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[MoCH] Empress Day October 2012

Dan 1,784, 19:37 Objavljeno u Japan Republika Kina (Tajvan) od Hakaisha

The Presidential elections are over which means it is time for us to pick another Empress. Like always all nominations must be submitted in the forums. Feel free to promote candidates through the newspapers. You can also see the past Empress and Royal Ambassadors here.


1 - Anyone with access to the MoCH forum has the right to nominate 1 (one) candidate for empress. All nominees should be female. If you wish to nominate a questionable candidate, please present a public case as to why you believe they are acceptable on the forums to the MoCH before making your nomination. MoCH staff reserve the right to determine what candidates qualify for the competition.

2 - All nominees must be from an Anime Series (OVA/OAV, movies, ONA, tv series), a Japanese Video Game, or a Japanese Manga. Please no Hentai/Porn. Again, even if a character does not fall into this category, MoCH staff still reserve the right to determine what candidates qualify for the competition.

3 - All nominations must at least include a name, image, and the name of the media (series, movie, manga, game, etc) the nominated character appeared in. Please do not post images containing nudity. Additional information regarding your character is welcome. Please bear in mind that any of the information given in your nomination may be placed in any future MoCH publication or posting.

4 - All nominations must be posted in the nomination thread in the national forums here ( A link is additionally posted below under Places You Need to Be.

5 - No previous elected Empresses can be nominated for a 2nd term. However, Royal Ambassadors, or previous runner-ups for empress can be re-nominated for a chance to be Empress. They can continue to be renominated indefinitely, regardless of how many times they have been elected Royal Ambassador unless they are elected Empress even once. Following that election, they are permanently disqualified from running.

6 - Empress Day Nominations begins today and will end at 21:00 eTime of eDay 1,788.

7 - Empress Day Voting will begin immediately once the nomination period is over and will end at 21:00 eTime of eDay 1,791.

8 - Campaigns for specific nominations are allowed, but the MoCH will take no part in the campaigns. However, the MoCH will post content from each nomination in a uniform format in a future voting announcement article.

9 - The person who nominates the winning Empress will receive ¥3000 and the remainder of the MoCH's miscellaneous inventory for this month. The runner up will receive ¥1500.

10 - The Minister of Culture and History reserves the right to change these rules at any time. The MoCH also reserves the right to disqualify nominations if rules are broken or if any questionable matters arise.


Places You Need to Be

Empress Day October 2012 Nomination/Discussion
Past Empresses of eJapan
RoC Empress Day Nomination


Current Empress (September 2012): Asuna Yuuki

Current Royal Ambassador (September 2012): Eucliwood Hellscythe

Current eRoC Empresses (September 2012): Kotori Kanbe Takenaka

Current eRoC Royal Ambassadors (August 2012): Konpaku Youmu


Other Events for the Month

I plan on doing something for Taiiku no Hi, more information will be on the way.


Ministers of Culture and History: Hakaisha
Head of Graphics: Zodiarque
eROC Cultural Exchange Commission: SORA Chung




DEN 007
DEN 007 Dan 1,784, 20:13

Very good job!

Amaterasu Omikami
Amaterasu Omikami Dan 1,784, 20:45


2.D.G Dan 1,784, 22:19

Nominated. :>

Gospodin Admiral
Gospodin Admiral Dan 1,785, 00:31


tarasino Dan 1,785, 01:01


Nemmondommeg Dan 1,785, 01:35


Zodiarque Dan 1,785, 02:38


sekenji Dan 1,785, 03:21


Nanashi Senshi
Nanashi Senshi Dan 1,785, 04:25

V + S

Kazami Yuuka
Kazami Yuuka Dan 1,785, 06:23

See.. even eRoC respects Touhou.. you lot of dirty mongrels

Amamiya Mii
Amamiya Mii Dan 1,785, 07:30


tarasino Dan 1,785, 08:05

Me, yelling at an empty chair: Hizaya, where is the Touhou Festival you promised us!

Squibeel Dan 1,785, 09:00

asuna yay. voted.

Gatti15 Dan 1,785, 16:16

Asuna :3 !!!

h idenshi
h idenshi Dan 1,786, 00:04

(If eRoC ~really~ respected Touhou we would be occupying them by their wish and not the opposite circumstances.)

Amamiya Mii
Amamiya Mii Dan 1,786, 04:15

lol h idenshi , I like your thinking ^‿^

Zodiarque Dan 1,786, 15:31

+1 Mii-chan

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