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[AMP] Patton4PP - Thoughts on 1st Term, and Running for a 2nd Term

Dan 1,996, 09:11 Objavljeno u USA SAD od George S. Patton Jr


The American Military Party

Come join our chat on IRC #AMP

Unity Poker Tournament v2.0

The AMP is happy to announce that its second Inter-Party Poker Tournament will be taking place on May 11th at 12:00 eRep time! There will be a 350 USD buy-in with a guaranteed pot of 3000 USD!!! The pot goes up as more people sign up.



Website to Download the Poker Program

Step-By-Step Instructions

For any questions direct them to Napalm Norm, Free Area, Bruce Hatton, or myself.


Successful First Term

Hello my fellow eAmericans and AMPers,
It has been almost a month in office and my team and I have been working our asses off this month to make this party better. In this article I will you in this the goals and projects we have completed under my watch.
PAC Department


When I ran for Party President last month I promised that we would once again compete fiercely with the FEDs in all stages of the politic process. This month the PAC Dept. aided in this. I would like to thank Evry and Libertas for all their hard work. Their hard works and with the deals I'm proud to say we added 3 more congressmen and over 200 votes to our parties tally this month. We also were able to elect an AMP Speaker of the House this month also. Dr Luis Sentieiro also had a great run for President, but sadly Artela prevailed. Hopefully we will see DLS back in the mix of the POTUS race next month.
Legal Department


This month Emdoublegee, Syz2, and myself have worked very hard this month preparing the AMP Constitution revisions. We have greatly reduced the size of the constitution and took it from being two documents to one document. The Constitution is now up for a vote and if you are a AMP member I suggest you go and vote HERE

For next month if reelected, I plan to reduce the Legal Department two one director. I want to just combine the Legal and Security Departments so in the future we aren't making changes to the constitution because we are bored.
Retention Department


Napalm Norm and his team have been hard at work this month. One of the reasons why I gave the Retention Department four people this month is because I had a lot of goals for them. Game nights have been very successful this month. I plan to continue having game nights twice a week and maybe even moving them from #AMP.Games to #AMP if they get big enough.

Another thing Retention has been hard at work is a series of Tutorial Videos that will be used as a guide for new players. These videos will guide newbies from their first days in the new world to their adulthood. The first video will cover the in game mechanics for the Political module and is being produced by Free Area

When I ran for Party President last month I promised to start a rewards program. Retention took my idea and we created two systems to reward both AMP members and eAmericans in good standing. For your first 25 Posts you get 300 Wellness, 50 posts you get 3 Q7 Tanks, 100 Posts you get both 300 Wellness and 3 Q7 Tanks and then any additional 100 Posts you again receive 300 Wellness and 3 Q7 Tanks.

Next I have started a program personally funded by myself called Tanks & Wellness to fight TWO. AMP members get 13 Q7s tanks and 130 Q5 food and Non-AMPers get 5 Q7s tanks and 50 Q5 Food.
If reelected I plan to continue building up these programs and making them better.
Recruitment Department

Lemi has been hard at work this month mass messaging all the new people to join the game every day. I can’t thank him enough for the work he has put in this month. Recruitment can be a boring task but is very important when it comes to growing our membership base. I plan to be using the videos created to by Retention to help Recruitment. I also want another person involved in the Recruitment Department as a deputy. If reelected I plan to keep growing the party with new players.
Communications Department


We will keep Mass Messaging to informing our members about important party events such as elections and constitutional amendments.

This month comms also worked in order to have more AMP members registered in our forum and bring more people to activity!

BeachBunny has done a great job this month and has created a new ID list for the current members of the AMP so we can get our MMs out faster. Keep up the good work!
Media Department


As you all know, we have a radio show, the eAMPR. I know we have a lot of listeners but I’m kinda disappointed over the fact I haven’t been able to make many of the shows this month. I promised to increase my media activity next month if reelected. I want new players to show up and call in too! You can be sure you will always have a lot of fun with your Party President and your Media Director, plus, you can get famous! I believe you have to have Skype to call in!

AMP Radio show link:

Below is a tentive list of the Directors I plan to have this next month. The full cabinet will be made public before the primary though.

Party President: George S. Patton Jr
Chief of Staff: Black Baroness
Deputy Chief of Staff: TBA
PAC Director: Evry
Communications Director: TBA
Retention Director: Napalm Norm
Media Director: John Killah
Recruitment Director: Lemon Vodka
Security and Technology Director: Jack Mensley
Legal and Accounting Director: Emdoublegee


I hope everyone in the AMP had a great April. I enjoyed being able to lead the AMP into the future. I hope you all will support me for the next election to continue the projects I started last month!

Your Party President,

George S. Patton Jr



George S. Patton Jr
George S. Patton Jr Dan 1,996, 09:14

PATTON 4 AMP Party President!

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Dan 1,996, 09:20

Good luck !! GSP4PP 😃

DanielEsp Dan 1,996, 09:30

Voted and good luck GSP o7

Vendetta23 Dan 1,996, 09:33

Voted and good luck GSP o7

BeachBunny Dan 1,996, 12:24

PATTON 4 AMP Party President!

Bruce Killah
Bruce Killah Dan 1,996, 12:58

Good luck GSP!

<<< Feel The AMPs >>>

KOSOVA Batoa Dan 1,996, 14:28

Good Job.

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Dan 1,996, 14:54

Good Luck! 🙂

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Dan 1,996, 15:45


Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Dan 1,996, 15:55

Good luck Patton!

emdoublegee Dan 1,996, 16:20

Patton 4 PP!

John Largo
John Largo Dan 1,996, 17:41

Good Luck!

ionutz1988 Dan 1,997, 09:16

hai ba !!!! lasa-ne

ionutz1988 Dan 1,997, 09:18

nu te ai saturat de cumparat voturi etc........?

LiL Serxhio
LiL Serxhio Dan 1,997, 10:15

good luck GSP \o/

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