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A new beginning for Iran and India

Dan 902, 04:12 Objavljeno u India Srbija od Ministry of Foreign Affairs IR

I am the Iranian minister of foreign affairs, gorgepir. Some of you may recognize me from my previous articles in your media. For those who don't, I can say this of myself. I like playing games, especially strategy games, and I value proper manners when playing them, but I accept the fact that different people will play the game differently. I refuse to resort to name calling and childish behavior, which has happened on both sides in the past.

I am aware of the problems you have had with Iran, and as I have said before I consider it a matter of not respecting one another. You guys have constantly called us liars and backstabber among other names, and we have constantly taken you for granted and not respected your right to govern your own country. There has always been accusations of PTO and cheating, some more true than others, but then again I doubt you guys have 400 active voting citizens either 😛 (meant as a joke, dont take it too personally).

Anyways, the purpose of this article is to establish the fact that we have had some issues in the past, but that does not mean that we cant seriously improve relations. I sincerely hope that in my term I am able to do so, and we can have much better relationship. I can say this, although many of our actions against you may have seemed like aggression on our part at the time, the main reason for our discontent is that you are harboring one of our enemies. You did the same thing to Pakistan when they allowed Serbia in their borders, so I see no reason why you should object our efforts to get rid of our enemy. And remember, you guys let America in before we let Serbia cross.

It is a game, and I am sure we can find a way to benefit both of our countries. Obviously we both have some red lines, and some things may be more tough to talk about, but I think we are mature enough at this stage to start the dialog and stop throwing accusations which will only hinder the progress.

I hope this article does not irritate the reader, since that was not the reason for writing it. There is one small matter though, I am addressing this article to the true Indians (either those who are in RL Indian or who have been here before the eUS came) and not former eUS citizens who are only there now to protect eUS interests. Of course, that is not for me to decide, it is up to you to decide for yourselves, India.

Good luck, and I hope for a strong mutual relation between Iran and India. I would appreciate it if I was able to talk to some of your government officials.




eShayan Dan 902, 04:20

I am the CP of Iran and I endorse this message

Faraz salmog
Faraz salmog Dan 902, 04:28

I am a citizen of Iran and I support peace between India and Iran...

Da-Vinci Dan 902, 04:44

من که هندي نبودم!!!
بايد ماسکتير بهت خوش آمد بگه :چي
iranian and Hindus can be friends

Ratan Tata
Ratan Tata Dan 902, 04:46

welcome to our country, NICE to see you guys here........

Top.Persian.Girl Dan 902, 04:48

great suggestion

Cultural & literal Minister of eIran

Ratan Tata
Ratan Tata Dan 902, 04:48

well i think it should be IRANIAN and INDIANS in the post above mine.

HINDUS are of only one religion, wheras we have citizens from all religions in real life and erep.

Resistance Master
Resistance Master Dan 902, 04:52

Yeah... I agree with our MoFa.
We can be friends but there are some obstacles in the way. Maybe we can solve the problems and remove the obstacles.
Good luck India

Resistance Master
Resistance Master Dan 902, 04:54

@Ratan tata:
Our ppl have some serious problems with english! 😉

reza hosseini
reza hosseini Dan 902, 05:07


Abhi347 Dan 902, 05:20

It's good to see a talk from Iran, but I can't commit anything now.

TrueEnzo2 Dan 902, 05:23

great idea

megahack Dan 902, 05:31

for now and future

Hamed_85 Dan 902, 05:40

Agree with our MoFa.

CH world
CH world Dan 902, 06:12

good work

Parshang Dan 902, 06:15

Huge Vote

Jelen od Potoka
Jelen od Potoka Dan 902, 06:43

<b>It's good to see a talk from Iran</b>

HAIL to that

DeAvenger Dan 902, 07:22

I think the real question that eIran needs to answer is simple:

Cricket, yes or no?

