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A thousand pictures (figurative speaking) tell one thing: Another year edition

Dan 1,907, 03:08 Objavljeno u Japan Južna Koreja od the tormented one

I had a better idea about the image, but I got no time to implement it.

In the last year, RL Japan and China nearly went to war with each other, and in this eWorld, we got occupied by them for a long time. I dont care about peace in the game one way or another, this is a war game, and war is a major part of the game. But hopefully, the new year brings peace to the region in RL. So, the only war would only happen in a game like this.


Amaterasu Omikami
Amaterasu Omikami Dan 1,907, 03:26


Happy Lunar New Year Everyone!

alice.tu Dan 1,907, 10:37

It is eROC occupy the PTOed eJapan.
Not eChina.
If there are more RL japanese in this game and take over eJapan, maybe there will be peace between eRoc and eJapan.

the tormented one
the tormented one Dan 1,907, 12:23

" If there are more RL japanese in this game and take over eJapan, maybe there will be peace between eRoc and eJapan. "

Well, in that case, you should stop telling people to make peace with the eUS lol, because half of the eUS are foreigners.

Fight to the DEATH!!!!! or broke

Sophia Forrester
Sophia Forrester Dan 1,907, 15:35

Why can't we just have peace regardless?

I wish people in the RoC would stop slandering us by calling us PTOed. The nationality of a person IRL has to bearing on their e-nationality. The body of citizens who have been here beginning in 2008 is eJapan. Old citizens leave aqnd new citizens join but the community is the same eJapan. So why do you say "PTO" simply because a majority are not RL Japanese? It is chauvinism.

Boukun Suzaku
Boukun Suzaku Dan 1,908, 14:50

no sophia, its not chauvinism its just stupid lol. Its a game, you join whatever country you want. Not necessarily your real life nationality. Its kinda like Hearts of Iron, I might try and conquer Europe as Vichy France, or play as Guangxi Clique instead of Nationalist China.

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