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[MDP] Foundation Laid

Dan 1,827, 21:15 Objavljeno u Canada Kanada od Muglack

Just a quick update on the past few days, and a message to like minded Citizens about the future of the country.

A Council Forms

In my last article I wrote that I would be reforming the Military Council, and was accepting applicants. Much to my delight 2 of the people that I was hoping would be interested were. There was also interest outside of my expected candidates and I have chosen one of them to also serve on the Council.

While the Council itself doesn't have specific tasks I'm placing equivalencies on people to do jobs that I know will come up. This will let us better achieve our goals by having each council member focus on a predetermined set of priorities so that nothing gets lost in the mix.

The first member of the new council, and holding the position of Viceroy will be Leo "Light of Palero" Balzac. He will serve as my Consigliere. Had I not run for the position of Dictator he would of taken the job himself, and I feel he would of done a fine job. A strong dictator surrounds himself with people capable of taking over should they fail to do the job. If I'm weak he'll take the reins. If I'm strong, I'll keep them. This is the way of the MDP.

The second member is Mary Chan. The new "Face" of eCanada Mary has been loyal to the MDP for as long as anyone. Her job will play directly to her strengths. Member relations, and when the time comes Congressional Whip. Her fingers will be on the pulse of the party, and if I'm not doing what needs to be done I expect her to do what's necessary.

The last official chair on the Council will be filled by I-Bleed-Blue-93. While I must admit I haven't had previous dealings with him, he seems eager and committed to the party. New blood is needed in a game where attrition is the biggest enemy, and I'll never stand in the way of someone that wants to step up and make a difference. His role on the council will be to do what's asked.

Unofficially there's a number of people who I know I will be able to count on when I have a job that needs doing. People like Homer, but with him running the Boomer's Academy with Zappie and his tasks in the Crimson Order I didn't think it would be fair to him if I added more to his pile.

Congress Looms

Finally after a month of being shut out from Congress we will finally be able to hold an election and get the game mechanics working again.

As it stands today 5 days out from the election the MDP's Congressional Ballot is completely up in the air. No final decisions have been made, and I haven't looked at who has placed their names as candidates on the party page. As far as I'm concerned no one is guaranteed a spot, much less a "prime" spot near the top that would guarantee 5 gold, and a voice in Congress.

With that in mind I challenge, not only the members of the MDP, but eCanadians as a whole who would like a high seed on our ballot to write an article telling me what you would do if elected and where you want to see eCanada heading in the next 30 days. I know where I stand, but if you want to get 5 gold on the back of the MDP I want to know where you stand.

The Disheartened Masses

Finally I want to address the citizens of this country who feel like I did. Those who think this country has been circling the drain for far too long and it's time a person or a party steps up and tries to do something about it.

If you've been left dumbstruck at some of the decisions that have been made, or have finished reading an article and have been able to do nothing but shake your head, then I offer you a new choice.

I offer you the Military Dictatorship Party. The new MDP stands for everything that has been left behind as this country "moved forward". The partisanship and "Us Vs. Them" attitude that has hurt this country for far too long is being left behind as the this party looks to the future.

My first act as Dictator was the remove us from one of the biggest wedges in eCanada today, the Coalition. We will no longer ally ourselves with dividers. We're more interested in a true north strong and free than an eCanada that buries itself under it's own bullsh!t.

If you share my views and believe that eCanada can do more, than I would welcome you to the MDP. Together we can make this country better. Every person who turns their eyes forward, is one less person dragging along the baggage of the past.

Next Article

My next article will be on the 24th and will contain the finalized Candidate list for Congress, and the MDP's official action plan for December's Congress.



Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Dan 1,827, 21:22


Mary Chan supported the Coalition. I don't like this, smells funny. Not that it matters, I'm not even eCdn. I remain curious.

Good luck Mugs, a strong eCan needs a strong and independent MDP.

