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The Ukhuwah Sdn. Bhd Selling Cheapest Weapons In eMY!!!

1,820 jour, 19:21 Published in Malaysia Arabie saoudite de Noveras

Assalamualaikum and good day everyone.

Today I would like to announced that Ukhuwah Sdn. Bhd which is owned by Noveras (me) is selling the cheapest Q3, Q5 and Q6 weapons in eMalaysia market.

This is a personal effort in contributing to the country and the society by forcing down the prices in eMY markets to be more competitive and at the same time helping those who are not economically independent to enjoy a better quality weapons

Q3 Weapon[/b]

Q5 Weapon

Q6 Weapon

Yours Truly,

Noveras, "Ukhuwah Sdn. Bhd Manager"



Noveras 1,820 jour, 19:24

Sorry about having to blacken out the Q6 name above me. Company privacy policy 😛

Firebourne 1,820 jour, 22:04

Made in China?

mhifzan 1,820 jour, 22:32

@fire, hahaha.. noveras, nice price

Noveras 1,821 jour, 23:41


If you mean by made from your factories yes they are made in China : P

MiVEX 1,821 jour, 01:27


Firebourne 1,822 jour, 00:57


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