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[FREE STUFF] BR4iNs f0r z0MBi3s - Join the USWP

Dan 1,930, 21:08 Objavljeno u USA Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo od Othere

The USWP is a long standing party in the eUS. It's origin stems from an amalgamation of a number of politically diverse, now-defunct parties. We are the party of many former Country Presidents of the eUS. We were the eUS political powerhouse . It's time to regain that title. We need your help

The USWP is looking for new and old players, hoping to create their mark on the eWorld. We're turning a new page in our party, and could use some new points of view.

Party leadership is currently looking to update our party's constitution. Our party forums are increasing in activity daily. All we need is you and your ideas, your questions, your help.

Oh, and you get $32/day in Q6 Weapons

-Othere, humble USWP Member, Director of BR4iNs f0r z0MBi3s


Thanks for stopping by, young zombielings. Here is where you find out where to lodge your request for BRRRRAINSSS, food of the undead. These supplies are yours to use as you wish, on the battlefield or the marketplace. As a part of its service to America, USWP will be providing its members and non-members daily drops of food. However, only members will receive daily weapons.

Le Rules
-Only one request per day
-eUS Citizenship
-Membership in PTO party will result in denial of request
-Make sure you have at least 100 spaces in your inventory, so you can receive all your supplies.

Current Supply:
Non-USWP Members (Under level 25): 500 health
USWP Members (Under level 36): 500 health, 8 Q6 weapons


Simply post your profile link in that thread. We’ll check your eligibility when we visit your profile page.

Other Helpful Programs:

Meals on Wheels: Level 25 and Under
Tank Up 2 Rank Up: Level 25-29
Bewbs 4 Newbs: Open to all!
Flight Training Application: Open to all!


Othere Dan 1,930, 21:09

Rawrawrawrawrawraw, JOIN USWP for GREAT SUCCESS

Tenshibo Dan 1,930, 21:21


JyM23 Dan 1,930, 22:04


john nwp
john nwp Dan 1,931, 23:31

v and s

Sisk Dan 1,931, 00:13

😃 gimme the free stuff 😛

Sepporatisti Dan 1,931, 02:20

Le le le le le le le le le le Le le le le le le le le le le Le le le le le le le le le le Le le le le le le le le le le Le le le le le le le le le le Le le le le le le le le le le Le le le le le le le le le le Le le le le le le le le le le

That is all.

Bacon Empire
Bacon Empire Dan 1,931, 04:31

USWP \o/

ligtreb Dan 1,931, 07:42


RebeccaG Dan 1,932, 17:54

thanks for doing this!

zako soldier
zako soldier Dan 1,948, 10:05

\o/ superlike

Andrew Carnagie
Andrew Carnagie Dan 1,948, 18:15

U S W P work it zombies!

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