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The Economist ~ Notes on "alliance imbalance"

2,151 jour, 14:00 Published in China Royaume-Uni de Spite313

“It isn't sufficient just to want - you've got to ask yourself what you are going to do to get the things you want.” - FDR

Dear friends,

I’m writing this article today in response to the seemingly endless complaints about “imbalance” in the game. It seems that CoT has simply given up fighting, and is now just whining endlessly about how TWO is too strong to beat, and how the game is imbalanced. It’s got so bad, our own countries are now complaining it’s too easy to win.

Now let me tell you something straight away. This isn’t a strategy game anymore. There are two factors in who wins a battle, firstly how much potential damage can come to the battlefield, and secondly how much damage actually arrives. This was always the curse of ONE/TWO, we overhit massively in some battles and lost others. It’s why, as we speak, NZ and Australia are struggling against CoT. It’s not that there isn’t enough damage to win, it’s that not enough people are fighting. You need discipline to achieve that.

Now let me move on from this to the next logical step in the argument. You can do a lot of work improving discipline inside your alliance, but speaking from experience, you never get remotely near 100%. Especially when you’ve got countries like Serbia and Poland to deal with, large portions of which are essentially pirate navies, who fight for their own causes regardless of what their CP says. Whatever the situation, your raw material is the easiest thing to increase quickly. By this I mean the amount of available troops you have.

Now back when ONE was around, there were problems between MKD and PL. In addition, Sweden was pretty much dead toward the end. Big reforms incoming! TWO ditched MKD and once they joined CoT, the CoTWO thing was born. It was immediately obvious at this point that due to antagonisms between CoT and TWO members that the war could easily go three way between EDEN, TWO and CoT. This wouldn’t be ideal for us in TWO since we were going to get stuffed if the other two sides decided to unite against a stronger, more hated foe.

When EDEN was truly knocked down, and the final smoke settled on their alliance, we went to their countries cap in hand and talked peace. Not all of them of course. Romania, Greece, China, Argentina were potential allies with a whole bucketful of strength and grievances against TWO. It wasn’t easy to swallow that poisonous past, but we managed. Greece is the first great country to join TWO since it’s founding, but if you look at a map, the other exEDEN countries have all played a huge part in the current situation. If anything, the war that followed was between CoT and EDEN, just with TWO damage backing the other side this time. Save for America, every major CoT power was occupied by exEDEN. MKD by Greece, Bulgaria by Romania, the Chile-Arg war being famous of course… and so on and so forth.

Plan ahead.

Now to me, the second MKD went with CoT that would mean Greece is going to go with TWO. Since they joined they’ve shown themselves to be the best allies in TWO, but nevertheless their position by our side was somewhat easier than the other three. The formation of TWO, it’s year long war and so on might look all shiny and comfortable from the outside, but in reality it has been a gruelling daily battle for all of us to keep the project afloat. Through good times and bad we faced internal divisions, the Imperium project, various small attempts to break the alliance up and of course political infighting. Not to mention ancient hatreds rearing now and then, insults, HQs fired and accused of gross incompetence.

It has been incredibly hard work in other words. It hasn’t been a cakewalk to the domination we have now. But that is not my whole point.

CoT talk like the war is over, but it isn’t. Even assuming TWO doesn’t implode in a fireball (which is, believe me, always a threat when you have so much power squashed into a small place) there is easily enough damage floating around to ruin us. TWO’s delicate jugular veins in Germany and Italy were cut many times this year, including just two months ago when Serbia’s empire came crashing down amongst a Croat led balkan rebellion. TWO currently commands more damage than CoT, it is true. CoT has to go, to make way for a new alliance.

This new alliance would not be built around the flimsy concepts of “brotherhood”, “equality”, “democracy”, which frankly in a military alliance are patronising, and about as much use as a chocolate oven. Having a situation where some complete moron from a country with less than a hundred citizens are expected to command twenty thousand soldiers is beyond stupid, it’s criminal incompetence. The new alliance would have to not only encompass all the big neutral and CoT powers now resisting TWO, but learn our lesson and extend a hand of friendship towards the exEDEN countries currently proTWO, and indeed to TWO countries themselves.

I hate to have to stand here and tell you how to do your job, but here it is: CoT’s leaders, and all the non-TWO leaders in the world have not learned the lesson of ONE. Phoenix spent most of it’s life fighting against the demographic reality that despite Serbia it was a shrinking alliance which was leaking damage. ONE was built as a completely new alliance, reaching across alliance boundaries and opening up a completely new idea. TWO was an improvement on that design. People joke about THREE, but f&*k it, if we have to make a third go at it we will. Because sometimes you have to accept something is too broken to fix. CoT is too broken to fix.

