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[ENN] Writer of the Week Award #5

Dan 1,913, 15:04 Objavljeno u USA SAD od Hadrian X

The latest ENN Writer of the Week poll has concluded for week ending 2/7/13 and the votes have been tabulated. A total of 45 votes were counted and the highest vote totals were earned by Tiamati for “Regarding FingerGuns Presidency” and Jefferson Locke for “[SPQR] Positive Opposition”.

Both articles received a total of 12 votes each (27%) and as stated in the competition rules, in the event of a tie, Editor-in-Chief Rainy Sunday was tasked with selecting the winning article as the tie breaker.

The winner of the ENN Writer of the Week Award #5 is:
Regarding FingerGuns Presidency” by Tiamati

Statement from ENN Editor-in-Chief Rainy Sunday: “I choose Tiamati's article. While I am a member of SPQR and agree with much of the sentiment in Jefferson Locke’s Positive Opposition article, I commend Tiamati for doing just that. Tiamati challenges us all to again consider the messages our national leaders are conveying, how they are perceived and poses the question, ‘In opposition to whom do we unite?’ ”

We congratulate Tiamati for being voted Writer of the Week. We also congratulate all the nominees, especially runner-up Jefferson Locke and hope you will consider subscribing to their newspapers and voting up their articles to support great eUS writers.

Please submit articles for consideration: >>>SUBMIT HERE<<<

To listen or download the Guerrilla Radio podcast, please visit our website: >>> LISTEN HERE <<<

We encourage everyone to check out Mike Ontry's – the Craigslist of eRep: >>>eRepJobs<<<

~Hadrian X
Publisher, ENN



Mister Y
Mister Y Dan 1,913, 15:06

First vote and comment.

Tiamati Dan 1,913, 15:30

Thank you all for your support.

Animis Dan 1,913, 16:01

Tiamati, you have earned this after years of thoughtful and well reasoned articles. Congrats.

MazzyCat Dan 1,913, 17:52

Yay Tiamati! < 3


Bucephalus92 Dan 1,913, 18:25

Damn I missed this one, some great articles there

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dan 1,913, 18:26

Well deserved, and grats to Jefferson as well on a tight race.

Candor Dan 1,913, 18:31

Congrats Tia! Write more often now kk? We need your interest and input!!!!!!!!!!!!!

redbirdusa Dan 1,913, 19:00

Congrats Tiamati

Hadrian X Dan 3,161, 22:45

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Hadrian X Dan 3,161, 22:47

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Hadrian X Dan 3,161, 22:48

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