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[WTP] Kitties Just Want To Have Fun

Dan 1,901, 14:32 Objavljeno u USA SAD od MazzyCat

Let's set the mood!

Kitty wants to have fun! Sometimes in the course of eRep we get so bogged down with duty and responsibility we forget that we're supposed to be having FUN. Politics aren't the most enjoyable way to go about things, but they are crucial to everyone. I mean this IS a simulation game right? So. How do you balance fun with duty and responsibility? Simple! You make sure and include time for the fun stuff. Cause - Kitty wants to play!

WTP has recently added a new channel for fun. #wtpgameroom is the place to go. Especially every Monday night at 18:00 erep time. We will be playing games for prizes! YES! Rick von Ruger has graciously joined our channel so we can use him and abuse him. Ok.. maybe not abuse. Bia would be very angry if he was to be broken. He comes equipped with Texas Hold 'em, UNO!, Yahtzee, Battleship, and Hangman. He's also asking for request for more games - That's right! Let us know what YOU want to play.

Prizes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I mentioned those. I wanted to touch a bit more on how prizes are awarded, and what sort of prizes are to be had. There is a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place award per game. We are planning on 2 games. Now if the games end quickly - we are MORE than open to more! Just Texas Hold 'Em can take a while! but is SO MUCH fun. Prize types and amounts will vary, but will always be announced BEFORE the game. (You know - sometimes I like to surprise people.) Q7 tanks, gold, & CC are all possible!

There is also a discussion about high stakes night for Texas Hold 'Em. I'd like to get a bit of feedback on this idea. If people would be interested or not. Buy in would be 500 CC. At least 10 players pre signed up. Possibility of a 2nd game based on the same buy in. 50% of the pot goes to the winner. The other 50% goes to WTP Treasury. So like I said - What do you all think?

Let's Have Fun!

We The People President

The last picture was just because I really like that gif and had no place to use. So I just threw it in here.. for Shoi! Cause I wub my eson. 😉



MazzyCat Dan 1,901, 14:36

First reserved for FUN!


Shoi12 Dan 1,901, 14:37

Second reserved for me!


Hadrian X
Hadrian X Dan 1,901, 14:37

Voted for cute kitties.

Satyre Reynes
Satyre Reynes Dan 1,901, 14:40

vote 4 kitties

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dan 1,901, 15:13

I am a Hold'em pro. I can haz play?

ilphen Dan 1,901, 15:38

I'm in!

Waysted Dan 1,901, 15:55

gotta love Mazzy Cat!

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Dan 1,901, 16:25

purrrrrrfect...I am down for Texas Hold 'Em....

Haselrig Dan 1,901, 16:36


Drew Blood
Drew Blood Dan 1,901, 16:41

roulette...everything on double 0....?

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Dan 1,901, 17:20

MY little kitty!

Arrden Dan 1,901, 18:49

Thats all they really waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant!!!!

PeVall Dan 1,901, 18:52

wtp is awesome!

DMV3 Dan 1,901, 19:53

Mazzy Cat 4 POTUS!

I-Bleed-Blue-93 Dan 1,901, 20:03

Voted for Mazzy Cat! 🙂

Chase Mason Mikeals
Chase Mason Mikeals Dan 1,901, 20:30

thats the header I made.. lol V+S

Kara Zor El
Kara Zor El Dan 1,901, 20:46


Mister Y
Mister Y Dan 1,902, 01:56


GiovaniIm Dan 1,902, 02:53

Cu o neţărmurită satisfacţie şi fericire pot spune: "VENIŢI! OD RECRUTEAZĂ!!!". În opinia mea, prietenia, iubirea şi patriotismul sunt cele mai importante valori pentru un om (sau, cel puţin, ar trebui). Le puteţi regăsi pe toate în comunitatea noastră, unde nu veţi beneficia doar de sprijinul moral/educaţional al conducerii şi al celorlalţi membri, ci şi de o echipare care va poate asigura o bună parte din luptele zilnice, şi anume: 4 tancuri Q7 sau 10 tancuri Q5. CHAT OD: VA ASTEPTAM!

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dan 1,902, 07:19

I < 3 Mazzy. And Rick. Don't break Rick.

Hampton H. Hampton
Hampton H. Hampton Dan 1,902, 11:16

Lol RGR thinks he's pro? He plays free money (fake money) on a poker school site, wins nothing there too just like in eRep.

Also no one likes him on those boards either.

II SKYNET II Dan 1,902, 11:52

now that's a fun way to play with your pussy

Bucephalus92 Dan 1,902, 12:20

Its funny because RGR has been accused of cheating and making multiple accounts on online poker sites. Anyway cool game night hope it goes well.

Orion Pearl
Orion Pearl Dan 1,902, 16:49


Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dan 1,902, 22:18

*pets the kitty*

Synesi Dan 1,903, 00:45

/me lights on fire.

Candor Dan 1,903, 10:56

V good luck and fun most certainly is the other name for game.

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