreign Affairs in both Indonesia and Macedonia who are both currently partners with us in Circle of Trust. Since joining, our relationship with both countries have improved, and I asked several questions dealing with America's involvement with CoT, questions about America's own endeavors, and I even asked questions about points of contention between our countries.

I would first like to present my interview with LarasDea, the MoFA of Indonesia. LaraDea is a former MoFA of Indonesia and I have had previous correspondence with her while I was Ambassador to Indonesia. I would like to preface this by stating she is incredibly polite and cordial to work with.

1. What was your initial reaction to the eUS joining Circle of Trust as a trial member?

LarasDea: Well, to be honest, I was having my holiday for 2 months from December - February. And during that time, I just had my WnT and that's all. I didn't read articles as much as I always did before. So my first reaction was shock! But then I heard so many explanation from friends, and then I realized that everything may change. Actually, I never like any kind of wars lol. But for sure, it would be nice to have more friends all over the world. So, I really welcome everyone who wants to join CoT 😛 Even though the final decision is not only from me.

2. Given our history and previous wars, do you think that the eUS joining CoT will lead to a much closer relationship between our two countries?

LarasDea: For relations, yes i believe that. Because by joining same alliance, I'm pretty sure that we can improve our relations slowly but surely. But of course, we have to trust each other.

3. What is your opinion on the current operation the eUS is pursuing against Taiwan in Asia? Has Indonesia been offering support in this campaign?

LarasDea: About the Operation Gangnam Style, the only thing that pops out in my mind is... FUN!!! For supporting this campaign or not... I haven't talked about it to be honest.

4. Recently Indonesia attacked China, but was beaten back. Once we are done against Taiwan, do you think that a joint operation between Indonesia and the eUS against China would help our relationship and improve the success of an invasion?

LarasDea: I always believe that we can do anything, no matter if we do it alone or we do it in a team. And for China, actually, we don't have any plan to attack them. Maybe for now, that's the best answer.

5. A point of contention for the the eUS public has been the Australia controversy. While I know this occurred in the last term and I don't want to get back into debating the cause or who was at fault, do you think there is any chance of remediation between Chile, Indonesia, Australia, and CoT as a whole?

LarasDea: There's always a way to have a remediation. But of course, we need more than just talk. We need something to trust. Without that, it would be nothing. I always believe what CoT does, or every country does, there's always a mistake and there's always a good point on it. So just let it flow.

6. What is your opinion on the domestic PTO effort in the eUS?

LarasDea: I always hate PTO. That's for sure. Because in my opinion, PTO is like taking someone's stuff without any excuse. If I may say, please, no more PTO.

7. What is your outlook on the future of Circle of Trust, and do you think it will remain a growing force in international affairs?

LarasDea: Yes. With all the things that we've done, I believe that we can make it out. Just remember that we have to respect each other.

My next interview was with BlackMK, the new MoFA of Macedonia, who was recently appointed to this position. I have not had prior conversations with him, but he was quick to respond and accept the interview, and was very helpful with his answers.

1. What was your initial reaction to the eUS joining Circle of Trust as a trial member?

BlackMK: I am glad that a force like eUS joined our alliance. We voted with HARD YES for eUS.

2. Given our history and previous wars, do you think that the eUS joining CoT will lead to a much closer relationship between our two countries?

BlackMK: In the past we were enemies, and we were in a direct war once. But that was in the past and a lot of things changed since then. I'm glad that we are allies now and we stand together on the battlefields, helping each other. With time our relations will get more closer, Im sure about it.

3. What is your opinion on the current operation the eUS is pursuing against Taiwan in Asia? Has Macedonia been offering support in this campaign?

BlackMK: As a CoT ally we are standing with eUS in any war with coordination with our alliance.

4. The eUS has been setting your battles as campaign of the day quite frequently lately, how is your war against Greece going thus far? Do you think you can solidify any of those gains made?

BlackMK: Well our war with Greece is endless, so we are going a little East for now to make a base there and settle a little to gain more power. The war will not end for now, we are sworn enemies with Greeks in-game and in RL.

5. A point of contention for the the eUS public in allying with Macedonia has been our relationship with Albania and your previous conflict with them. While I don't expect a friendship between Albania and Macedonia anytime soon, what steps do you think can be taken to stabilize the situation between Albania and Macedonia and reduce conflict, if any?

BlackMK: Well we have achieved a high level of communication but the fact that they are still EDEN is making us enemies and our allying with them would still make a big turbulence in this game.

