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The Charges Against US

1,770 jour, 06:25 Published in USA États-Unis de fingerguns

The American Freedom Alliance has leveled charges against the United States. I'll be honest, their charges have some merit. Like most good political attacks, there is a small element of truth. However they draw the completely wrong conclusion. I would hope at this point their party is exclusively comprised of those foreign enemies who are 'in' on the plan. But just in case some loyal American has accidentally been taken in by their idiocy, I want to address each of these charges and hopefully shed a bit of light.

Hard to deny that one. I only came back recently, but the upper crust of eUS government looks much like I left it 2 years ago. The solution to that problem isn't a PTO of the entire government. Sure, that would drastically change who is in office and who holds cabinet positions, but those few suckers believing this load of garbage should probably consider who would be taking those positions. Just because the party is called the American Freedom Alliance doesn't mean they have 'American freedom' in mind. Notice how vapid and empty their platform is.'s nonexistent. It's nothing but charges against the existing government. No new ideas. No plans on how to govern. Just attacks.

The solution to the elitism problem is parties doing their jobs and treating it like a responsibility rather than a weapon. When a party really understands their responsibility as a party, they give newer players opportunities to move up because they know the value of growth in our government and the importance of giving active players things to do and goals to reach for. This has been neglected for a long time and it's biting us in the butt. But it wouldn't be terribly difficult to turn this around.

Giving up regions and intentionally weakening the eUS-
Also true, seems to be. The thinking here is that giving up useless regions protects elections, which is TRUE. We reached too far and suddenly find ourselves scrambling to find enough people to hold these regions during elections. There is also the belief that if we give up regions, those who are here just to take advantage of our bonuses but are otherwise working against America at every turn will just leave. Since we can't deport them, it is seen as the only option. This strategy will work, but only against a small fragment of the population we are hoping to drive out of here. As you can see, those who really want to harm us don't really care about bonuses.
I'm not a fan of that strategy, but if that is what our fairly elected leaders have decided, then I will do what I can to fight for America and help us execute this strategy. I understand the logic, even if I don't agree entirely.

Clearly others do not understand this. Should we point a finger at our government and our political parties and say this strategy wasn't clearly conveyed to the people? Yes, absolutely. But is the answer overthrowing the government and replacing them with foreign PTOers who wish this country harm? I DON'T understand the logic there.

Helping iNCi-
The US government has made an announcement saying that iNCi is less of a threat than the American Freedom Alliance. That's right, a party that is attempting to extort our government and sells citizenship to our enemies is LESS of a threat than the American Freedom Alliance. Think about that. What does that say of the AFA?

If you really think that AFA is a threat simply because it challenges the status quo, you are a fool.

So a party is seen as a bigger threat than a party that is an obvious threat. They have zero political platform, they simply attack the United States. They intentionally misconstrue American policy to prey on players who aren't paying attention to politics AT ALL. They target new players who do not know what is going on, but the majority of their party is comprised of foreign power players who only recently came to America specifically to carry out this plot. They have never done anything in their entire history that would lead anyone to believe they have America's best interests in mind.

Calling them 'terrorists' is not mislabeling them. It's not being unfair. They are the definition of the word. Please be advised.



Slade Cash
Slade Cash 1,770 jour, 06:35


voted anyway

chickensguys 1,770 jour, 06:36

The Reloveution is here. You can go tread on me.

Slade Cash
Slade Cash 1,770 jour, 06:39

AFA has coined a new term: "The Reloveution". It's when you resort to MMing bald-faced lies to get your way on a web browser game. And you do it for so long that you actually start to believe your own bs.

You heard it here first. Thanks CG.

wingfield 1,770 jour, 06:43


fingerguns 1,770 jour, 06:53

It's cute that they're trying to be like Ron Paul. I wonder if their foreign overlords have any idea who that is, though.

Candor 1,770 jour, 08:10

Great article.

Terrorists contribute nothing, they only strive to tear down what you create. Sounds awfully AFA.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan 1,770 jour, 09:37

LoL... we have proposed plenty of POSITIVE ideas... it's called read my paperz

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke 1,770 jour, 11:39


The AFA is a dramatic over reaction to what they view as a disease. Which is sad, because like you said, they do have a small amount of truth in their claims.

Its kind of like when the body over reacts and the immune system attacks the healthy muscles.

Thats right AFA.....RGR....Chickenguys......

You are the lupus of erepublik! Congratulations!!

Tiacha 1,770 jour, 12:21

What really needs to happen is that the majority of the eUS needs to stand up and find the middle ground between the political elite of the eUS who live in their inner circle and the PTOers. That means, saying no to the circle and creating a new party, system, etc that doesn't continue the cycle of nepotism. Hard task, yes, but it's the only solution.

Tiacha 1,770 jour, 12:23

That also means not blindly following the political elites' "strategy" but finding a way to create a new one.

mda1994 1,770 jour, 12:31

Got the blues eUSA? READ MY ARTICLE!

The Hierophant V
The Hierophant V 1,770 jour, 12:34

Hear, hear!

bigcdizzle 1,770 jour, 12:44

Completely true. Voted.

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