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Top 5 uprading eBelgians

1,877 jour, 12:57 Published in Belgium Autriche de Kaad

Hello everyone!

This article will show you who are the eBelgians lvl up the most fast!

Div 1
1. SudoruDeLa4
2. MarioFranko
3. RooieLente
4. Pephsow
5. DeGlen12

Div 2
1. Kaad
2. mudduck95
3. NicknameFromRonny
4. Beringen
5. jjk81

Div 3
1. Gibberish45
2. lin0leum
3. Kiyonori Dragnier
4. Electro Moped
5. Don DiegoF

Div 4
1. wazowzky
2. Olv007
4. Backwards
5. Jofroi

1. SudoruDeLa4
2. Gibberish45
3. wazowzky
4. MarioFranko
5. Olv007


Kaad, president of the BMP, vice-commander of BTA, ambassador in eFrance, vMoFA for January.



RooieLente 1,877 jour, 13:02

wow, I did not even know that 🙂

NicknameFromRonny 1,877 jour, 14:06

Hurray for me!

boer jan
boer jan 1,877 jour, 15:25

what timelaps represent this?
for example mudduck95 is not from eBelgium
Gibberish45 is on 30 days only active the last 5 days and yet the first in div3?? strange

Jeiry 1,877 jour, 15:32

Is every citizen taking into account, even those that have never been to the given source ?

boer jan
boer jan 1,877 jour, 15:40

everyone is logged on egov4you, so yes, also you 🙂

Duke of Flanders
Duke of Flanders 1,878 jour, 23:37

It was for the stats of yesterday only:)

It's more relevant when you take stats of the last xx days kaad

O.d.i.h.n.i.t.o.r.u.l 1,878 jour, 02:56

I have 26 days in eRep, rank 311,901, strenght 447.12 and I`m not on top 5...Man, it's a tough competition...

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol 1,878 jour, 02:57

What's the point? Showing us that you'r first in your division? héhé

Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford 1,878 jour, 04:51

It's an one-day snapshot.

Kaad 1,878 jour, 07:13

tecuvo, I saw it after, but I was discovering the website and interested to put that... It's only a one day datas but it stays more or less pertinent.

Ely.nea 1,878 jour, 11:03

thanks for informations indeed

Gibberish45 1,878 jour, 13:33

Apparently my legacy is so strong just an occasional appearance has me placing!

Gibberish45 1,878 jour, 13:33

It's an one-day snapshot.

Then I finished reading the comments.....

Backwards 1,878 jour, 15:46

Agnes! I haven't seen you since first Communion!

TankAranka 1,880 jour, 15:58


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