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Clan Wolf is finger licking Colonel Sanders

Dan 1,904, 11:41 Objavljeno u Canada Kanada od crisfire

Apparently Clan Wolf and it's Party President Oinyo are so enamored with current CP front runner Colonel Sanders that it's willing to over look the Colonels admission to being a multi of VenomsIII

I've already pointed out in this extremely well done and critically acclaimed article that even if the Colonel was an actual legit player his platform was bipolar and little thought went into the feasibility of the promises promised, exactly how Venoms/Sanders intended for it to be, he wanted Clan Wolf and its red headed step child the Imperial Party to latch on under the banner of "anyone but Rylde" but now it's "anyone(s) but Rolo"

To the credit of the Imperial Party it has been hugely silent about this issue, at least in their party feed (teehee) and in the media concerning the revelation that Venoms is Colonel Sanders, I'm guessing because it is either embarrassed and/or would rather just move on to something or other, I mean its only the CP chair. They would rather recruit and comment on my spelling error which was extrememly intentional to give off a carefree attitude

Clan Wolf however is damning the torpedoes and going full speed ahead, unwaivering in their support for Sanders/Venoms

Even with his bipolar plaforms
Even with an uncontested multi admission
Even with the risk of a CP being banned and Rolo getting the seat anyway, after a few days of no one at the helm (importance debatable)

and even with

(Eric got a Campaign Hero medal aswell)

IPC you may now proceed to spell check this article as it is what is most important

Vote for Rolo!



Oinyo Dan 1,904, 12:09

Sigh. As I posted multiple times and in IRC..

CW is voting for Sanders as he is our candidate.
When asked who would like to try for CP this month the only person to say anything was Sanders.
After a few good Posts and articles he won the prelims and started changing his stances in order of what people were complaining about.

This made it seem like he was trying to adapt to have a better campaign for what eCanada needs. I can support that. It means someone isnt going to be hellbent on pushing ideals that no one likes.

Anyways yesterday after everything was safely locked in all these cookies fell. I held a meeting and looked for advice. Through talking to the other leaders in my clan plus getting advice from trusted friends in other allied parties we came to the decision that yes. Even though he is a multy and fooled us we are stuck with him as a candidate.

We have now 2 choices.

Abandon the process and vote for anyone or stick with him as our official candidate.

Now let me paste a post I did yesterday in our feed.


After careful thought I believe we should still support our original candidate that we placed and follow the due process. We will learn from this and better screen future CW candidates 🙂

But as this is an extreme situation you do have the full option to openly vote for someone else or not vote at all. I am sorry for this everyone. We will make sure we do a better job in the future so things like this do not happen again...


This provided members the option to vote for others even though we still officially support the member that won the votes. I did not make this choice alone and I still stand by it. If we abandon our system in hard times then we do not deserve it in the good times.

Hopefully this clears some things up.


Rolo Tahmasee
Rolo Tahmasee Dan 1,904, 12:17

^ so, if it had turned out that Colonel Sanders had been a Serbian PTOer, you'd still follow that same train of thought....?

Oinyo Dan 1,904, 12:31

Of course not Rolo.
I cant find the other article i wrote in but here is the short answer to you.

If sanders was a outside PTO threat we would have done what we needed to and make an emergency decision not to support him at all.

This is a completely and utterly opposite case though. We have Sanders that is working on his own accord to play the system so you get in. He has reported himself as a multi to the devs and his account is pending removal.

What will happen "And yes we all already know this" is he will most likely win and then be banned. this will default the spot to you.

So again we are left with 2 options. Abandon our system or stick with it. The results in the end are going to be the same unless something very odd happens (Weird stuff is already happening)

So again. We decided to stick to the system and simply learn from this.

Everything is a learning experience that helps us to grow 🙂
But let it be known for certain that CW would never put eCan second.
eCan always comes first over anything and it should be that way across the board in my opinion

Thank you

T.E. Lwrence
T.E. Lwrence Dan 1,904, 12:49

Then why did you not support a candidate such as rylde? If it is obvious that the sanders' platform is laughable at best, so if you really cared about putting eCan first, then you wouldn't support a candidate(regardless of being a multi) who has no experience, hasn't been active for 2 years, and clearly has no intentions of running this country properly.

Just admit you are wrong. no one will judge you.

Oinyo Dan 1,904, 13:13

We couldnt support Rylde..

He was out of the running at that point. We learned about all this yesterday remember..

We had only Rolo up on the board.

Plus we did support Rylde in that we had his name on our voting ballot for the second month in a row.
If the members of CW voted for Rylde over Sanders then we would have been supporting Rylde but the votes did not tally up that way.

I dont know why so many people have the mindset of "Vote for MY ideals or MY candidate or you are completely and utterly wrong"

CW is voting for a in place system that we believe in. It is not your system and I am pretty sure your system is completely different so I will not get into it. Read my second reply above for more details

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Dan 1,904, 13:27

MDP members made this bed, now lie in it. There are no good choices here no matter how you spin it.

crisfire Dan 1,904, 14:29

No spin, its all fact

Im sure most MDP members are just as unsatisfied with this whole thing as you are, we wanted Rylde as CP

The issue of Rylde losing his endorsement was done on his own just like Venoms plan to discredit CW was done on his own

Saying that, Rolo is the best man for the job now, especially in troubled times, the past is the past and we as a country decided to move on.

Bryan Alexander
Bryan Alexander Dan 1,904, 14:39

I feel like this horse is dead.
Stop beating it.

Natster Dan 1,904, 14:48

Yummm....Dead Horse.Wait, Did someone say bacon?

Auk Rest
Auk Rest Dan 1,904, 15:21

Making fun of other people repeatedly and unwaveringly is fun, isn't that right, crisfire?

Bryan Alexander
Bryan Alexander Dan 1,904, 15:22

It's like how people go off on Punisher for just insulting people...
I view articles like this as just a more dressed up version of that same principle.

crisfire Dan 1,904, 15:31

Who am I making fun of?

Armour144 Dan 1,904, 15:37

Crisfire, I'm scared. Our opinions on things are getting too similar.

crisfire Dan 1,904, 15:50

oh stop it you

MCA421 Dan 1,904, 16:35


MaxMaher Dan 1,904, 20:00

I worked 3 years in a PFK while in High School. I couldn't vote for anything else than Sanders.

Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker Dan 1,906, 07:27

now CS is banned... so...

Wilfie Dan 2,119, 09:52

ah jeez,

i missed the chicken...and feel so hungry

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