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[CP] The Reform Has Begun!

Dan 1,813, 01:42 Objavljeno u Switzerland Švicarska od Monsieur Guillontine

Salut madams and monsieurs,

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for voting for me... and for all leaders of the Swiss community who had faith and me, and decided to support me as the Swiss Coalition's candidate! Now that we have secured a safe and productive government for next month though, there is little time to waste. Now is the time to reform, and now is the time to eliminate all threats to our beloved nation.

And now, I would like to announce my cabinet. This month's cabinet is made up of the brightest, most active members of our community, all of whom are looking forward to begin implementing such crucial reforms. Speaking of reforms though, this month will be a little different from previous months. I will be having two Vice-Presidnets, one who will focus on External Affairs, and one who will focus on Internal Affairs; and by doing so, I hope to achieve better organization and productivity with all cabinet members. Thus, I am sure that none of you will be disappointed, as I have taken much time to select those who were most eager and experienced to help me do my best for Switzerland.


Monsieur President: Monsieur Guillontine
Advisor: Rican

Vice President of External Affairs: bowen199
Minister of Defence: chukcha
Deputy Ministers of Defence: pero1q & powerown64
Minister of Foreign Affairs: sgtchewy
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: Chihasa
Director of Embassies: Trogdorthetroll100

Vice President of Internal Affairs: Lotus Black
Ministers of Finance: Psihihihi & Kliment E. Vorisholov
Governor of the Bank: Hale Kane
Minister of Information: Hunter4Life123
Minister of Immigration: trukork
Minister of Health: chukcha
Minister of Homeland Security: Archein von Drakenov
Director of National Intelligence: Franck Graf von Hasliberg

So let us not stop now. Let us move forward, let us reform Switzerland, and let us rid Switzerland of all enemies!

Let's fight. Fight for peace.

Peace out,
Monsieur Guillontine
President of the Swiss Confederation



Monsieur Guillontine
Monsieur Guillontine Dan 1,813, 01:43


Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Dan 1,813, 01:45

Good luck 🙂

Soldier for Hire
Soldier for Hire Dan 1,813, 01:45

Congratz my friend

Chris Carnage
Chris Carnage Dan 1,813, 01:50

Congrats Monsieur Guillontine

vukio Dan 1,813, 01:50

Hm, new governmental names like powerown64, Chihasa... nice, refreshing...
And no Vice president?

SWIESZEWO Dan 1,813, 02:23


Yhamilitz Dan 1,813, 02:41


AsaffR Dan 1,813, 03:05

wow! so many people in the Gov.

When we fight to get back our land? RW + NE & and let`s kick the enemies OUT!!!

Duke of Flanders
Duke of Flanders Dan 1,813, 03:39

good luck!

Thedillpickl Dan 1,813, 04:28


Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Dan 1,813, 04:33


Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dan 1,813, 04:53

Congratz Monsie o/

siracouseangel Dan 1,813, 04:55

"So let us not stop now. Let us move forward, let us reform Switzerland, and let us rid Switzerland of all enemies!"

Yeah ... sell the country again. You made us slaves to ONE countries. No fighting in RW`s and no NE to recover our country back.

Liars and scums!

vasmegye Dan 1,813, 05:16

good luck, MG

Hale Kane
Hale Kane Dan 1,813, 06:13

why am i still under my old name? 😛

Trogdorthetroll100 Dan 1,813, 06:37


mungos032 Dan 1,813, 07:06

Great, but i dont know how much sgetchwy is active 😕 Good luck cabinet!

Chihasa Dan 1,813, 07:26


Rican Dan 1,813, 07:34

Well.... in conclusion, eSwitzerland triumphed over the multi-beast with 75% of the votes !

That's why I am sooooooo proud to be Swiss.

♫ We are all friends
♫ We are all united
♫ We are all one family

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Dan 1,813, 07:51

Gratz MG 🙂 Glad to see u back on ur place :PP
Good luck Switz!

MadelineJoshua Dan 1,813, 09:18

Have a good month ! : D

David North
David North Dan 1,813, 09:37

Congratz buddy, here's a toast to our victory!

Rican Dan 1,813, 12:22

"Let us move forward, let us reform Switzerland, and let us rid Switzerland of all enemies!"

Your are the perfect person for this job.
I feel assured of victory with you at the helm.

Fronte Anarchico eItaliano
Fronte Anarchico eItaliano Dan 1,813, 13:39


Fueled by hate
Fueled by hate Dan 1,813, 14:32


Cronoss Dan 1,813, 22:14

♫ We are all friends
♫ We are all united
♫ We are all one family
♫ We are The Others

your favorite uncle
your favorite uncle Dan 1,814, 00:34

Cronoss... PACK YOUR BAGS !

SALESMAN21 Dan 1,814, 01:42

♫ We are all friends
♫ We are all united
♫ We are all one family
♫ We are The Others

had2goaway Dan 1,814, 06:12

who are the others and who is cronoss? why everyone talks trash about him? i saw that he is a very big player.

Dan/naD Wilshire
Dan/naD Wilshire Dan 1,814, 09:40

I see one person who hasn't been in a Swiss cabinet before. Correct me if I am wrong

Rican Dan 1,814, 13:56

Dan (or somebody),
Please IGM this guy and explain it to him.

Kliment E. Voroshilov
Kliment E. Voroshilov Dan 1,817, 01:02

Great, good luck!

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