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1st eRepublik International Military Contest

Dan 1,956, 05:31 Objavljeno u USA Argentina od Rojer97
You can easily check who is already registered on the same article were you can check the prizes. On the 14th April I WILL award at least my 20 gold and 200 tanks to the competitors! If only one guy registers, he will get the prizes just for him! Not a problem to me, but... What for you?

Good Morning New World Citizens

Current languages available:
[English] ::: Official
[Russian] ::: Vezh's translation
(As I know nothing of russian, I'll just have to believe it is well translated, but at least the links are correct)
[Norwegian] ::: Coming soon 😃

I'm here writing to you all to introduce you the First eRepublik International Military Contest!!!

This contest is directed to all the New World citizens, regardless their country. Only Divs 1 and 2 will enter in this contest.
This contest is meant to put together into competition players from around the world that will compete 24 hours for the set categories.


The competition day will be the 14th April, in 16 days.

This contest was made with no profit purposes, except the winners who will, obviously, be awarded.
The awards will come from my personal account and from all the kind donations that players, non-governmental organizations or Governments make. These will be registered in the prizes article, along with a print on my sheet so I won't loose myself on the middle of those. The donation just has to be sent along with a PM telling me that it was for the contest. For safety you should keep prints of everything if I miss something.

The Awarded Categories:

Currently I am planning to award the following:
A. Top 3 influence from Div1 and Div2
B. Every player from Div1 that dealt an influence bigger than the 5th post from Div2
C. Top 7 tankers Overall (Div1 and Div2 together)
I can consider your suggestions, either comments or PMs, but you have more chances of being 'heard' if you PM me, because it's easy for someone to loose itself on the comments section.

The 'tank' is calculated by total influence/Q7 hit
This will be the fairer competition since 'tank' is subjective to every single one, and doesn't count with the differences in strength and ranking from all players. Why?
Because every single player who uses its 100FFs with Q7 weapons, will have a tank=100 So your tank will only depend on the FFs you use, or if you use Bazookas. It's up to you.

This information will be taken from eGov, and will ignore every rocket or bomb you use.

Bombs and Rockets will only be taken into count for the Biggest Influence category, and only if you present prints that show clearly where and when they were used, by who and what damage they've dealt.
Prints who are not clear enough can be rejected and ignored. These prints will have to be sent to me, so I can register that.

Anyone who is kind enough to translate this article to its primary language is free to do that, just has to PM me so that I can include a link to it in this article's index of languages. I also ask you to put a link to this article, and a warning saying that the official rules are here, and that should always be better to also check the regulation here.


An article with the prizes will soon be published, and will continuously be updated with all the donations generous players will be kind to do.
You can check here the current status:

If you are Div1 or Div2, and you think you'll keep as such till 14th April (being promoted from Div1 to Div2 is ok) you can register here: Register
If you actually get promoted to Div3, you can't participate.

I remember that the gold and tanks that already were set as prizes (20g and 200 tanks Q7) will be awarded on the 14th April, just need ONE guy registered, and he will get everything. Don't you want to get some gold to? Or some weapons? Just register.

Please help me make this article reach everyone from Divs1 and Divs2, by shouting this by every means possible!
MU's IRC, your friends feed, MU feed, party feed, PM, everything you can:

■■■Awesome Military Contest for Divs 1 and 2, read here about it:■■■



Anfer Dan 1,956, 05:39

Boa ideia e boa sorte!!

BrknSword Dan 1,956, 06:45

Nice. GL & o7

VilaVerde Dan 1,956, 06:57

Boa ideia!

Conta cmg para os prémios

Clydeo Dan 1,956, 08:54

I'll pass not interested.

Clydeo Dan 1,956, 08:54

This was obvious vote buying btw

Rojer97 Dan 1,956, 09:56

Yeah, actually I bought the votes in order to get some visibility, so that more Div1 and 2 could get into touch with this project, and so that they could hear it. I win nothing in having votes in this article. You, contestants, do.

Rojer97 Dan 1,956, 09:57

so stop complaining and register. You may actually win some gold 😉

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Dan 1,956, 12:39

With all due respect, because of the vote buying now you can't be visible without vote buying, Clydeo, so you can't condemn him for buying votes too much.

Clydeo Dan 1,957, 04:10

I'm not trying to condemn him. I'm just pointing it out.

Enkel Dan 1,956, 17:23

Rojer97 how come that you, which name i have never heard of, to create an international military contest while no other countries or game moderators arent informed for that? why dont you call it USA Military Contest or something like this?

Enkel Dan 1,956, 17:24

imma gonna create an international meeting in Dubai... you'll hear about that in any further article of mine 😛

no offense 😛

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Dan 1,956, 18:21

I always wanted to visit Dubai. When's the meeting?

Enkel Dan 1,956, 18:49

Details are still not available but i will inform you in a short-time period 😉

Rojer97 Dan 1,957, 03:21

I contacted game moderators and some governments to help me spread the word. It your job, older players, to help me make this reach Divs1 and 2 eyes and ears, because we all know that those two tend to be the ones that don't get that involved with the community, and I want to change that.

Enkel Dan 1,957, 03:59

but i wonder how do you except players to help you with donating while we dont know you well?!

Rojer97 Dan 1,957, 04:01

In my reply I didn't even mention donations. Who wants to donate, donates, and it will be awarded on the 14th April anyway. Either I have 1, 20 or 2000 competitors. I was talking about sharing the word. Make it reach the younger players.

ngadenan Dan 1,957, 12:31

bigest influence? oh no,,my strength don't permit it.

ngadenan Dan 1,957, 12:31

bigest influence? oh no,,my strength don't permit it.

Koso Ares
Koso Ares Dan 1,957, 13:24

This contest only makes it possible for the strongest and most powerful to win. Its not even a contest, because the winners are already obvious: the guy with biggest str and small bomb reserve wins.
In other words, the richer keep getting richer, the stronger keep getting stronger, and the poor keep getting more poor.

But otherwise, congratz to you for putting in effort and money into this. (:

Reta Aasmae
Reta Aasmae Dan 1,958, 04:13

big str ppls from Div1/2 dont like to waste exp for this kind of competitions 😛

Rojer97 Dan 1,958, 06:18

Only some Div1 and 2 people have patience to train and train during long periods of time, while others just like to fight and do all that stuff you can do here in eRepublik. My contest is aimed that those who like to fight, but because they're not that overpowered hardly win BHs or stuff like that.

Sisk Dan 1,957, 15:07

you are killing division 1

Warank Dan 1,957, 18:17


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