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[FG4CP] Think of The Children

Dan 1,864, 11:49 Objavljeno u USA SAD od fingerguns

The world didn't end, so now I'm gonna make good on all this:

*If I am elected, I will keep party leaders and MU commanders in the loop and share in the responsibility of informing the public, organizing members and maintaining a united front. I will trust community leaders to lead their communities and provide them with whatever assets and information they need to do so effectively. -DETAILS HERE

*If I am elected, I will help boost activity and retention through a series of domestic initiatives. We need to focus on not only the new players, but also the two clickers and even those older players who are growing bored after years of repetition. General activity makes election activity easier.

*If I am elected, I will restructure parts of the government for maximum communication and efficiency. We need teams of people coordinating closely to help us navigate battles and potential alliances, as well as our domestic initiatives. Additionally, if a job is really just a title, then it's going to stop existing. There is work to be done. No messing around.

*If I am elected, I will overhaul the Department of Homeland Security to turn it into a PTO fighting machine. Being defensive isn't good enough, we must also be offensive. A comprehensive assault on these infiltrators is what it's going to take to get us off the ropes so we can eventually start regaining bonuses and getting the eUS back in the shape it needs to be. There are many angles by which we can approach this, and we need to be doing all of the angles.

Point 2: Think of The Children!

I know I just put up the first article yesterday, but I'm going to truck on through to the second point about domestic affairs. I know this subject is a bit of a snoozer for a lot of people. Foreign affairs is so much sexier! But honestly, it's not more important. These two parts are what make a whole nation.

Ours is a nation crippled by complacency, fueled by bitterness. The negativity around this place is suffocating and quite frankly, it's sort of amazing that we've somehow managed to avoid being taken over. That probably speaks more to the ineptitude of these terrorists than our terrorist fighting skills.

But, as you play eRepublik, you occasionally wander into a ray of sunshine that cuts right through all of the political BS. You become a part of something that actually makes you genuinely happy and makes the time here seem worthwhile. You become motivated and you're excited to log on because there is this ray of sunshine that you can bask in for an hour or two a day. Those rays of sunshine are pretty much always noob activities. Noobs are excited. Noobs have energy. Noobs haven't been beaten down repeatedly by the admins and political in-fighting (not yet, anyway). They're so young and innocent and have their whole eLives ahead of them. The excitement they bring to the game is contagious.

It feels good to help people. It feels good to teach people things. There is no high quite like spotting talent, cultivating it, and watching that little noob grow into a power player and do awesome things. To me, that's what makes this game so addicting. That's why I keep playing. And in my opinion, that's what domestic affairs are all about- how can we help people get as much as possible out of this game? How can we keep serving people through the entirety of their eLives- From noobdom well into oldfgtry?

I don't have the answers, really.

My initial inclination is to say POWER TO THE PARTIES AND MUs! I mean, the really effective groups with steady growth are those that are noob-focused, with healthy education and retention programs. Well, that's more for parties, really. But for parties and MUs, the great ones have more overall activity across all of the age groups, so when they are called upon to mobilize it isn't such a struggle. They are super organized and they are connected to their membership. But what can the government really do to help the various groups be effective with recruiting, retention and activity that they haven't already done?

The Department of Education is as much a resource for parties and MUs as it is for individual players, but nobody really utilizes it. Most interior programs, actually, can strengthen and supplement the efforts of any American group, which would in turn strengthen the interior programs themselves. But, we don't do that. We don't work together.

Over the last few months, I think Interior is one of the areas we can point to and say, "We aren't completely messing this up!" Strong leadership and smart initiatives have made Interior one of the most effective areas of our government. Their budget was eliminated completely 2 months ago, and yet they are doing better than they ever have. They are actually doing more. They are actively fundraising to support these noob programs, they are reimagining what it means to educate the public with great articles like the Ajay Dossier. They have put together impressive materials to help supplement party efforts, even if they aren't being utilized. Interior is doing it right because they are being fueled by noobs.

I'm not the person that will come up with solutions to the complacency and I am not the person that will figure out how to get parties and MUs to utilize the retention assets that are available to them. I don't know how to make this game fresh and fun for older players while making it playable for noobs beyond the party level.

But I know who does and I know who will. Duncan Crowe, Mazzy, Exploration, Hawkie, Dr Heisenberg, kodos, Hale26, NewAzazel and a number of other players who have been busting their buns to help new players and imagine and execute new strategies to reach and help the greatest number of players.

They have great ideas. They are inventive and they work hard and most of all THEY CARE. As President, I'm not going to tell this team what to do, they're going to tell me what they need and they will have it. They have my trust and they have my full support. This team has proven they know what they're doing.

There's a lot of work to be done, domestically. Big problems require big solutions and no one can do this alone. If you would like to get involved with interior and education to help new players and change the social climate of the eUS, please apply for a Cabinet position here and let me know!

