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[MoFA] An Update on the Aftermath

Dan 2,182, 18:02 Objavljeno u Ireland SAD od Raven Anarcho

It's been a busy week already for our MoFA team. I'd hoped to get an article out sooner, but due to issues with using the MoFA account, I'll be releasing articles under my newspaper until further notice.


As most know, CoT has been disbanded. Some nations, like Chile, have stated public interest in a new alliance already, while most are only waiting it out while the dust settles. I've been told by ex-CoT HQ that at the time of the break-up, almost all of CoT still felt a sense of comradery, and it will likely remain so for most nations until a new alliance is born.


On Sunday, Ireland held this term's first National Strike, for Portugal against Spain in Castillas de Leon. Castillas de Leon is Spain's largest (natural) region. Interestingly, the region is home to the largest number of "World Heritage Sites" in the world.

(Castle of Mota)

The region came under attack by an old ally of ours, Portugal, only shortly after NEing their long time rival, Spain, just a few days ago. The two nations have been rivals for years, with Portugal often trying to solve things peacefully every few months, but with little to no success in the long run. Portugal has been pro-TWO for months now, and remains extremely close to CUA, since even before our relations with CUA. They've signed MPPs with many TWO nations and pro-TWO nations recently, including Greece and Turkey.

It shouldn't surprise most that given the chance to help our old ally Portugal, Ireland jumped on the opportunity. Some may remember late last year, when Ireland NE'd Poland in order to stand up for Portugal, and was wiped. Our two nations may indeed be traveling down different path's diplomatically, but we will always remember our days in EDEN, and will always have a mutual respect on the battlefield.

Portugal won Castillas de Leon, and Ireland wishes the best of luck to Portugal in its future endeavors. o7


No domingo a Irlanda realizou o seu primeiro Ataque Nacional, por Portugal contra a Espanha em Castilla y León. Castilla y León é a maior região (natural) da Espanha. Curiosamente, a região abriga o maior número de "Património Mundial" no Mundo.

(Castelo de Mota)

A região foi atacada por um velho aliado nosso, Portugal, logo após dar NE no seu rival de sempre, a Espanha, à poucos dias atrás. Os dois países são rivais à anos, com Portugal a tentar resolver as coisas pacificamente de meses em meses, mas com pouco ou nenhum sucesso a longo prazo. Portugal tem sido pró-TWO ao longo dos últimos meses, e continua a estar muito próximo da CUA, mesmo antes das nossas relações com a CUA. Portugal assinou recentemente MPP's com muitas das nações TWO e pró-TWO, incluindo a Grécia e a Turquia.

Não deve surpreender que com esta hipótese de ajudar o nosso velho aliado, a Irlanda aproveitou a oportunidade. Alguns podem lembrar quando no ano passado a Irlanda deu NE à Polónia com o fim de ajudar Portugal, e foi "apagada". As nossas duas nações podem de facto estar a caminhar diplomaticamente por caminhos diferentes, mas vamos sempre relembrar os nossos dias na EDEN, e teremos sempre um respeito mútuo no campo de batalha.

Portugal ganhou Castilla y León e a Irlanda deseja a melhor sorte para Portugal nos seus futuros empreendimentos. o7


As I've stated, we've been busy. We have a list of nations we're looking to sign MPPs with, and some have contacted us as well. We're also looking to expand our relations some to nations we've not had strong ties with before. We understand that our MPP list is shrinking slowly, but please consider that many of our recent CoT allies are wiped, with other neutral nations not at war. We should have more updates to follow soon, and that includes some MPPs.

Also, special thanks to Ireland's friend, Langulho, and Portugal's MoD, GossyPT for help with translating.

Until next time...


"One who has never seen Irishmen cannot know them. Give me two hundred thousand Irishmen and I will overthrow the entire British monarchy." -Frederick Engels

The Irish Radical issue #57


Bhane Dan 2,182, 18:08


Langulho Dan 2,182, 18:12

thank you from Portugal, friends.


Rikardoferreira Dan 2,182, 18:18


Thanks ; )

Dibmuad Dan 2,182, 18:20

A big hug from Portugal!

Thank you my friends!

As it happened before on your most recent struggle against UK, you can count on this fellow Portuguese!

