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[dCP] I'm ready. Are you Chile?

Dan 1,827, 04:12 Objavljeno u Australia Australija od scottty the NUKE
I've shown you Chile.

That I mean business!

But you just keep on coming.....

Bring it on!

Deputy Country President of eAustralia



Arthur the Elitist Cole
Arthur the Elitist Cole Dan 1,827, 04:14

inb4 someone hacks his account

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Dan 1,827, 04:14

well... there goes the ozone layer.

Callumh123 Dan 1,827, 04:14

You've done it now eChile, you have opened the gates of hell... Or in this case Scottty

Tim_Holtz Dan 1,827, 04:17

eChile has an Army, WE HAVE A SCOTTTY!

Chris Carnage
Chris Carnage Dan 1,827, 04:17


Ranger Bob
Ranger Bob Dan 1,827, 04:17

That's called putting your balls on the table and people wondering where the elephant went that dropped them : P

n0s3 Dan 1,827, 04:21


Alla Xul cr1so
Alla Xul cr1so Dan 1,827, 04:25

now is the time to sh1t yourself like crazy echile! scottty is bringing the party yeow!

WyvernJack Dan 1,827, 04:26

impressing enough to make me comment, now that's something.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dan 1,827, 04:31

dem hits. sexy hits.

Badger06 Dan 1,827, 04:33

go go scotty

GiuseppePovia Dan 1,827, 05:36

How scotty win in others divisions?

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Dan 1,827, 05:41

gold to merc's for other divisions or even to eAus people. He's made it very clear. Chile are leaving eAus.

Benzo Diazepino
Benzo Diazepino Dan 1,827, 07:14

x'D. Never mess with chileans ...


v.I.v Dan 1,827, 07:35

It's your gold!!! But with that amount, you probably do more damage buying everyone the 10min booster, and cheaper than those sweet candies :DDD

Hell.YEHHH Dan 1,827, 07:57

yep we are ready for battle ... I guess you are ready to swim again XD

MOnTT Dan 1,827, 07:57

pfff 5k golds, that's only gold received by two of my referrals

Mickskitz Dan 1,827, 08:05

Scottty is richer than eAus economy. lolz

AmunKar Dan 1,827, 08:06

You are in the comunist party?, I´ll hope you don´t be a comunist, no comunist should be so stupid to expend that quantity of money in a game, I´ll hope it´s came from referrers. If not you are a capitalism lover. Have fun.

Darth Neo Skywalker
Darth Neo Skywalker Dan 1,827, 08:12

Scotty, it seems you don't know much about eChile and it's players.
Please, spend that gold trying to kick us out, but don't come crying over your ill spent money. Ok mate?

BOUD1CCA Dan 1,827, 08:17

I think we all know enough about eChile & Chileans

yendegaia Dan 1,827, 08:31

PW comprate una vida xD

infin Dan 1,827, 15:19

Oh shit it's cyclone Scottty

Van Belisario
Van Belisario Dan 1,827, 15:34

Try to enjoy your money in a better way.
Chile will kick your ass


scottty the NUKE
scottty the NUKE Dan 1,827, 15:43

^^ Like the last 2 battles Tanked against Chile?

Benzo Diazepino
Benzo Diazepino Dan 1,827, 18:28

When we delete your country, I hope you publish again ; D

i think u dont know someone called flausion and his friends like Mr Coder xD

HibrYd Dan 1,827, 18:46

1 vs 10000


newtopgun Dan 1,827, 18:46

iwal te paseo chuchetumare..... methete el jold en el ojeteee boludo.. xDDD

Zer0Xx Dan 1,827, 18:47

If you send me 1k GOLDS, I will make Chile to dont fight against you guys

Binda33 Dan 1,827, 19:31


Danaith Dan 1,828, 00:24

Haha... scottty, now you've forced eChile's hand... they will have to double their multying action.

Shirobu Dan 1,828, 00:49

I, Shirobu of Japan, recognize your strength and bow in respect.

italiana7 Dan 1,828, 05:59

Hail Scottty !

Manrod78 Dan 1,828, 07:43

yeah baby. Burn all that stuff, makes it more fun!
We see you on the battlefield.
I will do a forecast, and I think won't be mistaken. Currently 2 fights. You trying to conquer Victoria, us trying to get back Queensland. Wanna bet against that we will end up with those 2 regions being chilean tomorrow? 😉

PS: For that money spent in vain(you will not succeed winning the war alone), you should have rather invited your eAustralians to a RL party.That would have been more productive and fun.

G V N Dan 1,828, 07:50

D4 desire that alone.
to win in D1 D2 D3 need millions of gold.
sorry, you will be be deleted while the dark side of the force.

Hayden Radford
Hayden Radford Dan 1,828, 13:12

Funny how our best 2 fighters are the CP and dCP

witherd1 Dan 1,828, 17:39

I can see the next headline now, eChileans fucked up in a Scottty gold mine.

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Dan 1,829, 00:10

Going to be funny when Chile are wiped and have to try and start again by RW'ing against Argentina.... lol

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