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To the government of eAustria

1,899 jour, 03:49 Published in Austria Autriche de II. Dexx

To the government of eAustria:

We declared the Ceczh Republic as natural enemy, we attacked them and we are in the middle of the main battle, and there is no communication about it. Not a single article about it in the austrian press. There are no battle orders, not a single explanation.

What the hell is the government doing? Don't you have time to write a single article? There is not even a single one active person in the government?

When the communist party emerged with the symbol of hammer and sickle you wrote no article against it, except when you asked the people of the country to shut up, and saying you do not care about such symbols, you do not care about communists and basicly you do not care about anything.. Now we are at war, but it seems you don't feel the need of an article about it as much as you felt the need about one saying you don't care about the outcry because of the use of hammer and sickle.

You are a joke..

If you want to be leaders try to behave like leaders should. Don't just hunt for the CP medals, the five golds and the national orgs.

Inform the people of the country regularly and keep in touch with them!



OEBernd 1,899 jour, 04:16

You mad?

lazo 1,899 jour, 04:22

Battle order for the sake of weaker and dexx: Fight for Austria in Moravia!

Gullberg 1,899 jour, 04:29

it's maybe because you are totally encapsulated and live in your own (Hungarian) society?

Eheslo 1,899 jour, 04:46

Dexx, you have right.

Dexx, igazad van, ez egy tetves semmirekellő féker banda élén a hazug mocsokkal.

Vreath 1,899 jour, 06:10

Oh look Ehelosers first english sentence and it is immediately wrong : D I demand education for nationalists! Equality for all!

And we inform our people (the Austrians) regularly in the military feed of the Armed Forces. I personally do not count you guys as Austrians; when you do more harm than good for the country you live in, you cannot demand to be treated like the other inhabitants who sacrifice themselves for the progressing of Austria.

More or less, you are just gratuitous people who slowdown the progress of Austria; why dont you learn something from the Szeklers? They are highly-respected citizens of Austria and have, instead of just fighting with words, fought with actions and helped the people in need.
What are you doing? Constantly crying like some 12-year-old whose lollypop has been taken away. This is not your country and not your business.

csiripapa 1,899 jour, 06:17

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stevest 1,899 jour, 06:39


Rangeley 1,899 jour, 08:47

Dexx, this criticism of yours is coming from a guy who admits he lied his way to 2 CP medals in Austria before declaring himself "emperor" and a PTO - further, that he would ban from political life anyone who did not recognize his primacy in all affairs of Austria. It would have been nice to have an article, there can always be more communication. But I would prefer this dilemma to one like you presented Austria, and I think many would agree.

You use the appearance of extreme righteous indignation at the thought that an article isn't posted, but let me assure you there are far worse things that are more deserving of such a response.

Prince of Austria 1,899 jour, 10:08

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Mogyi 1,899 jour, 15:59

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Mogyi 1,899 jour, 16:00

csiripapat idezve.... a sok buzi egybol votolja......

csiripapa 1,900 jour, 03:39

Mogyi: inkább nem mondok semmit:) Labancok csicskái vagytok: D

Eheslo 1,900 jour, 04:08

no nézd már mogyi is kikukkantott egy labackipufogóból és iderottyantotta a névjegyét.
Nagyon imád ott lenni, zavarja ha a gazdit bántják, olyankor lötybölődik a langyos közeg...

Tarsolytestver 1,900 jour, 04:28

Hajrá kurucok!

Vreath 1,900 jour, 06:40

Hajrá Austria

fwdre 1,900 jour, 07:02

I'll just leave this here:
Our president refused the TW offer few days ago, because we wanted to get MPPs, but your president proposed (and your congress approved) the NE anyway...

II. Dexx
II. Dexx 1,900 jour, 07:12

It's a schame that the people of eAustria need to know about such decisions by a Prime Minister of a foreign nation.

Vreath 1,900 jour, 12:06

fwdre, we proposed first so if there were any common MPPs with your country, we would have been the ones who would have lost them.
It is, and at this point I can agree with you, not the friendliest act of how to declare a TW, but you can be assured, that this is no hostile attack, and we will give you back your region by next chance.

Just for information, may we also know why Poland holds two of your regions?

Vreath 1,900 jour, 12:06

Dexx, stop your cheap populism please, I have enough of it in real life already, now you also have to use it excessively.

fwdre 1,901 jour, 02:30

Vreath: Ok, I understand, but we don't like the "we do it even if you refuse" treating

About Poland - basically they want "double bridge" to their regions. We tried to negotiate, but they refused right away...also they kind of ignore us... : /

Mogyi 1,901 jour, 02:55

na frusztraltak 😃

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