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[[T4T]] Tanks 4 Tots and how you can help

Dan 1,846, 16:45 Objavljeno u USA SAD od HEARMERAWR

As we all know our country has fallen on hard times. We have are in the middle of a PTO attempt, our bonuses and economy are complete crap. Most people are struggling to make it.

Even the experienced are struggling.

So if our experienced players are struggling. Then what about our newbs? How is this affecting them? They are the future of our country. Shouldn't they be the ones we take care of and nurture? I believe so.

If you believe in helping the future of our country then just donate a few Q7 tanks today and help breath some life into our newbs.

Now this part is for the newbs, make sure you meet these requirements

Here is all you need to apply for 3 Q7 tanks;

#1 You need to be an eUS citizen.

#2 You need to be Level 24 or under.

#3 Your highest total damage, in a campaign, must be for the eU.S.

If you qualify the tanks will arrive shortly.

then just click on this link. Tanks for Tots. and then Vote that article and comment your vote in the comments section below that article to qualify for 3 q7 tanks.


HEARMERAWR C4 3rd Regiment


Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dan 1,846, 18:13


Iamnameless Dan 1,846, 18:50

voted, liked the picture

Your Loving Mother
Your Loving Mother Dan 1,846, 18:50

Chandlerz12345 Dan 1,846, 19:13

Hey, Can i get some tannks 🙂

DontEatMyFood Dan 1,847, 01:35

vote 15!!!

Haselrig Dan 1,847, 03:43


BeachBunny Dan 1,847, 04:08


stunkcuf Dan 1,847, 06:02

Great article...

MazzyCat Dan 1,847, 06:43

Meow 😃

only2fun Dan 1,849, 01:34

v+s 22-151

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