6. What is your opinion on the domestic PTO effort in the eUS, as previously this has included Macedonian citizens (and still may)?

BlackMK: Well we as your friends and as Macedonian Government dont approve those PTO attempts in eUS. We decline requests from those players and do not provide any support to them. Also we would be glad to help you against the PTOers

7. What is your outlook on the future of Circle of Trust, and do you think it will remain a growing force in international affairs?

BlackMK: CoT at first was just a small alliance but now it became very big and powerful with attempts to grow more and become the eWorld Alliance No. 1. I'm glad that you chose our side, and together we are much stronger.

From these interviews, I did not want to simply encourage you to support our new alliance and allies, but also to learn more about our new relationships with these countries. While we were hesitant to join CoT, we must also recognize that they are getting adjusted to us as well. We must also realize that despite some domestic feelings, people in these countries didn't exactly hate us while we fought against them. When you view something from only one point of view, it becomes harder to see the opinions from other perspectives. It was enjoyable to prepare these interviews and engage and correspond with foreign representatives. I would like to thank LarasDea and BlackMK for their cooperation and their answers to the interviews. Despite what some might say, there are always chances to advance new relationships and partnerships in this game.



Azazel Romanov
Azazel Romanov Dan 1,913, 16:30

Reserved for CoT

Dellodas Dan 1,913, 16:43

If you see the Fyromians tell them that True Macedonians are looking for them in our battles, we are tired of seeing only Serbs, Polish, Huns and other in the battlefield. So Fyromians don't be afraid and run away we are your friends.

P.S. I'm glad that there are few M.U's in USA that have Honor, Dignity and stay loyal to their true friends, all the other fight for Serbian and Polish bonuses due to a goverment that changes alliances and MPP's like a girl changes clothes.

P.S. 2 Fyrom can't into Macedonia.

BlackMK Dan 1,913, 16:49

Cry me a RIver xD

Dellodas Dan 1,913, 16:51

Cry me a Vardar, Vardarskian.

BlackMK Dan 1,913, 16:52

Dont pollute this nice article with your problems xD

BucephalusIII Dan 1,913, 16:57

Hello from the new Macedonian landscapes in Iran o/

makedonec 21
makedonec 21 Dan 1,913, 17:53

Hail OTTO your first true king
german slaves 🙂

Dellodas Dan 1,913, 21:20

Even OTTO is older then Fyrom, Vardaska since 1991.

P.S. Don't use this game to propaganda your false multiple identity issues.

Crash and Burn
Crash and Burn Dan 1,913, 22:54

Strangely how no Macedonian commented about Greece to an article with a different theme, yet see and behold, the ever righteous Hellenes are here to pollute it with RL political hate.

Dellodas Dan 1,914, 23:14

The only Macedonian comment i see right now is mine and as you all know Macedonia is Greece and vice versa, all the other comments are Fyromian. Defending historical truth in not RL political hate.

So pls don't use propaganda to change history in a game.

Crash and Burn
Crash and Burn Dan 1,914, 00:05

Change history in a game?? Now that doesn't make any sense, but heh, since the only reason for this is to pick a fight, I'll let you fight with yourself.

Dellodas Dan 1,914, 00:09

I agree with you and i'm glad you realize that your whole pursuit of trying to be something that you historically aren't, even in this game, is nonsensical.

Aminta Makedonecot
Aminta Makedonecot Dan 1,914, 05:39

Macedonia for the Macedonians! <---- with this sentence everything is said. go away Greek!

Dellodas Dan 1,914, 05:44

Macedonia was, is and will always be in Macedonians ingame and in real life :

go away butthurted Slav Vardaskan who thinks he is Greek.

Aminta Makedonecot
Aminta Makedonecot Dan 1,914, 06:04

multiple personality disorder is a bad illness condition, my friend.
It must be very hard for you to choose between your split personality of being a Greek and a Macedonian in the same time...
It must have been even worst for Alexander when he had to kill Greeks in Chaeronea 🙂

You are shifting between being a greek and "Macedonian" daily more often than I change socks in the week.
P.S. you managed to be a greek and a Macedonian in the same comment you over done your self greek 😉

Go consult a doctor...a mental one 😉

Dellodas Dan 1,914, 10:02

Well not knowing history is a bliss for Fyromians, Greek city states in the past always fought each other ,long before Chaeronea battle, don't know if you know it.
Multiple Personality is what Fyromians have since they don't even know who they really are.

P.S. Macedonian and Greek it's the same long before 1991 when Fyrom appeared in the map.

