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[CW] Official party list for Congress

Dan 1,892, 13:19 Objavljeno u Canada Kanada od Oinyo

Congress Elections are about to begin and today I bring you the official list of Clan Wolf Congress Candidates. This month we have a mix of dedicated congress names you already know mixed in with new names that are ready to stand out and show you what they can do to help improve Canada on the political scene. You can read our Party Platform in the link below. We thank you for any support in these coming elections.

Gh0st344 and J_Retief are active and experienced congress members and will be tasked this month to Mentor the others in CW that will be voted in. We are looking to have a more active and vocal presence in congress and this is the month we are switching things around.

CW congress will not 2 click. We will be active and we will be there for the eCanadian people.

1. Gh0st3rr (Mentor)
2. Hyuuz
3. J_Retief (Mentor)
4. Prince A.Joseph
5. Kokosz Jajko
6. Peyton Marty
7. CoIoneI Sanders
8. WolfeCanada
9. MikeCornale
10. Mochan Drust

War is war. We need to win this one and we need to bash those who get in our way. We all may have our own ideas on how to run the country but in the end we are all in this together and when it comes down to it I know every eCanadian citizen is proud and we all want what is for the best.

A Vote for CW is not only a vote for our beliefs and our members but it is also a vote for change and progress. To show us that we can change and evolve, We can become what Ecan needs and we can show that we are truly dedicated to politics in this game.

Good luck to all the other Parties. In the end we all win as we have proven we can put aside our petty fights to stand united to defend our great country and smash the lesser ones..

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Oinyo, PP of Clan Wolf


vl125 Dan 1,892, 13:31

voted o7

Ardikus V2
Ardikus V2 Dan 1,892, 13:45

How come 5 minutes ago this wasn't on my news feed and now its in the top 5?

Definitely not vote buying.

klop123 Dan 1,892, 13:54


Plugson Dan 1,892, 14:24

Colonel Sanders will make a great politician and I'm surprised he's not higher on the list. He keeps in constant contact with people.
I know I get like 1 to 3 messages from him every day.

Funky 24
Funky 24 Dan 1,892, 15:17

60 votes? Heh...

Oinyo Dan 1,892, 15:24

60? I bought 400.. Where the heck are the rest? lol
But on a serious note I want to thank Crimson Caravan for merging with us and the CPF for everything they are and have been doing for us this last month.

Without everyones help we would not be here right now.
We will not let any of your hard work go to waste 🙂

Oinyo Dan 1,892, 15:27

but seriously.. 60 does look pretty damn fishy.. If it makes anyone feel better I was bored and spammed IRC channels at 3 with my link plus I sent pms out to party heads...

EvilKanuk Dan 1,892, 15:32

Weren't there more names on the list before? Oh right, erep is a buggy POS.

Oinyo Dan 1,892, 15:44

yeah.. We had many more but the loss of some of our provinces dropped names 🙁

Really crappy and it hit all clans... Next month though 🙂

George Beeman
George Beeman Dan 1,892, 17:14

Votes most certainly were not bough--- aodjsncwdhuijwe!!!

Sorry, I can't say that.

Oinyo Dan 1,892, 17:28

ha ha Beeman 😃

Foxfire Dan 1,892, 18:36


Prince A.Joseph
Prince A.Joseph Dan 1,892, 18:52


Technician Dan 1,893, 08:05

Clan Wolf sounds cool, what is with the kitty avatar.

Oinyo Dan 1,893, 10:45

I like kitties 😛
The one in my newspaper head is my 8 month old. When I took this picture I believe she was 6 weeks

Alexandria The Great
Alexandria The Great Dan 1,893, 11:42


Gh0strr Dan 1,893, 21:41


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