So that’s my ranting over and done with. TWO citizens- we still have a few countries left to crush, and there will be fun to come. Everyone else, pull your socks up, stop whining about losing, and organise. Dig out some oldfags, ditch this stupid democratic system you have and get a proper alliance set up. Appoint some generals, form some councils, get your mobiles armed and give us a challenge.


Ps. They're never happy are they? They moan when they lose, now we've won they're moaning even louder...

...With ruin upon ruin, rout on rout,
Confusion worse confounded...


oDdkID 2,151 jour, 14:05


Aradjanski Branko
Aradjanski Branko 2,151 jour, 14:06


eisenmutter2 2,151 jour, 14:10

“It isn't sufficient just to want - you've got to ask yourself what you are going to do to get the things you want.” - FDR

why not

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter 2,151 jour, 14:34

lol, for someone that oposed to democracy, he quotes one of the biggest democrats ever! Born in the Netherlands btw, not far from where I live. 😉

Spite313 2,151 jour, 15:18

I'm not opposed to democracy in the right situation, but alliance leadership in eRepublik should not be a game of pass the parcel.

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter 2,151 jour, 15:27

Now we agree. 🙂 Just the right man for the job, that's always best.

mcmoox 2,151 jour, 14:14

MCMOOX je bio ovde !!!!

Lupus domini
Lupus domini 2,151 jour, 14:18

TWO is boring.Poland vs Serbia and party can start.

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man 2,151 jour, 16:16

Serbia vs. Poland, the only two genuine superpowers this game has ever had, what a fight that would be!! 😃

Tim_Holtz 2,151 jour, 19:43

if you are a young player you can claim serbia and poland are the only superpowers sure.

DimlightHero 2,151 jour, 22:39

So we're just going to forget the great Indonesian empire completely?

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man 2,152 jour, 03:34

Serbia and Poland: the only two superpowers this game has ever had: fact. Hungary and the eUS's fortunes have fluctuated, but there's no way either were powerful enough long enough to be called a superpower, both over-relied on either allies or migrant damage. Don't know what age has to do with knowing that.

Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee 2,151 jour, 14:18

TL brt

Arfan-Khan 2,151 jour, 14:19


DnPijote 2,151 jour, 14:20


Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys 2,151 jour, 14:20

I agree with almost whole article, TWO managed to win this game. Absolutely.

Except this part:
"So that’s my ranting over and done with. TWO citizens- we still have a few countries left to crush, and there will be fun to come."

How it is even a fun?? It's like gather 20 of your bully mates and attack 5 juniors.

Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys 2,151 jour, 14:22

But, one thing is sure, no matter what happened only few countries was able to stay loyal to its allies and I'm proud my country is one of those. Actually, both of my eCountries 😉

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter 2,151 jour, 14:33

Same here mate! o7

Spite313 2,151 jour, 14:50

Yes yes very admirable. Thing is though, most countries are bound by friendships between diplomats not common players. Most players only meet a few citizens from foreign nations- in fact the vast majority don't use IRC and meet nobody at all. This "no betrayal" attitude is as bad as the "I wouldn't ally them" attitude. It's small minded and in no small part has driven the exEDEN countries straight into TWO. You need to ditch that if you ever want to match up to our achievement.

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter 2,151 jour, 14:57

tbh, I don't think TWO/ACT even wants eNL as a member. Where would ePL get their oil, in the eUK? XD

klop123 2,151 jour, 14:20

meh, this is a tad biased.

You have to take into account the amount of visa users now. This game needs strategy back, otherwise it'll keep spiraling downwards..

I don't believe our side has a chance unless you want us to spend more, it comes down to the fact we're outnumbered, along with the lack of strategy makes for no real "want" (right word?) to do so. I also believe that the lack of teamwork comes from occupation, it has happened in every alliance regardless of time. (Phoenix, EDEN, ONE/TWO, CoT). Pretty much zero strategy makes it redundant. RWs can be won with drains, but costless NEs make no difference.

You say we moan because we've lost, but boredom will set in soon 😉 We may finally be witnessing the end. Also, I could say the same if we we're in switched positions, both sides tend to moan xD

klop123 2,151 jour, 14:21

P.S: Congratulations TWO, you take this round 😉

Spite313 2,151 jour, 14:29

Of course it's biased, I'm a leader in the TWO alliance. I hope I don't have to write a disclaimer declaring that before each article 😛

klop123 2,151 jour, 14:54

I was hoping for a refute of what I said 😛

Spite313 2,151 jour, 14:56

What do you want me to do, tell you what to do? Form a council of the biggest of the countries, form a new alliance built around them, with the smaller countries in tow but without a formal say in strategy. Divide and conquer, focus damage. Shit son, this is basic stuff. It's almost painful watching from this side.

klop123 2,151 jour, 15:02

ha, mate you missed the joke 😉 I was teasing you for getting only the biased part of the comment (although I knew you read it all)

Easier said than done, these big countries you talk about are still stuck in a spiral.