Thanks for reading,

Apply for the Cabinet:

Stay tuned for parts 3 and 4- Foreign Affairs, government restructuring and fighting these terrorist jags.

oooo is it getting hot in here?

I just wanted to add that this complacency I speak of has resulted in some strange things going on. That's why it is so important that we fix it. It's imperative. We can't just shrug our shoulders and hope everything just works itself out.

For the last couple of months, there have been passive suggestions that we should stop treating terrorists like terrorists and instead pretend they are friends. The thinking is that if we treat them like political equals then they will forget that they left their home countries to invade the United States, fight against us at every turn, clutter our Congress with rogue proposals, flood our gates with illegal citizenships and try to take over our Presidency to ally us with enemy nations and drain our treasury. They won't to do that anymore if we just be nicer to them. It will stop being a priority for them.

That is PURE INSANITY. A terrorist sympathizer is equal to a terrorist in my mind. I'm all about warm fuzzies and cooperation, but this kind of intentional ignorance is destructive and dangerous. I will not participate in any Administration that kneels to terrorists or even gives them a seat at the table. I will not fight for you. I will not work for you or with you. I will not support you. Period.

Get your head right.



fingerguns Dan 1,864, 11:50

First reserved for Interior

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Dan 1,864, 11:59

second reserved for the children 😃

Scott Spezio
Scott Spezio Dan 1,864, 12:06

Third reserved for Scott Spezio

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Dan 1,864, 12:07

think of the children and vote for fingerguns!!!!


proud/horny and voted with a hammer

Tiacha Dan 1,864, 12:09

Fourth reserved for oldfgts who fight for the young ones.

Tiacha Dan 1,864, 12:10

Damnit, Dunks, you broke the chain!

jmoneytizzle Dan 1,864, 12:14

ill start it back up
5th reserved for fg4cp

Thedillpickl Dan 1,864, 12:20

/me huggles n00bs!

Eeeew! Did anyone think to wash the n00bs?!?
This is a brand new shirt!
(What is ths sticky brown shit anyway? Smells like guacamole.)

kavinaugh Dan 1,864, 12:21


Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Dan 1,864, 12:28

All remaining comments reserved for Zooey love-in.

Srs, great candidate as well as great avatar.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dan 1,864, 12:29

your politics of hate and division will soon fail. America deserves better.

EnterAwesome Dan 1,864, 12:32

Fingerguns really deserves presidency. She is something we as a country needs badly.

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Dan 1,864, 12:34


The only politics of hate and division are those of the AFA. So, please, go take your comments elsewhere, away from a good article such as this one.

Scott Spezio
Scott Spezio Dan 1,864, 12:36

I think a Fingerguns presidency will be great for America. Anything that RGR disapproves of is good for America IMO.

Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Dan 1,864, 12:37

RGR confirmed for namby pamby

Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Dan 1,864, 12:37

maybe even nanzy panzy! *Shudder*

fingerguns Dan 1,864, 12:37

"Anything that RGR disapproves of is good for America IMO."

So like, showering?

Malpazar Dan 1,864, 12:43


Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dan 1,864, 12:47


Bucephalus92 Dan 1,864, 12:56

Whoa, this article is making me too P/H

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Dan 1,864, 12:58

I believe you are helping out RGR by calling out Candor, but that's my opinion.

Good luck with the elections and call if you need any help, I'm here for anybody that needs help (unless I'm RL busy, which I currently ain't).

fingerguns Dan 1,864, 13:18

"I believe you are helping out RGR by calling out Candor, but that's my opinion."

Actually, I'm helping John Jay. He asked me to do this for the sake of unity and I'm on board.

As I have written numerous times, pretending a PTO isn't a PTO won't save the eUS from PTO. It's extremely flawed logic.

Synesi Dan 1,864, 13:22


Jelly9473 Dan 1,864, 13:29

applied for your cabinet, make me do stuff

Miha777 Dan 1,864, 13:34

from 290 votes, 270 are from voters club

Nemanja2012 Dan 1,864, 13:44

by classifing 1 part of population who has diffrent views as terrorists,idk how it helps the whole community when a good number of ppl are enemys by default,not by their actions..


The only terrorist in USA is you,since you cant win as you say you are doing(fair),you start calling names and cry wolf.

kavinaugh Dan 1,864, 13:44

^says a serb looooooooooool

Jasher Dan 1,864, 13:45

p/H right on

Alexander Valkor II
Alexander Valkor II Dan 1,864, 13:47

Good luck FG 🙂

The Original Hawkie
The Original Hawkie Dan 1,864, 13:50

Good article. Votado.

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Dan 1,864, 13:58

Well, then, I believe John Jay should have written the article in which he states Candor is no longer to be considered as a part of WTP.

Now, even if JJ sanctioned this, it seams like you're attacking one of the top5 parties besides AFA, and thus giving the reason to the voters of such a party to vote for AFA just out of spite if nothing else.