Hail Ireland!

duasNagasaki Dan 2,182, 18:21

thank you from Portugal, friends.

SirBroa Dan 2,182, 18:24

voted and tks 🙂

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Sweet Drinker
Sweet Drinker Dan 2,182, 18:25


PretenderHT Dan 2,182, 18:39

We will never forget our brave irish friends and fighters since EDEN times.
Thanks once again for your great help.
For what is worth, even us being pro-TWO, i've never fought against you guys.

csc11 Dan 2,182, 18:40


Cry of Banshee
Cry of Banshee Dan 2,182, 18:45

my vote !

was a pleasure to help.

Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Dan 2,182, 18:49


Fairy King
Fairy King Dan 2,182, 18:50

Much respect for Irland! I really like you guys a lot 😃

Hail Irlanda!

Alexcantona Dan 2,182, 19:09


Anthony Colby
Anthony Colby Dan 2,182, 19:39

Voted o7

The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Dan 2,182, 20:31


Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Dan 2,182, 22:02

There was no confirmation that I would get WEPS so I didn't participate! Also I asked right in the first comment? so why no WEPS Raven. Are you continuing with your policy centered at the attack of citizens.

irishbhoy1967 Dan 2,183, 00:20

put a sock in it

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Dan 2,183, 01:23

in what? can you donate me a sock please ibhoy i am so hungry by government neglect i can make some kind of stew of it. ty ty can i get a shoe also please.

Nuno Vieira
Nuno Vieira Dan 2,183, 05:02

is this that crazy fella bullying Grainne?

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Dan 2,183, 05:06

she claims she is bullied. let me just tell you something mister[50's movie actor voice]

Anthony Colby
Anthony Colby Dan 2,183, 05:06


Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Dan 2,183, 09:18

Nah, he likes to think he does, but for me he's just an irritating loser that I bait back once in a while.

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Dan 2,184, 08:24

without looking daghda voted granny's comment

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Dan 2,184, 10:40

Grainne is simply attracted to Krakken....everytime krakken publish an article Grainne is there demanding to be bullied.

Some girls likes it rough...

Ian E CoIeman
Ian E CoIeman Dan 2,185, 09:22

Is that the same as when you and Krakkhead comment on every "orc" article Viktor?

v.I.v Dan 2,182, 22:12

Hope to see EDEN 2.0 soon

C. Apuleio
C. Apuleio Dan 2,182, 22:42

Hope to see EDEN 2.0 soon x2

AD31 the Highlander
AD31 the Highlander Dan 2,182, 22:55


Great article mate 🙂

Yoradorc Dan 2,183, 00:59

Cheers from Portugal mates!

BrandyMel Dan 2,183, 02:08

A pint to all Irish friends 🙂
Hail Ireland!
Hail Portugal!

Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Dan 2,183, 02:45


Dare1389 Dan 2,183, 04:49


GossypPT Dan 2,183, 04:51

Thanks friends o7

Hail Ireland!
Hail Portugal!

JustRunpt Dan 2,183, 04:55

Thank you dudes! You will never be alone!

nuno258 Dan 2,183, 05:02

ireland free!!!

nuno258 Dan 2,183, 05:02

go home british soldiers

Nuno Vieira
Nuno Vieira Dan 2,183, 05:04

Thank you!!!

C'mon Ireland!!!

fmcb Dan 2,183, 05:14

Thank you !
From Portugal!

Colonel Dag
Colonel Dag Dan 2,183, 09:26

๏̯͡ ๏

John Guerreiro
John Guerreiro Dan 2,183, 10:31

In english: From Norway we are with Ireland. We have a common enemy: the hated UK. Remember that we are only a few but we are brave warriors (like as myself; this is a joke because "Guerreiro" means "warrior" in portuguese).
I hope that in the future our three nations will be closer.

In portuguese: Desde a Noruega estamos com a Irlanda. Temos um inimigo comum: o odioso Reino Unido. Lembrem que somos só uns poucos mas aguerridos guerreiros (como eu próprio 😁
Espero que no futuro as nossas três nações possam estar mais perto.

Sorry but I don´t know Gaeilge! 🙁

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Dan 2,184, 10:35

Raven.... Why no wepps for Kraken?

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