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[ILP] Vote ILP for CP

Dan 1,903, 15:15 Objavljeno u Ireland Irska od Liam Tatlock

Citizens of eIreland

On Tuesday the 5th February you have to make a choice between 5 options for Country President.

I wish to ask you to consider one option that the Independent Labour Party has given you.

We have put up a Committee of five as your candidate.

The five members are



Liam Tatlock

Nogin the Nog

Ian E Coleman

In these five we feel we have the skill, drive, knowledge and ambition, yes ambition for eIreland!

We want a new direction based on our common knowledge and working together to end the cycle of destructive behaviours that divide and damage our nation.

So how will this work?

Well, for a start, the Committee members are all assigned one vote. Decisions are to be made on a consensus basis and failing that a majority vote.

But, and this is most important, the Committee will work as a team, together fighting for what’s best for eIreland. The public face at any conferences or meeting with foreign leaders etc. will be MikeBane, and, while he will be, as set down by eRepublic game mechanics, the Country President, this is a role that will only be representative of the Committee. Mike’s job is to push the buttons but only as agreed by the Committee as to what’s best for eIreland.

I hear people ask...but what about in an emergency? In an emergency what’s best for eIreland is that a decision is made then and there. Well, there are likely to be very few occasions where an instant decision is needed, but, in the event this happens, Mike will react and then bring back to Committee that decision for discussion. If the Committee disagrees then that will be noted and will guide Mike’s decision in the next emergency. However, and be clear on this, eIreland’s best interest is what will drive each and every decision.

The main drive for this Committee, this Government is once again Finance.

Everything else in eRepublic depends on finance. The major task of the Committee is to look at any and all ways to try improve the finance of the eState. Together with the Minister of Finance we will listen to any and all ideas from everyone to devise a strategy, a strategy that will improve our finances The Committee does not claim to have all the answers but working together, with you, eIreland’s citizens, we will find the answer.

Let’s be clear, we all know and understand how key the country’s finances are to our future and how we have struggled since the robberies. The markets make it difficult to make large amounts at the moment, though we commend Appleman’s work in them and have confidence he can continue that. We believe an increase in the community side with more frequent lotteries can provide a boost to our finances, as well as giving the Irish people some personal interest in them.

We have also considered the option of loans to help the capital we have to trade with, but that is only a real option at a minimal interest rate, 0% preferably. The rental of some of our orgs has also been mentioned, but, again, there are risks and income from their rental would be less at the moment with the markets in the doldrums. However, we will rule nothing out at the moment, until all suggestions have been investigated fully.

The Military & Foreign Affairs
A topic very much linked with our finances. The regular Sunday night fights organised by Seanan have been popular and successful and we would encourage their continuation, as it helps foster a feeling of community and helps the image of the country abroad as we can contribute significant damage.

We would hope to be able to increase the number of MPPs we have to improve relations and the choice we have for fighting, though, as said, that is inextricably linked with our finances. The big question remains our future alliance. With the problems EDEN are suffering coming to a head, we could see major shifts in the world so our neutrality, while not being ideal, gives us some breathing space to assess where we go next. We would hope to calm the waters we have with one party in Sweden to open the path to Asgard, though it would be foolish to state that that is our aim, as we will need to assess the options as EDEN continues to crumble. Should a clear path appear, we will, of course, consult the people for their views.

We are going to use the Ministry of Community as a tool to raise funds. The Minister will be tasked with creating activity with new and innovative ways to bring our community together.

Just a word on some comments on MikeBane that were raised in This Article . Doubts were expressed about Mike’s ability to stay focused on the job at hand and not get sidetracked by trolls. It can only be said that Mike has no desire to follow this path that so ruined other Presidential terms. The position of eIreland is now so perilous that such sidetracking by the Executive Committee Member cannot be allowed to happen. If you look at this election in general and other campaign articles you will see that “reacting” to trolls is not exclusive and we go so far as to say Mike in his articles of late has been most exemplary for his patience. This will continue during the term ahead should The Committee be elected.



Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Dan 1,903, 15:21

Great article

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Dan 1,903, 15:26

Yeah....i see you stay with Mike as CP...that could cost you elections.

You put on top of this commitee a guy who at first problem sided with corrupted clique.

Do you care about ireland or promoting someone who is all mouth and no real action...

Mr. Jack X
Mr. Jack X Dan 1,903, 15:29

good luck

Liam Tatlock
Liam Tatlock Dan 1,903, 15:36

I understand your concerns Viktor, but the committee made the decision to use Mike as the figurehead. If the voters decide not to support us, so be it. We have faith that this will work.

MUFC992 Dan 1,903, 16:00

Good luck ILP !

The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Dan 1,903, 16:04

Go go go!

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Dan 1,903, 16:05

Great Article x2 o/

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Dan 1,903, 16:09

As you wish but you should start buying votes for this article....big time....

Ian E CoIeman
Ian E CoIeman Dan 1,903, 16:28

I think Liam has done a good job representing this option.

We're very fortunate to have more than one good option this month.

Bhane Dan 1,903, 16:47

"I think Liam has done a good job representing this option."

Then Liam should probably be the figurehead nominee.

Marinko Margarin
Marinko Margarin Dan 1,903, 17:03

good Luck ILP \o

Danilo Garcia
Danilo Garcia Dan 1,904, 02:26

V for victory...and vote.

Jo Trollonegy
Jo Trollonegy Dan 1,904, 02:33


Lord Scego
Lord Scego Dan 1,904, 10:31

V for victory...and vote. x2

The committee is a really good idea

IamGawain Dan 1,905, 06:09

I completely disagree, when did we turn to a parliamentary? More time should be spent on working not arguing with each other to make decisions. Thats how nothing productive gets done.

IamGawain Dan 1,905, 06:09

The people choose not a "Committee" 😞

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