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[AFA] Official PotUS candidacy

Dan 1,835, 15:42 Objavljeno u USA Srbija od Hanibal LA

Day 1835

Dear eAmericans,

fisrt i want to say next period's gonna be LEGEN...wait for it..DARY! 🙂

Im here today to announce my official candidacy for December PotUS.

I'm sure you all know AFA already did primary, and AFAers chose me to represent them in these elections. That's huge honor to me, and this is second time that i represent American Freedom Alliance on PotUS elections.

Before i start with CP candidacy details, i want to say tnx to all of you who supported AFA on Congress elections, and to congratulate to all of us on great victory. That victory is great indeed cuz we finally reached famous 33%. With 33% we can decide many important things in Country.

Many people here, in eUSA, tryed to minimize that victory, and not just victory, but everything AFA do. I wrote a lot about how they constanlty trying to prove AFA influence getting weaker every month, how we loosing members, how we gonna fail, but guess what, there are no proofs for statements like those. There are only proofs we getting stronger every day, and last elections are great guidepost of eUSA future, future with AFA on top. Now you have a chance to became part of that.

Next goal for us, and for all of you who want only best in eUSA is winning PotUS elections.

I'm calling you once again, dont turn yourself to victim of dirty propganda. Our Government don't do their job properly, and we all can see that. We are bonusless because they said PToers gonna leave. And few month after, they still saying PToers are here, even stronger, but we are still without bonuses.

This time, ill skip anti-elitists propaganda.
This time, i'll just say what im going to do..or better..what i'll try to do.

I said that many times, i'm not best person for this position, but in situation like this, in time we live in, i can help eUSA to bring some new, fresh faces to lead this Country properly. To do their job well. I can ensure good economy, strong Army. Thats easy in Country like eUSA. What is hard to achieve in eUSA is this what curent Gov doing. We had everything, and they brought us to zero.

Do you really need anything else to decide smart this time.

I know many of you will say i'm foreigner in RL and why i want to help eUSA. But guys, this is the game. I'm born and raised in eUSA. I'm eAmerican from Day 0 of my eLife. Like Candor said in his article, many of us just want to play eAmerican in this game, and i agree with him. This is not USA, this is eUSA, and i'm eAmerican, like you are.

I must remind you on articles from my last campaign:
Hanibal LA for PotUS
Hanibal LA - program, goals and cabinet

My politics and my goals remained same, most of them. I want to eliminate elitism in eUSA, want bonuses and strong ecomony, want new wars, more fun and joy....i think thats enough for start.

Gaylord Scruffles explained nicely some things which i should do if we win. You should read his article about that.

One of our biggest problems is diplomacy and bad moves of our Gov in this area. I developed great relationships with almost every ambassador in eUSA. We must work harder on this field and after fiasco with CTRl, most important thig for will be finding new, good and loyal allies.

In next few articles, i will try to convince you to vote, not for me, but for yourself and your future.

Everybody realize that AFA is eUSA future. every days we are getting bigger, and stringer. eAmericans realize that curent situation in Country lead to nowhere. What is our future with situation like this. There's no fun, there's no interesting stuff, just same old story about problem, problems and...problems.

This is a game, and who know how to play this, he will have nothing but fun. So join us, join in our quest for fun.

I suggest to you to read these articles too:

-"Lose Our Bonus" Policy: AFA Loss, or Ours? by Cicero Alvez/ Article about eUSa Gov's stupidiy and bad moves

-Afa's got game by FirstLaw / Article about AFA's domination in eUSA.

-Meet your CP-Elect, Hanibal LA. by PutriRaemawasti / interview with AFA official CP candidate. Great job of young eINDO player and ambassador in eUSA.

-My AFA hating days are done. I can't do hate. People are just people. by Candor / One guy finally realized point of this game. Good oponents make this game worth of playing. Well done Candor


For shout:

[AFA] Hanibal LA official PotUS candidacy

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If you want to advertise yourself in my newspaper pls fill this form and you will get all info.



Viarizi Dan 1,835, 16:16


Go Hanibal!

AFA the voice of the silent majority!

Trogdorthetroll100 Dan 1,835, 16:16


K1tho Dan 1,835, 16:22

voted for the next CP...

Enkel Dan 1,835, 16:24

Go Go Go o7

slogru Dan 1,835, 16:36


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dan 1,835, 16:45


Raziel_Blaze Dan 1,835, 16:59


Anthony Tony Soprano
Anthony Tony Soprano Dan 1,835, 17:06


Colonel Landa
Colonel Landa Dan 1,835, 17:16

Hanibal for PotUS, me for minister of economy!


Colonel Landa
Colonel Landa Dan 1,835, 17:19

and now we r waiting for the government trolls...

