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[Kravenn] FA News : Chile - Ireland - Taiwan - Greece

Dan 1,845, 04:40 Objavljeno u United Kingdom Grčka od Kravenn

Well, it is not because there is a new UK government that I need to stop to write stuff to inform UK population about foreign affairs events.
Most of the time, it is the part of the information that population prefer but it is also the hardest to find. That’s why I decided to continue these articles

For those who want a summary, there will be a tl;dr version at the end


Like I already said in the past : Chile - Argentina war is probably the biggest one in South America since a long time.
These 2 countries had babyboom almost on the same time and no need to hide it : relations are terrible.

Also, Argentina is known to be the imperialist nation in South America, and for them : wipe Chile is crucial, they want to wipe them to destroy their babyboom.
Relation problem is not new. Even before these babyboom, the conflict existed and that time, Terra (former alliance opposed to UK) decided to eject Chile to have a better friendship with Argentina.

On these last months, Argentina wiped Chile (and not only one time) and they had a preference for wipe them for congress elections. Following that and to preserve their babies : Chile moved to Australia. Argentina decided to wipe Chile at any cost decided to attack Chile whatever they are.

Situation on October 8 (2 months ago)

These last week, another round of this huge war was launched and Argentina lost its bet. After wipe New Zealand to have a border with Chile (located in Australia), they began to lose campaign after campaign.
Now, Chile has more than 8 victories in a row and was able to take back all of their original regions.

Lot of chilean victories (in a row)

That’s not all, they removed every argie colony. That could be explained by several reasons :

- Circle of Trust (alliance composed with UK friends) helps Chile, a lot of their damages goes in that war
- Brazil recently left proEden block (and lost their MPP with Argentina), they signed several MPP with CoT and TWO block. They are also the strongest country in south america and signed a MPP with Chile
- Eden has some internal problems : Around 2 months ago, Belarus left their alliance, and Ireland will have a referendum soon (developed below) to know if they stay there or not.

Current Situation : Chile - Brazil - Paraguay are allies. Argentina is allied with Bolivia and Uruguay

These last days : Chile began to attack Argies colonies located in Bolivia. If they win current campaign, they will be forced to attack original argentinian regions

Details from previous screenshot

Could we will see argentina wiped ? I can’t answer now but it is one of the main battles in the new world


One of our neighbors is organising a referendum about their future. In fact, after a previous referendum organised during last month, where their population decided to stay in eden (around 65% voted to stay in this alliance). Their new government decided to organised another one.

Like last time, they will need to choose if they remain in Eden or if they prefer to leave.
Their choice will not be without consequences :

- If they remain in Eden, they will work with other members for their alliance to try to fix their problem
- If they decide to leave : they will check which alliance they could potentially join or remain neutral

Results will probably be published on Monday or tuesday.

Brazil - Usa and Taiwan

On my last report, I explained that Brazil was trying to have a colony in Asia and their target was Taiwan. However, it wasn’t a success due to a lack of MPPs
They lost many MPPs and they didn’t had the time to sign strong ones to attack Taiwan. On the same time, Eden launched several resistance wars to make them lose several resources and access to Asia.

Situation in Asia on Dec 07

The consequence was the following one : even they saved their resources, they were kicked out of Asia. At that moment, USA (Brazil and USA have a very strong relation) declared Taiwan as natural enemy. Unfortunately for USA, they received the same treatment than Brazil (understand, they lost a lot of MPPs by attacking Taiwan and lost initiative). Taiwan attacked Hawaii and California.

However, USA was able to stop Taiwan’s progress and now they are attacking one of their original regions : Eastern Taiwan.

What happened on USA - Taiwan war. Taiwan was able to win till Usa blocked them in California

USA has Eastern Taiwan under his control and you will see what are consequences for Taiwan

After winning in Eastern Taiwan, USA cut roads between Taiwan capital and their colonies

By catching Eastern Taiwan, Taiwan lost access to ALL their colonies

And consequences for their economy is huge

For Brazil, after a small break where they signed several MPPs (Bulgaria - Chile - UK and several others), they attacked philippines. They tried for a second time to attack Taiwan but their natural enemy law was invalid (no border = no war).
At the moment that I write this article, they are declaring (again) Philippines as natural enemy. This country has only 1 region (Luzon) and when Brazil will wipe them, they should be able to have access to Taiwan.

Luzon (Philippines) is the last region between Brazil and Southern Taiwan


Last week, Greece was in a gang-bang : having 4 fronts (Poland - Serbia - Macedonia and Bulgaria) to manage on the same time is something almost impossible. You are forced to lose regions.

However, with the help of their turkish friend, they were able to save their colonies on middle east. In fact Greece was split in 2 parts :
- the first one was their original regions
- their second one was their colonies based in Saudi Arabia, …

To escape to our friends, they asked to Turkey to cut the border between their original regions and their colonies. Unfortunately for us, it was a success for Greece and they thought that they were saved.

Even if they had time to take a breath of fresh air, our bulgarian friends decided to continue their work and found an access to greek regions via cyprus.

Like I will explain

Currently the situation is the next one :
Greece has back one of their original region (central greece) but our macedonian friend is trying to have it.
They have 2 egyptian regions but like central greece, there is no road between them and their capital (no bonus resource).
They have 4 regions in middle east (Saudi arabia, …) where are located their resources.