A wise man once said "keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer", and by making things black and white you are making all the people that disagree with you for some reason an enemy. I doubt that was your intention, but that will be the outcome of your action.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Dan 1,864, 14:05

rainy sunday

As of 17:00 hours EST December 27, 2012 these two are AFA members, are they also sympathizer? Will you be adding them to the above rant against Candor or is your hatred selective?

Nemanja2012 Dan 1,864, 14:17


Yea im a serb,a serb who did more for USA then you
And ppl like you are the problem the USA has
Simple minded individuals who are unable to do anything beside cry and criticize

Chucky Norris
Chucky Norris Dan 1,864, 14:32


''The negativity around this place is suffocating ''

''A terrorist sympathizer is equal to a terrorist in my mind.''

I will give you that What Candor proposed wasn't the best idea. I think a lot agree on that, good. But as for calling him a terrorist. I find it sickening to see all the hate propaghanda being thrown at him.

Don't you all remember that Candor was helping a lot with ATO not so long ago? He did a lot for this country, and now we want to blacklist him simply because he wanted to try something new?

A simple no thanks would have been enought instead of what has been thrown at him. You are definetly not well placed to speak of stopping the negativity FG.

fingerguns Dan 1,864, 14:38

I'm drawing a line in the sand and letting you know which side of it I'm on. Candidates should do that, I think.

He's not catching heat simply for 'wanting to try something new.' He's catching heat for trying to pretend the PTO isn't a PTO.

Candor is not alone in that, though. He's just decided to become the representative of that mentality. There are others who think they will magically stop trying to PTO us if only we let them do it. It's an odd line of thinking and I don't see what good can come of it.

This is where I stand. You don't have to vote for me.

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Dan 1,864, 14:41

"This is where I stand. You don't have to vote for me."

^-- this is the part where you support RGR. Please, be calm and rethink. Do you really want 1/2 of WTP voting for RGR? If so, RGR already won.

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Dan 1,864, 14:43


Norbengo Dan 1,864, 14:56

lol girl/boy/bot (dunno really) - relax, take a pill or somethin', there are no terrorists here, only nerds behind pixel screens.

Thedillpickl Dan 1,864, 17:12

Ya know, I'll stick my neck out...

IF/WHEN the US is overrun by this "liberating force" of non-RL Americans and they control our regions to make a playground of 100/100 bonus for Serbia they will find out that the RL Americans will still oppose them. From here, from there, from everywhere. My personal choice is to move to Croatia and help them continually wipe Serbia. Others have promoted the idea of Canada and wiping the United States of Serbia repeatedly. No matter how this turns out and what choices we (Americans) make be sure to know that we will stand united as a group and when we have nothing left to do but attack you that is precisely what we will do.

Waysted Dan 1,864, 17:32


That sounds fun mate. A lot more fun than what we are doing now.

Candor Dan 1,864, 21:12

Don't vote for that Candor guy. He's an evil-doer!

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Dan 1,865, 23:39

Although I'm new to the eUS I'm not new to the antics and the aftermath of RGR/PtH/GCL.

Ask the average eAustralian who has been in the game longer than two years and they will testify themselves. He's a threat to proud and horny folks the world over - a global soft ck.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Dan 1,865, 02:35

'There are others who think they will magically stop trying to PTO us if only we let them do it. It's an odd line of thinking and I don't see what good can come of it.'

There are also those who believe that the PToers will magically disappear if America doesn't have 100/100 bonuses. How is that working for you? This is exactly the kind of BS I have been pointing out about the 'Flufferist' and their leader, if they don't like an idea -attack the citizen. As I pointed out above rainy sunday and LordRahl2 -and which has been completely ignored- are both in the AFA. Has anyone pointed at them an yelled 'traitor', 'sympathizer' or 'collaborator'?

ReMiiX Dan 1,865, 04:50

Voters Club Used! 🙂

arayiptaulasamadiginnumero Dan 1,865, 06:02

Komentar izbrisan

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Dan 1,865, 06:04

@Ichabod...........again, the facts escape you.

Peter Lankton
Peter Lankton Dan 1,865, 08:50


May god's love be with you!

Eli Sassoon
Eli Sassoon Dan 1,865, 14:58


Drew Blood
Drew Blood Dan 1,866, 02:54

ofc I did...let me guess, they are trying to PTo the AFA? Two 'Flufferist Sympathizer' join a 'terrorist party' and they get defended by the 'Flufferist', Candor simply suggest that the AFA be given a seat at the Round Table and he is a 'collaborator' and vilified. The 'Flufferist' hatred of RGR has blinded them to the fact that not all in the AFA are 'terrorist', rainy sunday and LordRahl2 for example; funny how the 'Flufferist' can join the AFA and suddenly it is a good thing...?

fingerguns Dan 1,866, 09:10

'ichabod' it seems that 'you' are getting so 'wrapped up' in 'propaganda' that your 'comments' are practically 'unintelligible'

maybe 'you' should 'take a breath'

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