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[MDP] The Charter

Dan 1,830, 14:59 Objavljeno u Canada Kanada od Venoms III

We have began the slow process of revitalizing our party. The remnants of the coalition has been tossed away and the MDP Charter has been dusted off once again. If we have learnt anything over the last year is that 1 man cannot do all the work. We must work in a unit to perform to our maximum ability.

Muglack has made one of the hardest decisions this party has had to face. He has continued to put back the broken pieces back together. With eCanada’s new political landscape beginning to form the MDP’s Military Council has had to take a serious review of the old tenets of the MDP

8 Tenets of the MDP
#1-Voices are only meant to be heard when asked to speak or they know what they're talking about
#2-Leadership is pre-ordained and not open to democratic vote.
#3-Failure in leadership will lead to swift punishment from the military council.
#4-Congressman will operate upon the direction of the Party Dictator when ordered.
#5-Taxes will be used to fund the nations military units to help them achieve maximum efficiency through programs aimed at both the MU and its members.
#6-Quarter will be neither asked for or given.
#7-Financial security and protection of the nations funds is priority one in govt.
#8-Actively pursue aggressive military campaigns upon following #7.

Muglack has set his goals for the MDP. He envisions a nation with High standards for Military Units across the board. A Party that is devoted to have a strong and unified nation. While this vision may seem distant right now with time it will begin to come together.

So like this nation has time after time.
We will face this new world with a New Plan and we won’t stop till we reach the top.

So join us.
As we take the founding steps in creating a stronger more unified nation.


Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Dan 1,830, 15:48


Muglack Dan 1,830, 16:52

The MDP looks ever forward. Join a party that refuses to get buried by the past, and cares more about tomorrow than it does about yesterday.

Muglack Dan 1,830, 16:52

Also, we're an F-18 Bro.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dan 1,830, 18:14


I-Bleed-Blue-93 Dan 1,831, 00:46

Vote MDP

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