TheSmoke Dan 1,827, 21:29

Awesome article Muglack, good luck to you and the MDP in the election. I look forward to working together in the future.

Randall Flagg 1999
Randall Flagg 1999 Dan 1,827, 21:42

Good to see another strong party that actually wants to help eCanada!

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Dan 1,827, 21:58

"If you've been left dumbstruck at some of the decisions that have been made"

Be specific if you want any kind of debate. Give alternative choices if you really want to shine.

Ardikus V2
Ardikus V2 Dan 1,827, 21:58

That's 4 out of 5 Good Parties, now we just have to minimize the Influence of Rolo's new puppet party.

Muglack Dan 1,827, 22:17

I'd argue that some of the other parties are firmly entrenched in a "Us Vs. Them" mentality that makes them as bad a problem for eCanada as anyone else is.

We need to let go of the past, and start looking at the future.

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Dan 1,827, 23:35

That is valid point. . We have been a dysfunctional family for a long time now. It is very easy to get stuck in that trap.

Flashgun Dan 1,828, 05:06

I don't think that we should forget that the coalition helped us elect 3 presidents (Rylde x2 and Wally) and countless congress people. We all took part in the coalition, and just because you say we're out doesn't mean we didn't have a hand to play in the dividing of Canada. We should also remember that it wasn't the coalition alone that divided Canada, the other side is as much to blame as we are.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dan 1,828, 05:19


Plugson Dan 1,828, 05:22

A little respect shown on all sides will help quell the divisions. It's not like we had ideological differences about taxes or allies that caused the divide. The good news is taht MDP has as much potential to do good in eCanada as any other party right now.

Venoms III
Venoms III Dan 1,828, 05:53

Good to hear.

I-Bleed-Blue-93 Dan 1,828, 06:32

I am honoured sir, and as always I stand at the ready.

Cypher Rahl
Cypher Rahl Dan 1,828, 07:52

o7 Lets make this shit happen!

Randall Flagg 1999
Randall Flagg 1999 Dan 1,828, 07:57

eBeers on me!

klop123 Dan 1,828, 15:21

We need to let go of the past, and start looking at the future x2


George Beeman
George Beeman Dan 1,828, 15:25

''Her job will play directly to her strengths.''
Looks like MC will be a busy girl, she's got a lot of strengths to play to.

''That's 4 out of 5 Good Parties, now we just have to minimize the Influence of Rolo's new puppet party.'' x2

@Flashgun: Yeah they did help you guys do that. But the Norsefire half also muddied MDP's reputation.

Quim B. Muffins
Quim B. Muffins Dan 1,828, 16:03

Hooked me with the call to end partisan bullsh*t. Best of luck Muglack.

Christian Doe
Christian Doe Dan 1,828, 17:35

I'm happy that, unlike some MDP members, those foundations got laid.

Rylde Dan 1,828, 18:07


Etemenanki Dan 1,828, 19:05

A long over due decision. As George stated, the Coalition gave you short term gains at a big cost to your long term ability. Pick up the pieces and move on from them and start to rebuild.

Sir Kanye West
Sir Kanye West Dan 1,828, 22:51

Christian Doe said "got laid". It's late and I'm tired.

Lord Julian Moretti
Lord Julian Moretti Dan 1,829, 02:28

Remember, one members opinion on parties does not reflect the party view....

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dan 1,829, 08:51

@Julian M: Remember, MPD is a dictatorship-- only the dictator's opinions reflects the party view.. Of course there is the exception when a coup occurs, but in that case another dictator will be chosen to reflect the party's view.

Oinyo Dan 1,829, 18:43

Is the dictator Rolo? I am trying to let go of the past as much as I can but I need a clear cut answer on who leads this clan. Is it a clan that leads itself or is it under the coalition empire?

I-Bleed-Blue-93 Dan 1,830, 22:28

@Oinyo, The Military Dictatorship Party is lead by the Dictator who is the PP of MDP.

Muglack is our glorious Dictator and he is in charge.

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