Dellodas Dan 1,914, 15:08

At least some of you Vardaskans have brains, cause i see you don't :

I'm Macedonian, Spartan, Athenian, Theban as you are Slav.

Aminta Makedonecot
Aminta Makedonecot Dan 1,914, 14:53

Macedonians are only and just Macedonians... we dont have second, third, forth..... name like you Greeks or what ever else you call your selves these days....
As for Macedonia and Macedonians we were here long before Otto from Germany founded your petty country... like in 1741

Can you read the script greek?!

Dellodas Dan 1,914, 15:09

At least some of you Vardaskans have brains, cause i see you don't :

I'm Macedonian, Spartan, Athenian, Theban as you are Slav.

Aminta Makedonecot
Aminta Makedonecot Dan 1,914, 15:16

there you see... they have the same illness as you...they cant determent what are they... no wonder you found and understand them.. I cant 🙂

TashaMKD Dan 1,913, 16:47


BlackMK Dan 1,913, 16:50

Regards to our eUS Friends

BucephalusIII Dan 1,913, 16:50

Bravo...can i have autograph?

LitoII Dan 1,913, 17:01

LarasDea \o/

LarasDea Dan 1,913, 19:32


Alexander Macedon
Alexander Macedon Dan 1,913, 17:08


Ivcak.A Dan 1,913, 17:12


Martabak Ostin
Martabak Ostin Dan 1,913, 17:12

How erep has changed....

Angeldim Dan 1,913, 17:14

Hail Macedonia!
Hail Indonesia!
Hail USA!
Hail CoT!

SaJrUs Dan 1,913, 18:24


MorpheusMK Dan 1,913, 18:26


Mr. Jester
Mr. Jester Dan 1,913, 19:04

Hail CoT!

LarasDea Dan 1,913, 19:31

Awesome 🙂
Thank you for everything NewAzazel 🙂

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dan 1,913, 19:49

"Sworn enemies"

It's 2013

No you're not

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dan 1,913, 20:14

Insightful. Thank you for your effort.

El Che G
El Che G Dan 1,913, 22:25


konmix Dan 1,913, 22:57

Υou poor Vardaskians
keep searching for alliances sameway you keep searching for history.
Maybe you should run and search your slavic past and that way may gain some selfrespect.

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Dan 1,914, 00:14


Andreica1989 Dan 1,914, 02:35


Strastniot Dan 1,914, 02:41

The war between eUSA and Macedonia was purely for resources. There was no hatred in it. The things are changed now and there is no reason why we cant be allies.

B a z e
B a z e Dan 1,914, 02:47


Orochimaruu Dan 1,914, 03:40


khantervel Dan 1,914, 04:38


Alex ROKA Dan 1,914, 04:49

Dellodas are you a historian or a politician?
By the way Azazel, nice work o7

Aminta Makedonecot
Aminta Makedonecot Dan 1,914, 05:39


PorDalas Dan 1,914, 06:20

'' Ἐστι µέν οὖν Ἑλλάς καί ἡ Μακεδονία· ''

''Ἐπάνωθεν γάρ τῶν Μακεδόνων εἰσί καί Λυγκησταί
καί Ἐλιµιῶται καί ἄλλα ἔθνη,
ἅ ξύµµαχα µέν καί ὑπήκοα ἐστι τούτοις
βασιλείας δέ ἔχει καθ’ αὑτά.
Τήν δέ παρά θάλασσαν νῦν Μακεδονίαν πρῶτοι
ἐκτήσαντο καί ἐβασίλευσαν Ἀλέξανδρος ὁ Περδίκκου
πατήρ καί οἱ πρόγονοι αὐτοῦ, Τηµενίδαι
τό ἀρχαῖον ὄντες ἐξ’ Ἄργους ''

PorDalas Dan 1,914, 06:30

Είμαι σίγουρος πως δε καταλαβαίνετε τι έγραψα παραπάνω .. δυστυχώς για εσάς αλλά αυτά που δεν καταλαβαίνετε είναι η γλώσσα και η γραφή των Μακεδόνων ...ναι ναι σωστά το καταλάβατε είναι αρχαία Ελληνικά και είναι ίδια με τα Ελληνικά που ακόμα και τώρα , στην νέα εποχή , ομιλούμε σε ολόκληρη την Ελλάδα !!!!

Luc Praetor
Luc Praetor Dan 1,914, 11:46

At its essence. I agree. comms leads to understanding.

I think, in RL, and eR, it's the precursor to problems.


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