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[Congress] Inwegen for Kansas

Dan 1,555, 18:13 Objavljeno u USA SAD od Inwegen

Hello America,

It's been awhile, but I'm back. After a brief stint in the UK, I returned to the US a few weeks ago and am settling in quite nicely. I just accepted the position of co-Chief of Staff with the beautiful rainysunday in President Oblige's cabinet. Some butt needs whooped and I'm spanking them left and right. Quite kinky, I know.

So, I'm running for congress as another way to get involved once again. I believe congress is the most underrated institution in the nation and after a very slow/weak term, some new energy is needed. I will be a large contributor of this since I love debates and telling people why they are wrong. It's what makes the game fun.

So, why vote for me? Well, besides being the all-time Shadow President(aka I keep cabinet members focused and on track), I've also been Secretary of State (or Minister of Foreign Affairs), Secretary of Defense, and Chief of Staff for top level cabinet roles. I've helped lead the USWP for a few years along with various stints in helping Seal Team 6 or UltraMarines in minor to major leadership roles.

To put it shortly, I've spent far too much time on this game. I love serving the nation and wish to continue doing just that. So, please vote for me on the 25th when I will be running as the USWP candidate in Kansas.

If you have any questions about myself or my campaign, please feel free to add me as a friend and send a personal message.




Inwegen Dan 1,555, 18:14

Vote for me!

Oblige Dan 1,555, 18:18


Pfeiffer. Dan 1,555, 18:49

I heard you like buttsecks

Jelly9473 Dan 1,556, 06:31

Welcome back

kirintaimu Dan 1,556, 19:50

I'm okay with this

Inwegen Dan 1,557, 23:16

omg it's a KT ^____^ miss yew :3

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