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Alliberem Suïssa! Freedom for Switzerland!

Dan 1,872, 04:25 Objavljeno u Switzerland Egipat od Albert I de Catalunya

Des d'aquest diari emplacem a tots els Suïssos a combatre per tal d'alliberar el país de les mans dels Eslovens. Per això, hem d'anar tots a una i traçar aliances amb altres nacions i soldats que ens ajudin en la nostra causa. Res és impossible!

From this newspaper, we call to all Swiss citizens to fight and get freedom for country against Slovenia. Is for this reason, we have to go together and trace allies with other nations and soldiers that can help us in our fight. Nothing is impossible!



Rican Dan 1,872, 09:57

Slovenia is our friend and ally.

Bilateral Treaty between the Swiss Confederation and the Slovenian

The Nine-month-3-Point Plan

The Swiss Confederation and the Slovenian Republic;

Wish to encourage cooperation and friendship between the two nations;
Work to protect Swiss national security;

Have adopted the following 3-Point Plan:

Article I

1) Slovenia will wipe Switzerland before Congress Elections every month whenever requested

Article II

1) 1) Switzerland will start liberating Graubunden and Svizzera italiana on 24th each month
a) Slovenia will assist the Swiss military effort in the Resistance War
In case of a PTO, Slovenia will keep Switzerland wiped permanently until the PTO threat is gone or deal expires, if requested by the signed Swiss representative of this treaty (chukcha)

Article III

1) Slovenia will rent Deutschschweiz and Romandie from Switzerland for 30,000 country currency per month
a) Payment will be made to the Swiss representative of this treaty (chukcha) on the last day of every month
Rent can be negotiated with the Swiss representative of this treaty (chukcha) every month, after payment is made for the current month


President of the Swiss Confederation

President of the Slovenian Republic

Taken on the 16th of December 2012 (Day 1853 of the New World)

Albert I de Catalunya
Albert I de Catalunya Dan 1,873, 02:17

But it's not good for our country! We've to have our country.
We can't change this treaty?

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