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A Valentine's Day Message for eRepublik

Dan 1,913, 13:23 Objavljeno u USA Irska od Mercurius100

Hi there eRepublik. I wanted to talk to you for a minute.

I know that we haven't always been the best of friends. We fight a lot. You do stupid things that can really get on my nerves.

We've known each other for a long time now. We've had this on again, off again thing going for a while. We've split up and seen other people. But you've always been nice and welcomed me back like nothing happened. Even after that really destructive thing I had going with Cupcake Corner. I, uh, really appreciated you being nice to me then.

It's not like you always are nice to me as you should be. You can be really hard on my credit card with all the stuff you ask me to buy for you. Then you change the game mechanics, make all the stuff I bought for you worthless, and leave me broke and feeling really awful. It really hurts when you do things like that. It makes me want to see other games again, especially if they have cupcakes.

But I'm still never as happy as I am when hanging out with you. You just give me these feelings that nobody else does.

You don't judge how I play the game, you let me play however I want, even if others think it's stupid.

You make me feel like I can do anything. Like I can really make a difference. Change the country, even change the whole eWorld, if I just work at it hard enough.

You make me feel important. You make me feel like I have meaning. Even if you're just a dumb game, you're fun and you make me happy.

So, um, I got you this. Please accept it.

Don't get the wrong idea! It's not like I spent hours browsing for the perfect picture of Valentine's chocolate for you. I just happened to have extra pictures of Valentine's chocolate, and since I know nobody else will give you any I'm sharing some with you. You should be grateful that I'm so generous and considerate.

That's right! Be grateful!


<angrily stomps off>



ligtreb Dan 1,913, 13:33

Well written.

And first article in nearly 3 years! Glad I was still subbed.

vasmegye Dan 1,913, 14:01

oh my god.

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Dan 1,913, 14:09

Hi...I'm subbed to you apparently, so boated, nice article lol

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dan 1,913, 15:24

yeah ligtreb, because it would be so hard to find his article when sometimes there are not even 50 articles in a 48 hours cycle.

yanyali Dan 1,913, 15:25

I have only 20 friends, please add

Haselrig Dan 1,913, 15:33


JyM23 Dan 1,913, 18:17


Candor Dan 1,913, 19:11

I was beginning to think you were a figment of my "friends" imagination. A ghost. Not real. You've been my number one friend since day one, but I've long since forgotten everything about you.

Thank you for the chocolate. I liked your article. See you in another 36 months friend.

Firo Prochainezo
Firo Prochainezo Dan 1,913, 20:38

brb following her to Gensokyo.

Firo Prochainezo
Firo Prochainezo Dan 1,913, 20:39

Also, pleasant surprise to see an article from you, sir. Voted and subbed.

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