Norbengo Dan 1,835, 17:31

Endorsed! o7

kaptolcity Dan 1,835, 18:04

He is from eSerbia : )

kaptolcity Dan 1,835, 18:05

and btw i am not USA gov troll,i jos saw eSerbs shouting of this article all around : )

Helm Hammerhand
Helm Hammerhand Dan 1,835, 18:09

Come on guys, December 21st is just behind the corner, with this buffoon you have nothing to lose. xD
Vote LA Hanibalchina!

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Dan 1,835, 18:16

You wish.

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Dan 1,835, 18:17

You will never reach your dream of United States of Servia. Man up, go back to your country, and fight on the battlefield if you dare, instead of hiding behind accomplices and fake accounts. Are you man enough, Hanibal?

Helm Hammerhand
Helm Hammerhand Dan 1,835, 18:23

@Kemal Ergenekon: Go back to Turkey...or Cyprus...or Turkey!

pop George
pop George Dan 1,835, 18:33

are you going to offer gold for subs like Ajay and then not pay up either?

pop George
pop George Dan 1,835, 18:38

and please research those you quote, SEES tried PTO every party in the eUS, what is the saying if you forget the past expect to repeat the same mistakes...oops thats right you don't care, you spend your time in the balkins, repeating the same mistakes that cost Europe and the world so much in RL

and did Serbia think taking France as an alley under the table was going to turn out good...please, just admit you guys are plain stupid in RL

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Dan 1,835, 18:40

Cabinet Article = 56 Days Old
This Article = All Talk, No Substance

Are you even trying to appear legitimate anymore?

LongLiveTheElitists Dan 1,835, 18:41


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dan 1,835, 18:51

lol @ Kemal, leader and founder of the INCI PTO group accusing someone else of trying to take over the US.

Zeng999 Dan 1,835, 18:54

Hanibal LA for CP!!!!!

Hail AFA!

pop George
pop George Dan 1,835, 18:56

You know you are right when Ajay ignores you, when you troll him...

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Dan 1,835, 19:02

Thanks for the credit Agay, but I'm not the founder of iNCi. I became a member after their second month in the eUS.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dan 1,835, 19:20

Still the worst of the worst.... that takes something....

and ignorant of history too.... like a certain event which happened in Anatolia that is acknowledged by every civilized scholar in the world....

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Dan 1,835, 19:43

The event that befell you when you came over toTurkey for holiday? Why would I deny it xdxdxd

Bizarre Love Triangle
Bizarre Love Triangle Dan 1,835, 19:56

zaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa XD

cCc Comrade Hannibal sux cCc

FranklinDelanoRomanowwskeh Dan 1,835, 19:56

Whats the matter Kernal? Umad cause the AFA is doing big thangs?

Mcbober Dan 1,835, 20:29

Take it all the way, Hanibal. For America.

Sir Ventura
Sir Ventura Dan 1,835, 21:05

Hanibal for POTUS! \O/

pop George
pop George Dan 1,835, 21:07

Ajay, did you realize Europe expected Ottoman Empire to over run them, not only though Venice, but Spain as well. Venice, a Polish general defeated them and founded the Polish state, Ottoman ruler sent the head of the defeated general to the Polish general, Serbia? They ignited WWI, leaving there country behind the iron curtain for decades and lost the chance to have the Austrians build them an infrastructure, maybe they should have waited until the roads and rail lines were built, you think?

Rumenko LizME
Rumenko LizME Dan 1,835, 22:08



Salahudin el Ajub
Salahudin el Ajub Dan 1,836, 00:56

Go,go Hani o//

Stef40 Dan 1,836, 01:00

Hanibal For President of the United States !!

invaluable Dan 1,836, 01:04

Looks like a good plan. Voted & shouted o/

oDdkID Dan 1,836, 01:05

You will fail again.

Domv Dan 1,836, 01:09

cCc Vote for Hanibal! cCc

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Dan 1,836, 01:55

21 Days 19 Hour 4 minutes and counting till the end of the world....

Ace Veles
Ace Veles Dan 1,836, 04:59

Good luck my freand

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Dan 1,836, 05:07

ty Ace. ty all.apreciate ur support o7

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dan 1,836, 05:25

Gaylord Scruffles was oddly eBorn 2 days ago. Hmmmmm....

SashaL Dan 1,836, 05:35

Go,go Hani o//

mcmoox Dan 1,836, 05:41


mcmoox JE BIO OVDE!!!

TrepleXXX Dan 1,836, 07:38

good luck!

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dan 1,836, 09:46

Kemal, the day I come there will be at the head of a liberating army. 🙂

Kesson Rel
Kesson Rel Dan 1,836, 10:13

How can anyone vote for someone to control the eUSA when that someone cannot even speak proper English? I will not vote for a Serbian to control my country. You will fail.

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Dan 1,836, 11:00

Call before you come Ajay, I might not notice otherwise.

Viarizi Dan 1,836, 11:14

Anyone going to eRepublik party in Romania??

Winter Night
Winter Night Dan 1,836, 11:55

Hanibal for POTUS!

\\\\\\\\\\ AFA //////////

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