BroodRoosterNL Dan 902, 07:38

Dunno what the point is with the US (not up to date about the discussions), but I too would like to see the US leave and have India ruling it's entire, own country.

Though point why we kept the US here, was the threat of mainly Serbia and, though more indirect, Iran. If Iran want's to be friends with us, that's one threat less and more reason for us to get the US out 🙂
Only point left then is Serbia, as we wouldn't like to see Serbia running all over our place when we get the US to leave 😉

Halfie Dan 902, 07:51

I thought we were friends

vigi Dan 902, 07:57

I like the tone of this article. It accepts the ground reality, that we have issues but at the same time looks forward to a better future.

gorgepir Dan 902, 07:57

It is quite disappointing that your CP cant commit to dialog. I still want to keep the discussion open though, so I guess that means I will talk to the people directly.

U.N.O Dan 902, 08:05

From a third-person perspective, i think the cooperation between India and Iran can only benefit both sides. So, voted

ramin martinez
ramin martinez Dan 902, 11:27


Devoid Dan 902, 11:43

This was welcome over a month ago, and I thought we were heading toward an era of good relations with Iran. And then Iran swapped through Pakistan and attacked us. So you'll have to forgive me for being very, very slow to trust.

Captain Niks
Captain Niks Dan 902, 11:50

We are still neutral 🙂

Myung Kei
Myung Kei Dan 902, 12:37

Iran and India liking each other? What has the world come to?!?!

Jk 😛

Good luck, however past tensions will not be easy to smooth over.

KAUSHIK GHOSHAL Dan 902, 14:21

Voted..Nice &amp; Matured Discussion...but still some black cloud of mutual faith prevailing between both countries. Who can guarantee that eSerbia not attacking Karnataka immediately after eUSA leaves.

@ Gorgepir -- Can Iran make MPP with eIndia in present situaltion?

Anon Cipher
Anon Cipher Dan 902, 14:29

&quot;I am addressing this article to the true Indians (either those who are in RL Indian or who have been here before the eUS came) and not former eUS citizens who are only there now to protect eUS interests.&quot;

I dislike the assumption that I am simply here to protect US interests. I'd also like to see the US out of Karnataka, but I'd also like to see an end to PTO attempts and Phoenix nations desiring a hand in Asian affairs.

I worked for India through my own desire, not the wishes of others, and consider myself to be a true Indian. If I simply wished to work for the US government, I'd still be there working in it.

Anon Cipher
Anon Cipher Dan 902, 14:30

In response to the rest of the article, I'd like to see a closer Iran-India relationship, and campaigned on such going into my first term in congress here, so I'd like to see steps to working towards such.

sharq125 Dan 902, 21:01

i agree with BroodRoosterNL. US has been in India for too long and i would also like to see a complete india not one where part is ruled by the US.

Rajeeva Dan 902, 21:31


Faraz salmog
Faraz salmog Dan 902, 22:51

I think both side need some agreements so they could trust each other. MPP is good idea. I wish this situation will be solved soon so we can start new version as brothers and caring each other..

master duce 007 Dan 903, 00:41

Komentar izbrisan

Erep2018 Dan 903, 08:02

Positive step forward.
I would like to see better relations between India &amp; Iran, but it will be a long road to walk, but I believe many our up for the trek.

Arik Dan 903, 19:23

Nice article, need to see improvement in that sphere.

KOSOVA Batoa Dan 903, 22:59

lol - &quot;and we have constantly taken you for granted and not respected your right to govern your own country.&quot;

well said...

Red Peyman
Red Peyman Dan 904, 08:04

fuck eden and phoenix. eden and phoenix have only their own interests in view, Europe and U.S. are more important to them, so my brothers, we should forge new alliances. so that foreign powers to stay away from Asia.
hail asia

ariankaveh Dan 904, 18:10

I love this article we are good friend in real world and we can do anythings with alliance ...

viva eIRAN
viva eINDIA

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