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[MDP] Congress Update

Dan 1,838, 21:13 Objavljeno u Canada Kanada od Venoms III

Let’s start with the Congressional Elections. We averaged around 60-70 active members during election day and received 69 votes. The same votes from the previous month. With the amount of articles released and pm’ing done it was upsetting to see such a low voter turnout.

Rather than grieving on the past we have began to work towards the future with our 6 Congressmen and Woman (Mary)

Homer J Simpson
Mary Chan
Venoms III

A mix of personalities and experiences will lead the new front of the MDP into transforming eCanada.

Right off the bat Congress began to debate on the VAT Tax.
The MDP supports: Food 25%
Weapons 15%

Yesterday the tax change of weapons went through and Food will follow the same course as the weapon proposal as both tax changes will be accepted

MDP’s own Homer J Simpson has been elected as Speaker of Congress/House as well as took charge in creating MU Reports so the government can take the founding steps in addressing the issue of self sufficiency better and tracking Government funding.

Other than what's been happening behind Closed Door Congress, that’s all there is for now.
I’d say that’s pretty swell for 6 days.


Plugson Dan 1,839, 00:22

Sorta interesting how the party with some of the fewest Congressmen likely has the highest total postings in Congress (but that's just from an overall impression ~ decided not to spend my time actually counting)

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dan 1,839, 06:28


Funky 24
Funky 24 Dan 1,839, 06:32

Does the MDP ever come up with good ideas, or are the derivative, uneducated and regressive ideas your party's staple?

LordBeorn Dan 1,839, 08:14

Oh and MDP speaker wont let me be masked as a congressman even though I was elected ingame as one.

IN the constitution it says

1. The Congress of eCanada
a. Definition - The Congress of eCanada consists of the Congress elected in-game each month by the citizens of eCanada

Since they are discussing it in Open Congress, I'm not allowed to make my defense. Typical

George Beeman
George Beeman Dan 1,839, 08:55

You're a multi, and nobody even wants to see your face in the discussions.

MDP Speaker is doing his job fine, he asked us if we thought a guy who can't follow ingame rules should be allowed on the forums... everyone says no.

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Dan 1,839, 09:03

YOU weren't elected LordBeorn. It was Assasian2012/Tyrael.Snow who was elected.

Also, Funky, do you actually do anything? Or just make crap up to pretend to be upset about? I haven't seen you do anything except write articles ad nauseum about CPF 7 Tenets, which they now partially ignore. Fix your own party before trashing others.

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Dan 1,839, 09:07

oh wait. I did just notice that you highlighted the word THE in the canadian constitution and pretended you were actually doing something.

Crock Crosby
Crock Crosby Dan 1,839, 11:33

this congress term the CPF congress members are doing a lot of discusion and debate through an in game group PM. Once we reach a consensus as a party we present our motions to congress as a united front. This greatly reduces the amount of useless bickering on the forums.
This method is how the new VATs and import tax laws got passed so effiently.
CPF is currently working on MU funding legislation to be presented to congress.

Crock Crosby
Crock Crosby Dan 1,839, 11:36

CPF currently has a 160 post count in our in game pm thread, and we are only halfway through our term. This is why there is a lower post count on the forums.
The CPF is still working hard to move our nation in the right direction

Plugson Dan 1,839, 12:25

Sounds like an efficient method, Crock. I would hope CPF Congressmen come forward with a well polished plan, but can be flexible enough to welcome additional input and tweaks once it is presented in the forum discussion. I suppose a little less transparency to increase efficiency is a worthwhile trade-off.

Funky 24
Funky 24 Dan 1,839, 13:56

I don't see any motions in ODC from CPF Congress members Crock.

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Dan 1,839, 14:15

Excellent Crock. I'm glad you folks over there are discussing things. Oddly enough, I'm willing to bet every party with congress representation has the same system in place. Trouble is, if you can't bother to bring these ideas to the table, and just save the info in order to vote 'yea' or 'nay' (or 'oui' ou 'non') no one's gonna believe you're being active.

Crock Crosby
Crock Crosby Dan 1,839, 14:33

read the VAT debate in Open Congress, u will see 2.5 pages of debate between members other then CPf then u will see my post showing the CPFs plan, with in hours the PPs of CPF and MDP came to a quick comprimise and their members voted it through the next day.
The MU issue I'm sure will have more difficulty getting done, but hopefully their will be a spirit of co-operation working out this issue also.

Plugson Dan 1,839, 14:45

"Light of PalaeroDay 1,662
I once was a Drone, it was okay.Will never be one again"

Again, interesting how MDP is now the one trying to foster transparent debate and inter-party cooperation to develop ideas in Congress. Glad to see the Drone-period is over.

Things feel completely reversed in eCanada as of late, especially with the least vocal/disruptive party being that group of anarchists that got elected.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dan 1,839, 17:18

I think drones still have a place, but a place that's less in the spotlight.

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