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WHPR: Day 1,879 - Congratulations Fingerguns!

1,879 jour, 03:55 Published in USA États-Unis de James S. Brady Press Room

White House Press Room - Day 1,879: Congratulations Fingerguns!

Different people have different ways of celebrating

Dateline: Friday, January 4th (Day 1,872)
Location: James S. Brady Press Room, The White House

Today’s WHPR
Music: Two Steps From Hell
1. Cabinet List
2. War Update
3. CoT Spotlight
4. Interview with Immigration

Secretary of the Media, CivilAnarchy

Unity once again reigns victorious in eAmerica, after Unity Candidate Fingerguns was able to defeat the AFA candidate by a large margin, even after some dirty tactics were used by the AFA in an attempt to trick eAmericans into thinking different American leaders were running for President, by impersonating them and their parties. Fingerguns has put in place a number of new individuals to cabinet positions, for a full cabinet list, check here:

President: fingerguns
Vice President: John Killah
CoS (ATO): Jefferson Locke
Deputy CoS (TaskMaster): TheDillPickl

War Advisor: Vanek26
War Advisor: Artela
SoD: Emdoublegee
Defense Team: n0s3
Defense Team: Fhaemita Malodorous
Defense Team: bigcdizzle
Defense Team: Arrden
OMS: stewy

SoS: Tenshibo
State Team: Paul Proteus
State Team: Jelly9473
State Team: TJ Norton
State Team: MrSwagg
Ambassador Dir: BeachBunny

Domestic Advisor: NewAzazel
Domestic Advisor: Duncan Crowe
SoI: kodos
SoE: Exploration
Interior Team: logamac
TU2RU: Chase Mason Mikeals
B4N: Hawkie

Sec Media: CivilAnarchy
dSec Media: EnterAwesome
dSec Media: Sir Gulden Draak
Media Staff: Hale26
Media Staff: One Take Tony
Media Staff: One Sky
Media Staff: SColbert

Tech Stuff: Neo Iasov
Tech Stuff: Mike Ontry

WHPR Contributing Writer, Hale26

With Taiwan being calm so far, there has been little war on the American homefront.
On the other hand, our allies have been plenty busy.

By just taking a stroll down south we can see what our counterparts have been up to. As you know, Chile has now taken three Argentine territories. This has put Argie down to 20/20 bonuses. Compared to 100/100 a few weeks ago, this is a big win for Chile.

Also, Chile was practically expelled from Argie during our last report. So capturing 3 territories, or 60% of Argentina, is a happy statistic.

We'd also like to thank the American public for their support of Chile in their battles. As the current administration's MOFA, Tenshibo, said when asked what he thinks of America's willingness to help her allies,

"We've had some good battles as of late, some of which have been for our allies Mexico and Chile. Chile is currently fighting against Argentina, whilst Mexico is fighting against Columbia. Simply put, our showings in these battles have been quite nice, and they have noticed. Keep up the good work!"

So in short- Nice job guys. Yep, things have been stale. But as shown here, we know how to make the best of it.
(We're looking into some war stuff though. No promises, but we understand stuff has been empty as of late)


Aside- Some of you may have noticed the currently argument breaking out between Indo and the Aussies. At the moment things are still too early to go into detail about whats happening in the negotiation room. But we can say that we are trying to get a good outcome for both Indo and Australia here, while making sure no CoT rifts occur. The government is hoping we can "keep this from escolating from an isolated hiccup into a full blown mess," in the words of our MOFA.

WHPR Contributing Writer, One Sky

Lately, a lot of rumours spread about the possibility of joining a new alliance : CoT ( Circle of Trust ). Today we have more details about this alliance from our PotUS , fingerguns . It seems they are taking a vote on whether or not to let us in very soon . It is also true that there have been a few delays so far, but that has proven to be a good thing as it allows our new president more time to meet the alliance and express our goals and interests. Conversations are going well. new friendships are forming and it's been interesting to see where these other nations stand with regards to TWO and EDEN.We need to continue looking as far down the line as possible, but not lose sight of our immediate needs, which mostly center around defeating this PTO.

As fingerguns said : " I see the logic behind wanting to join CoT, and I think it's sound. CoT is a stable alliance that is equitable to all members and does a fine job of negotiating sticky situations and keeping the peace between allied nations. An immediate benefit of exploring CoT is that it allows us to keep working with some of our best bros, who have also been on the hunt for a new alliance. Additionally, it's forcing us to move into the future. We have to put old grudges behind us and look forward. Then, of course, there is the bargaining position it puts us in w/r/t the current PTO happening in our nation. I think working with CoT will prove to be the best possible move for the eUS going forward. The international landscape is changing and the eUS would be wise to solidify exactly where we stand. That is what we are doing with CoT.

Secretary of the Media, Civil Anarchy
Interview with Immigration
I sat down with Dr Luis “SexyTimes” Sentieiro, current IES Director for the eUnited States, and asked him a few questions about the current state of affairs in America;

1. So what's your current role in the eUS Government?
Right Now I’m the Immigration Director, the role I have is pretty similar to the one I had during Inwegen Administration. I just handle Immigration and try the best I can to strike the illegal approvals at the root of their problem.

2. What's the biggest problem facing Immigration Enforcement today?
Well, in my opinion it is pretty much the AFA getting more illegal immigrants inside our borders so they can raise their vote tally and influence in our own government. I consider this a PTO tactic, no other of the top 5 parties does this because they don’t need; on the other hand, AFA under the leadership of Ronald Gipper Reagan (aka Ajay) does this systematically. On the other side of the coin, we had a couple citizenships approved before the time but that issue is already being worked on with the congress and the congressional leadership.

