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Dan 1,902, 09:33 Objavljeno u USA Nizozemska od jmurrib21

eRepublik browser game is supported by communication; the role of communications like: daily publications, shouts and in game messaging is basic.

Military units, Political Parties, Governments and individuals playing eRepublik communicate daily and in real time on IRC – Internet Relay Chat.

There are players from all over the world with different time zones and some of those players access the IRC channels at different times so there’s always somebody to talk to on those channels.

Sometimes you can access a channel and you can find plenty users on it but nobody typing. This can be basically because two things: 1- Users are messaging in private with another user and 2- Users are multitasking and have their IRC session logged in. Just type their nicknames to ping them and draw their attention.

- Real time communication and game support/help
- Following your Military Unit orders: Massive Attacks; Deployment.
- Goodies exchange; some channels provide information about how to get supplies: Food, Weapons, Currency.
- Applying for a job in eRepublik, Political Parties and Government are constantly hiring applicants.

Keep on logging in on IRC and make yourself more visible; ask questions; request support with something you need clarification and the best thing of all is Free.

There are two ways to connect to IRC:

1- With your own IRC client software (Explorer and Expert skills)
2- Using your web browser (Easy skills first steps on IRC)

For the first option you can find free IRC clients here:

For the second option you can access this IRC pages:

All of them have tutorials in how to register your nickname.
Keep in mind registering a nickname with the same username you use on eRepublik. 🙂

eRepublik channels and most users can be found on server. European eRepublik users mostly use the server which is similar to rizon but also will require you to register your nickname on their network.

Here some general channels that you can join and then find more asking other users or to your Military Unit:

#usng-public (National Guard public chat)
#eUSA-DoE (USA Department of Education)

It’s a bit challenging to get on IRC chat but also tell us how interested you are in the eRepublik community.

We look forward to see you there and make a difference every day.

Interested to join the National Guard, these are the guidelines:

Minimal requirements are 50 strength, In-game rank of Corporal - or 25 influence with Bare fist hit.



jmurrib21 Dan 1,902, 09:36

1st reserved for me 🙂

jadiv Dan 1,902, 11:18

As always excellent!

kitmen Dan 1,903, 23:25

Needs more IRC.

Ruthain Dan 1,904, 02:29

IRC is a must to get the most out of this game!

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