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[eIndonesian Embassy for eMoldova] Final Report

Dan 1,930, 01:02 Objavljeno u Republic of Moldova Indonezija od Bos Ucok

oamenii felicitări din eMoldova o7

Within the next few days, there will be presidential elections all over the wold, and my term of office as the Ambassador of eMoldova and eChina will end soon. Thus, through this article I’ll write my final report.

First of all, everybody must know that actually, the LarasDea, MoFA of eIndonesia asked me to be the ambassador for two different countries, eMoldova and eChina. Hence, I made some PMs to CP and MoFA of eMoldova (Lupusorul Tainic and Tamas Vlad) and eChina to inform them that I am the official eIndonesia Ambassador for eMoldova and eChina respectively. Nevertheless, because everybody knows that eSerbia is one of eIndonesia allies and eRomania is one of eIndonesia enemies, I intended to make my citizenship as a eMoldovan instead of eChinese. After that, I asked the CP and moFA of eMoldova to accept my citizenship request and one of the congress member accepted my citizenship request, and I begun to write my introductory article for people of eMoldova.

As a citizen, I didn't really blend in with people of eMoldova (sorry about that), but I did hava a few conversations with them and the people of eMoldova are really warm and nice to have a chat with. As for eChina, I didn't really do much blending because I find it really hard to communicate and the response was not very good as well

As an ambassador, I am given the task of writing a report to the eIndonesian MoFA every three days, but I only submitted 2 or 3 reports on eMoldova and 1 for eChina.

The main Reason for that is:
1. I think 3 days is a bit too quick for a report on eMoldova, since eMoldova is quite a small country compared to other countries.
2. Language. Articles are written in Romanian and Chinese and it's hard to understand them, even with the use of a Translator.
3. I think most of the articles and news are not very important to be reported.
4. I have been quite busy in RL

So for everyone and the eIndonesian MoFA, I'm really sorry about that.

In terms of my relationship with the eMoldova and eChina CP and MoFA, I didn't make a lot of conversations with them, but they are really nice and very welcome. I did try to make an interview with the eMoldova CP and the eChina CP, but they havent been able to answer because they have been quite busy lately, so I'm fine with that.

Although I only make a few reports on these countries, I also made one article on eIndonesia. The article is about the amazing race 3, an event made by the eIndonesian MoFA which is just like the real thing. and the response of the citizens of eMoldova and eChina are really good, some are supporting the events and some are even competing.

Okay, that's all on what I've done in the last month as the Ambassador of eMoldova and eChina. Finally, I'd like to say thank you a lot for the government and people of eMoldova and eChina, who have trusted me and gave me an opportunity as an ambassador. For me, it has been a great honour to become the ambassador of eMoldova and eChina, and special thanks are given to the eMoldova CP (lupusorul tainic) and eMoldova MoFA (Tamas Vlad).

I hope we can communicate soon o/

Hail eMoldova
Hail eIndonesia




Mikael Kanto
Mikael Kanto Dan 1,930, 02:14

Good job!

BasarabeanuCT Dan 1,930, 07:34

Succes mai departe! sper google sa traduca )))

Tamas Vlad
Tamas Vlad Dan 1,930, 07:38


Andreica1989 Dan 1,930, 09:24


Lupusorul tainic
Lupusorul tainic Dan 1,930, 14:10


basar Dan 1,931, 21:41


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