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A Decision, A Declaration, A Challenge

Dan 2,014, 23:18 Objavljeno u USA SAD od Tenshibo

Hello my fellow Americans,

For the past few weeks, I’ve sat on the sidelines watching as we’ve stagnated. From politics, to warfare, and even within our very community, we’ve all had to deal with the inherent sense of boredom that has plagued us for what seems like an eternity. Yet, I was inspired. Inspired by individuals across all segments of the game, who stood up and said, “No, I want something different, and I’m not going to take this anymore.” From USAIM, to the political chaos ensuing after the Free Area scandal, to our bold move against Serbia, it seems as though we’re finally breaking out of the mold that we’ve been stuck in.
At the center of this is a simple message, more powerful than any one of us alone. One leader didn’t break the boredom. One group didn’t lead the charge. Everyone did. Military or Politics, top 5 or 6th’er, old or young, active or two clicker, people have taken it upon themselves to be the change they wish to see in the game, because they’ve realized that the key to solving our problem has been sitting in front of us all along.

It’s us. Every one of us has something to contribute to this world, whether as a leader, or simply as an individual. That motivation, and that drive has inspired me to do the same, to contribute what I’m capable of. To do what I can as an individual.

That is why I intend to run for President of the eUnited States of America.

For too long have our presidents been static figures. Their personalities would come through in some ways, but they weren’t them. They tried to mold themselves to the position. Quite frankly, that isn’t my style, nor was it the style of great CPs of old; thinking back, Oblige was very “Oblige” in his presidency. You could tell he was a twelve-year old weeaboo; Emerick was still a trollicious meanipants despite being president; Israel Stevens was an angry alcoholic; any CP who can be thought of as “great” brought themselves into the whitehouse, and used that to influence the populace, used it to craft their articles, and more so, used it to craft a purpose.

More important than simply having personality, especially this term, is we need a president ready to lead. Soon, war will break out. As glorious as this should feel, as much as I want to invade Serbia, war isn’t breaking out on our terms. This is a direct response to a year long mission to infiltrate the eUS, and destroy us from within. Simply put, Serbia crossed the line, and it’s time we paid them back. They infiltrated us, it’s time to infiltrate them with some size twelves Jay’s if you know what I’m saying.

Perfectly fitted for Servian ass

I commented earlier that this war isn’t on our terms, and that is true. It doesn’t take a genius to know that we’re not ready. Communication between the Exec and AIM is still in it’s infancy, our damage output is lacking in some cases, CoT is still flopping around (we’ll get to this later), and simply put, a single NE on Serbia won’t do it. Combine this with what could be NE’s by several TWO countries, and you have a recipe for disaster. That said, I have faith in our country. I said in my previous article that we’re a party sized pizza, separated into so many groups, but we’ll come together when our cheese melts such that you can’t see the separate pieces. You know what melts cheese? Heat. Look around, it’s about to get hot in here.

Quick message to my friends in US-AIM; I know many of you, I’ve worked with many of you, played FIFA with some of you, called you friends, ally, etc. Despite whatever negatives thoughts you have towards the executive, towards the USAF, towards me, and despite whatever negative though I have towards you, your MUs, we need to agree: we don’t have time to measure our ePeens. I’m ready to work with you guys, and I know you’re ready to work with us. So this term, let us commit to that, to eachother, because at the end of the day, we both want what's best for America, and we both want to destroy Serbia. Beyond that, nothing matters.

A few lines back I made a note about CoT flopping around. It’s time to address this. I was one of the people key to finalizing the eUS’s position in CoT. For two terms, I directly influenced said, position, and under Vanek’s terms, despite not being involved directly, I was still able to watch from the sidelines as CoT not only grew, but became a true threat to TWO. But you’ve stagnated. You’re allowing TWO to bully Switzerland, you’re allowing TWO to directly strike Bulgaria, you’re allowing TWO to strike at Chile and you’re allowing TWO to attack Mexico.

CoT... what’s going on? Stoich said CoT wouldn’t cast the first stone, and admirable stance. I for one applauded such a stance. But, TWO has not only cast the first stone, they’ve cast the second, the third, the fourth! And yet we sit around acting like war is coming. War has already arrived. It is time to act, to strike, to fight back. If we don’t, then we’ve already lost. Let me make this clear: if I win the Presidency, I don’t want to have to babysit you guys, I’m going to be quite angry if I have to stay up until 8am every morning to give you lessons on not being useless, and I’m going to get very irritated if you act like TWO can still be an ally. But, if I need to step in, make you guys act, make you guys be useful, make you guys grow a pair, I will. To whatever country decides the next SC, be prepared to choose one ready to act, or we’re all boned. To the current SC, his staff, and those in charge in CoT, let me be even more clear: CoT is faltering not because of its members, but because you’ve been unwilling to act. You have ten days to fix yourselves before I can get involved. Use them wisely.