Greece was able to cut the road between Bulgaria and their regions in middle east. It means that Bulgaria is currently forced to take the 2 greek regions located in egypt

Bulgaria is forced to attack brown region (Greece) in Egypt


1- Chile
- War between Chile and Argentina continues
- Relations between our Chilean friend and Argentina are terrible
- Chile moved to australia to save their babies when Argies took their regions
- Chile had back their original regions and now attack Argies colonies in Bolivia
- In case of victory, Chile will attack original argentinian regions

2- Ireland
- Ireland is having another referendum about their position in Eden
- If they decide to stay in Eden : they will try to fix problem between their members
- If they decide to leave Eden : they will prospect what alliance they could join

3- Brazil - Usa - Taiwan
- Brazil lost regions in Asia
- Brazil signed several MPP (including UK) to have more support against Taiwan
- The war was stopped because there was no border between them and Taiwan
- USA helps Brazil and they chose Taiwan as Natural enemy
- USA lost lot of MPPs and lost initiative against Taiwan
- Taiwan attacked USA original regions (2) but USA was able to have back initiative
- USA is attacking an original Taiwan region
- Brazil has again regions in Asia but not yet an access to Taiwan
- After winning in Eastern Taiwan, USA cut roads between Taiwan capital and their colonies

4- Greece
- Greece had to manage 4 fronts (Poland - Macedonia - Serbia - Bulgaria) in europa
- Greece lost all their european regions
- Turkey helped Greece to keep their colonies on Middle East by closing border between Greece and the 4 countries
- Bulgaria found an alternative way to have a border to Greece (Cyprus)
- Greece had 1 region back in europa but Macedonian friend will take it.
- Greece cut road between their colonies in middle east and Bulgaria
- Bulgaria is currently forced to attack greek colonies in Egypt
- Poland declared Turkey as Natural Enemy


WayneKerr Dan 1,845, 04:43


awesome work

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Dan 1,845, 04:44


Good info

Soulcraft Dan 1,845, 04:48


nathaner Dan 1,845, 04:58

great work


syd666 Dan 1,845, 04:59

voted, excellent article.......

Piran Dan 1,845, 05:03

Good work Kravenn o7

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Dan 1,845, 05:12


shipamogli Dan 1,845, 05:14

Nice article, thanks!

true leader

~Chain Shout~
[Kravenn] FA News : Chile - Ireland - Taiwan - Greece

RegisAjR Dan 1,845, 05:37



Prince Andrei
Prince Andrei Dan 1,845, 05:59


mac3donia Dan 1,845, 05:59

Dont touch Taiwan !!!!

Hail DSW !!!

Matitoe Dan 1,845, 06:00

i'm from chile and this is good.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Dan 1,845, 06:02

Very good info : )
uUu TUP uUu

GoodBeer Dan 1,845, 06:16


Rogue trooper
Rogue trooper Dan 1,845, 06:23

A well written article and very informative

Alphabethis Dan 1,845, 06:23

pity that UK has nothing of that war excitement that EVEN CHILE has, anyway, WE are
going to change this pretty soon. BTW, good analysis, but Xeroconna and others do it better.

SycoASL Dan 1,845, 06:28

Nice article.

Light Angel
Light Angel Dan 1,845, 06:33

nice info ,o7

Stef40 Dan 1,845, 06:40

o7 Kravenn good as always

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Dan 1,845, 06:52

Great article Kravenn. Pleasure to read and vote on

PsyCokenin Dan 1,845, 07:08


just kidding xP

very nice lecture


CriMsoNFuRY Dan 1,845, 07:14

v+s from Chile 😃

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Dan 1,845, 07:14

You might want to correct that Kravenn. Last referendum 65% voted to leave EDEN, not stay. however, the turnout was too low to count and so could skew the result completely. This is why we are having another referendum.

irishbhoy1967 Dan 1,845, 07:19

Good article Kravenn, but

"after a previous referendum organised during last month, where their population decided to stay in eden (around 65% voted to stay in this alliance). Their new government decided to organised another one"

In fact, 65% voted to LEAVE in the last referendum.

Not sure why they're having another one.

aravanal Dan 1,845, 07:20


Hail U.K.

thanks for help us

irishbhoy1967 Dan 1,845, 07:27

@Mal, the turnout as a % of active population was the norm for any referendum I've seen. It got about the same turnout as the one previous to it held in e-Ireland.

If this current referendum doesn't get a massively better turnout, do they keep holding referendums till they get a good turnout? Or just until certain people get the result they want?

Ariel Aguirre Flores
Ariel Aguirre Flores Dan 1,845, 07:33


Danie Fox
Danie Fox Dan 1,845, 07:47

@Irishbhoy: If you are RL Irish you know the answer to that one : P

irishbhoy1967 Dan 1,845, 08:03


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Niemand Dan 1,845, 09:33

Thanks for the information. Voted & shouted!

Joe Rooke
Joe Rooke Dan 1,845, 09:43

Wipe eTaiwan off the face of the eWorld.

One Sky
One Sky Dan 1,845, 10:08

Very well done

Bohemond4 Dan 1,845, 10:39

voted, awesome work! Waiting to see what the current MoFA does...

Nataliia from Galicia
Nataliia from Galicia Dan 1,845, 11:53


but during that so-called referendum people decided to leave ^^

lancer450 Dan 1,845, 13:04

Voted. : ) Dan 1,845, 14:58


Phantom Pain
Phantom Pain Dan 1,845, 17:24

good read


MR. PADRAIG PEARSE Dan 1,846, 05:13

Ireland voted to leave with 65% last time brah

Jorge Gonzalez von Marees
Jorge Gonzalez von Marees Dan 1,846, 07:00


MCKitkat Dan 1,846, 07:32


Clota10 Dan 1,846, 07:44

excellent article. well done.

Gulitiwi Dan 1,846, 19:18



Boyde Dan 1,846, 20:56

Another article that was concise and full of information that I need to hear and not full of too much politics that googles the brain one please!!!!

MR. HANK SCORPIO Dan 1,847, 04:26


Jack  Minow
Jack Minow Dan 1,847, 12:08


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