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WHPR: Day 1,886 - Operation Gangnam Style

1,886 jour, 00:25 Published in USA États-Unis de James S. Brady Press Room

White House Press Room - Day 1,886: Operation Gangnam Style!

USA; Dancing our way across East Asia

Dateline: Friday, January 18th (Day 1,872)
Location: James S. Brady Press Room, The White House

Today’s WHPR
Music: Take your best guess
1. Operation Gangnam Style
2. ATO Success

Secretary of the Media, Civil Anarchy

Everyone’s been wanting a new war right? People are bored with the constant monotony of only fighting for allies, or only fighting for battles that we really have no stake in. People want a real battle, something that they can get involved in, something where they actually care about the result of the battle.

Well, Fingerguns has delivered via a surprise Natural Enemy proposal towards Taiwan, declaring that we’re now going to wipe Taiwan, and free our CoT allies Japan and South Korea from their occupation. The NE has been approved by the eUnited States Congress, and you can look forward to some interesting battles in the coming weeks.

While Taiwan itself may not be a large threat to the eUSA, their mpp stack makes them a rather formidable foe in the right circumstances, meaning that at least a few of the battles in this campaign should be interesting. This is also the first time we’ll be fighting with some of our new MPP stacks from CoT, including our new allies from Macedonia. This campaign will be an interesting test run into seeing what being in CoT will be like, and what kind of support we’ll end up getting from fellow CoT powers.

Will the eUSA be able to defeat Taiwan?
Will Japan and South Korea be free?
Will I ever get over the fact that Operation Gangnam Style beat my idea of Operation Zerg Rush?

Absolutely, hell yea, and I don’t really care, I’m just going to go play some Starcraft 2 to get my mind off it.

Contributing Writer, One Sky
Hello America , here are some details and opinions about the PP elections and the ATO succes :

The Federalist Party
(fed picture here)

Duncan Crowe was the official candidate against AFA's Captain Qwark

Duncan Crowe : 184 votes 77.31 %
Captain Qwark : 24 votes 10.08 %

Duncan Crowe : “In my opinion, the ATO was very successful.
While it certainly took a lot of coordination and effort from a select group of people, I think it's very important that we recognize our achievement in the ATO and not worry too much about how hard it was.Through obstacles such as Captain Qwark's fake mail, mass PTO efforts, and an overwhelming number of PTOers, we were still able to hold onto our parties.We should celebrate our achievement!

We the people
(wtp pic here )

The official candidate was Mazzy Cat

Mazzy Cat : 91 votes 65 %
Lord Haldir 19 votes 13.57 %

Mazzy Cat : "I think the ATO was a flying success and I know people really put a lot into the effort. Last night the nation totally rocked the ATO effort. The people who get together to fight the PTO not only protected all T4 parties, but won back a few in the 6th parties. GO eUS! You guys rock! MEOW
American Military Party
(amp pic here)

Haliman was the official candidate against CerbisWar ( Dan Wang)

Haliman : 148 votes 73.63 %
CerbisWar 18 votes 8.96%


The real fight was USWP. AFA tried to PTO this party so Artela had to fight with Thorin II Oakenshield. In the end , Artela won and we secured USWP

Artela : 356 votes 51.74%
Thorin II Oakenshield 315 votes 45.78%

Artela : "USWP would like to thank the ATO operation and the people of eAmerica and friends for ensuring that the party was not PTO'd despite the best efforts of the AFA. Upholding the wishes of the real party members in all parties has become harder in recent months due to the perfidious actions of those who would harm our eNation's democracy. This is a victory for true eAmericans in holding the terrorists at bay and ensuring another month free from their tyranny.In short, "thank you America"

We also managed to take back the 6th party ! Here is our CP fingerguns :

"It was a massive success! We met essentially all of our objectives and are starting to pivot away from entirely defensive strategies into more offensive ones. You can tell by the results just how hard our team worked to get everyone organized and execute a rather complicated plan. Thank you to our DHS team, our party leaders and MU commanders and all of the volunteers! It shows great character to backburner personal stuff and put the nation first. This is just the beginning."

Nice work America! Way to go !

Apply for American University

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Next Show:
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Tuesday, January 22nd with your host, Artela!

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Recommended Reading:

The Paperless Newspaper By Congressman ligtreb: We need to get along and play the game right

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Civil Anarchy, Secretary of Media

Look for new editions of WHPR on Tuesday and Friday.




ligtreb 1,886 jour, 00:33

Gangnam Style has been stuck in my head for the past two days 🙂

Thanks for the link, as always.

n0s3 1,886 jour, 01:09


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan 1,886 jour, 01:13

You defended USWP barely.

You took a party we put 20 votes in.

You took a 2 member party we did not field a candidate in.

Very little changes.

You should add up all the votes for our candidates compared to yours and go off that.

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus 1,886 jour, 01:16

gangnam is so 2012

Attack China if you have balls

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian 1,886 jour, 01:45

Wait, are you saying we'll actually be able to collect true patriot medals instead of hunting the mercenary ones? Neat.

Also, who the hell cares about any battle in this defunct game? How could I care about battles when every battle can be decided by one nolifer with enough money.

Thedillpickl 1,886 jour, 02:42

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Day 1,886, 01:13
"You should add up all the votes for our candidates compared to yours and go off that."

You should add up all the parties you won and compare that to how many we held and took back. Umm... How many did you take over this time? Was it ZERO?!?

fingerguns 1,886 jour, 06:29

(good comment here)

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan 1,886 jour, 10:53

"took back"

you mean stole

and I told you.... 2

Jetsmets 1,886 jour, 12:46

I love Civil as the Media guy, glad to have him back. Also, nice party pics in One Sky's section lol.

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