Before I go, it’s customary for a presidential hopeful to reveal pieces of his cabinet in the announcement article, but honestly, there are more important things that that right now. I’ll begin showing off my team soon, but not today. In the meantime, I would like to say that I want new blood to begin circulating the ranks of the Exec. I know a few deputies I already plan on having step up to full secretary, and I know a position or two that are still open for anyone to fill. So, if you’re interested in getting involved in some way, I encourage you to fill out this application.

Thank you, and until next time, Swag out America



Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Dan 2,014, 23:19

Sup Ten, good article~

eazyjp Dan 2,014, 23:22


Strength and Honour

DMV3 Dan 2,014, 23:23

Good luck Ten!

bigcdizzle Dan 2,014, 23:25

Good article, good luck Tenshibo.

Othere Dan 2,014, 23:27

Lookit you go 😁 Tenishoes4CP

Delyruin Dan 2,014, 23:29

I remember Emerick's first term during WWIII; it was so glorious the light of it still singes my corneas.

Sometimes shitty people are great leaders.

Delyruin Dan 2,014, 23:30

ePeople, I should say.

Darknight293 Dan 2,014, 23:36

Good luck to you Tenshibo! Meanwhile I check out that application. Just in case I can fill whatever you have in mind.

SColbert Dan 2,014, 23:38

Tenshibo 4 CP!

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Dan 2,014, 23:42

coming out swinging.. and pulling no punches.

Miyagiyoda Dan 2,015, 00:02

God save America... for it is only he above Tenshibobo.

Lemon Vodka
Lemon Vodka Dan 2,015, 00:09

Dislike for FIFA. Oh wait I can`t do that.
Ok voted 🙁

Synesi Dan 2,015, 00:09


Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Dan 2,015, 00:13

good luck

nimnul Dan 2,015, 00:14


Tiamati Dan 2,015, 00:39

Good Article Ten; looking forward to seeing additional platform articles.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dan 2,015, 01:10

Both elitist candidates are not even old enough to vote in RL


Johnny Cache
Johnny Cache Dan 2,015, 07:54

But you're not even tall enough to ride the big boy slope tho. Whatwetalkinbout.

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Dan 2,015, 11:34

That didn't stop you from voting the article!

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dan 2,015, 11:37

$ is $

Israel Stevens Dan 2,015, 11:44

Komentar izbrisan

olivermellors Dan 2,015, 13:47

bobby fischer --- grandmaster at 13, USA champion at 14, candidate at 15. Quite a competent guy. Lengthy list of accomplished youngsters not attached because it is too long. RGR not on the list.

Bucephalus92 Dan 2,015, 20:15

Komentar izbrisan

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Dan 2,018, 06:08

Never as much pathetic as you are with your little dirty PTO tricks.

mittekemuis Dan 2,015, 01:41

Hey Tenshi a good luck from an old friend 😃

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Dan 2,015, 06:33


Good luck!!

TheJakal Dan 2,015, 07:18

Good luck! Looking forward to you winning.

vladb Dan 2,015, 07:23

"you’re allowing TWO to directly strike Bulgaria" and you link a RW in eRomania ..eRO is not a TWO member ..please get your facts straight.

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Dan 2,015, 07:52

It is. I mean a TWO jobbagy.

vladb Dan 2,015, 07:58

Against what you believe in Romania we do not speak Hungarian so if you want to make yourself understood write in English .I wouldn't dare to ask you to write in Romanian because I know how much you hate to do that 😉

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Dan 2,015, 08:02

You should now what is jobbagy because 90% of the romanians were jobbagys in the hungarian kingdom.

vladb Dan 2,015, 11:17

I did not know the Hungarian capital was in Wien 😃.

BTW : uite unde era groful

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Dan 2,015, 22:11

Actually the Empire had two capital, two government, two congress. Only the emperor, the army and the foreign affairs were the same.

Whiskey Jack
Whiskey Jack Dan 2,015, 07:50

No vote for the term "swag".

Johnny Cache
Johnny Cache Dan 2,015, 07:55

Swag King Cole says hi!

PigInZen Dan 2,015, 07:56

My body has been prepared

Mort13 Dan 2,015, 08:18

375 / 1000

RajuB Dan 2,015, 08:31


Greene12 Dan 2,015, 08:59


Molly Emma
Molly Emma Dan 2,015, 11:21


Ilies Daniel
Ilies Daniel Dan 2,015, 11:24


Mr. Wonka
Mr. Wonka Dan 2,015, 11:29

o7 Good luck 🙂

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Dan 2,015, 11:31

Strong writing, voted!

Rexdeus Dan 2,015, 11:42

Good luck Tens.

Evry Dan 2,015, 11:56

Tenshibo, those shoes don't look like tennis shoes. I am dissapointed.

Tenshibo Dan 2,015, 12:00

they're J's yo. Don't hate.

Evry Dan 2,015, 15:24

AKA, not tennis shoes.

Iamnameless Dan 2,016, 13:09

It's still a good plan though; gotta give him that.

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