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[UKRP] Leadership Changes and Congressional Wrap-Up

Dan 1,378, 10:57 Objavljeno u United Kingdom SAD od Inwegen

Hello UKRP!

You might find it a bit odd to find party news coming from my paper since it usually comes from Dishmcds or Thomas765. Dish is focusing on some real life stuff and Thomas' computer decided to off itself. So, while we dearly miss both our Mexican and Party President, some changes have been made.

Thomas has appointed me as Party President for the next few weeks. While he is still the in-game PP, he is limited to the amount of time he can spend online since he is accessing things via mobile phone. He will be able to confirm our Country President nomination and is still in contact with the party.

I will be surrounded by a pretty Frerking great team of advisors. Sir Humphrey Appleby will continue on as Deputy Party President while Arthur Wellesley will be one of my closest advisors while continuing his role as our Political Director. As always, Frerk will be around to be a senior advisor and will be picking up some of the duties Dish was handling.

Congressional Election Results
We picked up 17 seats once again this election. 17 out of 34 seats. We got exactly half of the eUK congressional seats. Well done UKRP! It was a day full of close races in many regions and was another fun round of congressional election drama. Congrats to the following UKRP Congressmen (and one woman.. that we know of...)

Charlie Fabray
Kain Propan
Arthur Wellesley
Largo Creighton Smith
Gav Miller
Baroness Margaret Thatcher
Margaret H Thatcher
Master Hofkens
Sir Humphrey Appleby
Steve Steinbeck


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Thanks for reading,
UKRP Party President
Member of Parliament
Chief Diplomat to Terra and Eden


Butjam Dan 1,378, 11:02

Voted. 🙂

Frerk Dan 1,378, 11:53

Voted \o/

Arthur Wellesley
Arthur Wellesley Dan 1,378, 12:24

I ❤ Wiggy

Paragon of Terror
Paragon of Terror Dan 1,378, 15:21


Anotherlamedrunk Dan 1,378, 21:27


Sir Humphrey Appleby
Sir Humphrey Appleby Dan 1,379, 01:15


Top Hat Harry
Top Hat Harry Dan 1,379, 03:18

>Leadership changes.
>Leadership starts?

Mr.Daniel Dan 1,379, 04:26

voted \o/

Man Friday
Man Friday Dan 1,379, 06:42


Max Blue
Max Blue Dan 1,379, 09:21

You can no longer call this paper 'unbiased musings'. : )

Dishmcds Dan 1,379, 09:26

Kind of glad hat wasn't elected to Congress since he's acting like a 12 year old boy now.

Top Hat Harry
Top Hat Harry Dan 1,379, 12:47

I leave the UKRP, Dish results to personal slurs.


Dish: If we can't fix a problem, KEEP RECRUITING.

Dishmcds Dan 1,379, 14:27

You sure left pretty quick after I quit giving you tanks, eh?

Thomas765 Dan 1,380, 00:09


Eno Live
Eno Live Dan 1,404, 03:23

Sorry but anyone whom voted against Alfagrem being an advisor isn't going to get my vote, as they show a total disrespect for a player of his calibre

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