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[GG4PP] For the People!

Dan 1,840, 20:35 Objavljeno u USA SAD od George Griffin

I would like to congratulate Inwegen on the results of his campaigning and to his team. I wish you guys the best of luck. We are in the hard times of society. Our nation is split and opposite minded of eachother. We are torn between two beliefs if not more. We see others harmful when they don’t agree with our structure. We see fit to bash and call names to citizens that feel different than our thoughts. I am here in the present day wondering if this storm will ever clear up. I have been around the game for so long and haven’t seen such a split nation like the one we have today. We can fix this...

Strength through unity, unity through faith

Today marks my official run for Party Presidency of, We The People. We’ve had the pleasure and honor serving under John Jay as the leader. He has kept us on track and moving ahead at all times. He lead us through narrow and though situations. He fought back when we needed and brought us courage. It’s time to give back to him and support him in another chapter of his great elife. With this term, he will have my full endo for POTUS. He deserves it at the very least!

We have over the last couple months been all about satisfying our members. We do our best to make everyone feel at home and feel like they have a role here. I will continue to hold that same kind of environment for our citizens and ensure the time they spend here is amazing. Nothing is more important than having happy and content citizens in our party.

We will continue to use our forum on the nation site. You can find our party forum Here. I courage anyone that is a WTP member to sign up immediately and become active with this great party! We are growing and will continue to do so. You can also find me a lot of the time on the IRC in #WeThePeople

Congressional Leadership

Being in this party can be hard on our Congressional roster. We have been a solid 4-5 party the last few months. We have been actively been trying to fix this but just keeps the same. It’s not that we aren’t trying but not publishing the right material to attract new players. I feel like I can fix this and grow our Congressional roster one step at a time. More members the better.

I also feel like our elected Congressional members should have some say and see whats going on behind the doors. If elected, I will pass a movement to my Cabinet to give you guys all access to our leadership room and involve you guys in the action. We need more help and this is an easy way to step up the progress. So if elected, there will be HUGE benefits to our Congressional friends!

Party Leadership

Our party leadership is a great set of citizens. I plan to keep the team in hand with a couple additions. More jobs ensures citizens get there feet wet for the future. If elected, I will push for our mentor program to grow and become more known to our lower leveled citizens that reside in our party. As PP, I will feel the need to make sure our party understands the times and situations we are in and how every moment counts to this nation.

If elected, I will grow our relations with other parties and ensure we have absolutely 0% tension between ourselves. We need to work as a team and make our nation stronger. Our top five and even our lower parties have such bright future that we need to make sure we realize it and pick the right candidates to lead these parties.

For the People

You have read what I think. You have seen what I am about. I am a very loyal citizen to this party and to this wonderful nation. I keep the citizens safe and make sure they know it. I fight around the clock to make things right. Sometimes I may not be the most active on IRC, but in game I am. I am always watching and protecting. I will step up my IRC time and ensure I’m there if elected for my Cabinet and my citizens. I want this job so bad and I hope I can gain your support.

I have a long list of history in my days. Here's a little of my past...

- 7x Congress Member
- 2x White House Adviser
- Director of Ambassadorial Affairs
- Current Deputy CoS of We The People
- Senior Officer - PCO of 101/2nd - eAirborne
- Former Ambassador to eIndia
- Former Ambassador to eAustria
- Former Ambassador to eNorway
- Former Sec. of Immigration (eIsrael)
- Former Sec. of State (eIsrael)
- Former Military Leader (eIsrael)

I’ve had a long and fun past. I would love to make this party my top priority everyday when I wake up and I promise I will. We The People, make the right choice on the 15th and if any questions pop up, feel free to PM me at anytime or find me on the forums or on IRC in #WeThePeople.

You are the people I love. You are the people that keep me playing this game. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am dedicated to this party and the people in it. If elected, we will have a great and successful month, I promise. Take my hand and we will walk this road together.

For the People!
By the People!
We the People!

George Griffin
Party President Hopeful



Zxdek Dan 1,840, 20:54

nicely written

Candor Dan 1,840, 20:54

Looks to be another fine month of retention and growth! GoGoGG!

MazzyCat Dan 1,840, 21:06


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dan 1,840, 21:29

Three days early 😛

Cheese Whizard
Cheese Whizard Dan 1,840, 21:35

Good article, you have my support! I also see the importance of not having a split nation.

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Dan 1,840, 22:26

Ossimsauce. I like it.

PeVall Dan 1,841, 04:19


Oblige Dan 1,841, 04:38

For the people,
By the people,
We the people!

George Griffin
George Griffin Dan 1,841, 06:03

Ideas are bullet proof.

Dutch Marley
Dutch Marley Dan 1,841, 07:14

For the people,
By the people,
We the people!

Hale26 Dan 1,841, 18:41

For the people,
By the people,
We the people !

Good luck GG. Nice to see we have a big race brewing ^_~

Josh Whitehead
Josh Whitehead Dan 1,841, 20:26

good luck george. you are a total beast. go get them.

Hades0188 Dan 1,841, 20:59

Komentar izbrisan

ChewChewShoe Dan 1,843, 18:06

Georgie is a boss

Trappets Dan 1,846, 04:05

Good luck on your campaign!

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