CptChazbeard. 2,151 jour, 14:21

The f*ck is a TWO?

Marcus Nerva Traianus
Marcus Nerva Traianus 2,151 jour, 14:22


coolinbun 2,151 jour, 14:25

CoT is to broken to fix

Takimanija 2,151 jour, 14:32

Too* I applogise on behalf of my dumb brother, to all of you Grammar Nazis.

Tusheng 2,152 jour, 06:48


Alex.L 2,152 jour, 20:52


Takimanija 2,152 jour, 23:54

Alex.L successfully caught in trap.

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter 2,151 jour, 14:32

So you want one big alliance. Who will you fight then?

Spite313 2,151 jour, 14:37

Did you read my article or just scroll to the end and comment?

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter 2,151 jour, 14:39

read it all, and it's just as Don Croata already commented here above. So, hence my question, if you're done bullying the smallest nations that haven't been occupied yet, what will you do? Play a nice game of scrabble?

Spite313 2,151 jour, 14:42

OK, so maybe you missed the point.

TWO did their best to win a wargame. The responsibility to beat us lies with you, not us. Grow up and take some responsibility for your situation instead of whining about bullying.

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter 2,151 jour, 14:45

You seem to miss my point here, so let me refrase it: TWO/ACT already won the game, so what's next?

Spite313 2,151 jour, 14:48

This is a poor argument. CoT lost for a lot of reasons. As I said, CoT is broken and needs to go. But there is plenty of damage on the field today and it's up for grabs for anyone with the balls to seize the opportunity.

It's your responsibility to challenge TWO. Like I said in the article (either you didn't read it or didn't understand it) the route to success lies with diplomatic work not military. I'm not repeating myself anyway, I suggest you read again.

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter 2,151 jour, 14:55

Again you're missing my point. You can't be serious to ask a small country with perhaps 100 active players to challenge TWO. And why would we? We've even tried to sign a peace treaty with TWO's biggest member Poland, but they broke it, and impeach their CP with whow I'd made this agreement. Only a few days ago we had another conference with Poland; their Congress doesn't seem even remotely interested in any agreement. Now you want us to declare war on TWO with 100 men? Get real please.

Spite313 2,151 jour, 14:58

OK I'm done with this line of argument, it does seem like you're ignoring my posts so I'll stop now.

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter 2,151 jour, 15:03

So it's that easy to defeat TWO? I'd laugh if it wasn't this sad.

CaioMario 2,152 jour, 00:37

Ian, is too imbalanced to fix whatever.

Point is, you succeed to gather a lot bigger damage on your side and now is nothing the other side can do.

This side is stop fighting and your side will feel boredom because it's becoming too easy. "Gather old fags, form council, etc..." will not work. With great fire discipline and coordination, we can succeed to create some uncomfortable situations, but that's all.

Unless big countries are forbidden to ally each other, that's nothing to fix. Power is too much on one side. Unless some rule is implemented in order of giving an honest chance to a small country exist without being wiped permanently, you will see your weaker opponents disbanding and do not come back.

Spite313 2,152 jour, 00:44

Pathetic excuses. Have you not learned from ONE? Or read my article? Nothing is set in stone, people are just too crap to take advantage.

The Argead
The Argead 2,151 jour, 14:44

Voted!I completely agree with you I have watched COT and I can't believe how they are whining and doing nothing to fix the problem.And the solution is just affront of their eyes.

CatBea 2,151 jour, 14:55

very well written as expected from you...o/

however allow me the irony to say this article is like a letter General Custer the day before Little Bighorn Battle, with the same outcome for EDEN and CoT...xDDD

NueveOcho 2,151 jour, 14:57

You can't expect an alliance led by Bulgaria to win xD

4ao 4ao 2,151 jour, 15:06

Commentaire supprimé

Major Lee Hung
Major Lee Hung 2,151 jour, 14:58

I've been a citizen of TWO for a long time now and have seen it slowly drop standards in the run up to the CoT war with the sole intention of overwhelming them with numbers.

TWO may have "won", but don't lie to yourself and put it down to any form of strategy or skill, it came down to a fear of losing bonuses in a war that was over before it started. If the TWO 'HQ' were any good we'd have reached the position we're in now about 4 months ago. I actually give it to CoT for holding out this long.

Spite313 2,151 jour, 15:10

Did you read my article?

Allow me to quote:

"Now let me tell you something straight away. This isn’t a strategy game anymore. There are two factors in who wins a battle, firstly how much potential damage can come to the battlefield, and secondly how much damage actually arrives. "

Ps, as far as I know you've never held any position in government, so you don't really know what you're talking about. You just try to temporarily buy significance every now and again.

Try again after you read the article.

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