3. Has the AFA's ability to import voters increased or decreased over the last few months?
Well, comparing my last reports, the number of Citizenships they approve increased but I found something funny: a good percentage of the people they approve never end up joining the AFA, some even left the country.

4. How are the non-AFA congressmen doing in regards to following IES rules?
Most of the non-AFA congressmen follow the rules and only approve the people IES clears, but some people for some kind of reason try to bypass that. Last month it happened and I gave a warning to the congress informing I’d be merciless if I caught an illegal approval. The rules are clear, the game is clear, if someone tries to bypass the system and don’t follow the rules, we act accordingly.

5. In your opinion, is using immigrants to supplement party numbers moral just because game mechanics allows it?
Well, that is actually a very pertinent question, here’s the thing: I don’t mind parties occasionally take the initiative to recruit immigrants for their own party under isolated cases. Usually those isolated cases are people known previously by the party members. I’m against a party using his own representatives to talk to foreign governments to recruit members which I see as a PTO tactic and that is what the AFA does, although immigrants are free to choose whatever party they want to join and I think they should not be badgered to go to a certain party. Most Immigrants end up choosing a party they like though. I strongly encourage the eUSA Immigrants to stay away from the American Freedom Alliance.

6. I see you're also running for Party President of the AMP, any comments on that?
In regards of this election, it’s basically me against Haliman. Haliman is one of the founders of AMP and is certainly a tough opponent. I had a lot of innovative ideas last month and I decided to take those ideas into perfection this month, I intend to tweak some departments, create an AMP radio show and keep the good parameters of the latest AMP congressmen, I also want to revive AMP History and improve charity programs in order to recruit more members. I believe I can push the AMP further to a very brilliant future if I am given the chance.

7. Any final words you want to leave us with?
I have a few words for the eUSA as a Nation: Remember people, regardless of what party you belong (except AFA and their puppets) regardless your real-life nationality whatever it is, remember, in here, you play for Team America! If you want us to succeed and be the great eNation we are, stay united always! The best way for the AFA and the PTO to be successful starts if we start fighting among each other, do not allow it by any mean! To the AMP in particular, thank you for those who have been showing me support in my race for Party President and of course: Feel the F****** AMPs!!!!!

The IES procedure is the only legitimate way of gaining recognized citizenship in the eUS. Those who gain citizenship through any other means result in being blacklisted by the national government. Bribes, spamming congressmen, and accepting offers from AFA are included in the ways to be blacklisted by the national government. What does being blacklisted mean? You will be considered a threat by our established political parties, government or affiliated MUs, and our national government, preventing you from being supplied or supported by any programs or organizations.

The eUS is not anti-immigration. We recognize the importance of bringing new and active people into the country. Our national administration employs many foreign born individuals who didn't always reside in the eUnited States. Our policies are not directed against any particular ethnic group or political opinion, we simply wish to keep track of who enters the country in an organized and efficient manner.

For more detailed instructions on IES procedure, please read these instructions by Dr Luis Sentieiro

Apply for American University

Are you a new player? Do you have any questions about the gameplay or the community? Then sign up for the American University! You will receive an experienced and wise mentor to answer all your questions and help you through your eLife. It is a great way to make a friend and to get a head start in this competitive world! Sign up here: American University Application

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Next Show:
Link pending.
Not yet scheduled. We apologize for the holiday season's hectic nature. We will let you know as soon as the next eNPR show is decided. Cabinet officials will be regular guests on the show to talk about their department's work.

If you miss any live radio show, you can listen at your leisure, at eNPR Oval Office Radio.

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Civil Anarchy, Secretary of Media

Look for new editions of WHPR on Tuesday and Friday.




Ali Gual
Ali Gual 1,879 jour, 04:10

Pole! The world is mine!
btw, good job! Congratz. V

n0s3 1,879 jour, 04:39


VampirisLav 1,879 jour, 04:55

Congratubloodylations to by guns and fingers banged on being potus megasoreass the 'murican dinasaurus. \o/

BeDva 1,879 jour, 05:54

selling out once again, i am very disapoint... good luck with your new "friends", hail cot, hail serbia!

Plainswalker 1,879 jour, 06:15

Good read

KOSOVA Batoa 1,879 jour, 06:23

Good Luck Team Amerika o7

Lord TJ
Lord TJ 1,879 jour, 07:33

A great team this month, led by a great President. o7

Great article, Mr Secretary!

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico 1,879 jour, 07:45

Thank you for the Interview Mr Secretary!

Hail eUSA!

fingerguns 1,879 jour, 08:11

Well done, Media!

Good first issue

Mary Chan
Mary Chan 1,879 jour, 08:29

TSFH - I approve.

ligtreb 1,879 jour, 08:42

Voted. Good info and thanks for the link.

One Sky
One Sky 1,879 jour, 10:44

A great team this month, led by a great President. o7

nimnul 1,879 jour, 13:44


Brave Fighter
Brave Fighter 1,879 jour, 14:37

Hail eUSA!

Guilpas 1,879 jour, 19:17

good luck fingerguns! you have everything to make an excellent job

Andrew Carnagie
Andrew Carnagie 1,879 jour, 21:18

Great read! Thanks for the worK!

Thedillpickl 1,880 jour, 00:31

My name is mentioned!

Marcus Patterson
Marcus Patterson 1,881 jour, 15:11

Can we still see what congress is currently voting on or is that removed in this current erepublik module?

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