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The 10/10 Campaign

1,899 jour, 23:13 Published in USA États-Unis de Synapse Styx

My fellow eAmericans,

Our goal has a nation should be to secure 10/10 resources for our economy to strengthen. We have a vast amount of resources here in the eUS but we must go out and secure more to complete our resource bonus. Having the 10/10 bonus drives the amount of required raw materials down and the amount of finished products up. Having this bonus is a tremendous boost to our economy.

Our nation is well supplied with the resources already given. Cattle, Grain, Fruits, Aluminum and Oil are our nations natural resources and they are vast in our country. We need to seek and defend current and further resources to create a stronger economy.

We have large Fish resources secured from the nation of eTaiwan supplying our food industry well keeping raw food materials at a low price. eTaiwan is also a supplier of Rubber. Rubber is a rare resource in our part of the world. Therefore, eTaiwan is a critical resource hub that we must defend.

Our first acquisition should be the eCanada region of Manitoba with a Deer resource that will be our first step into fullfilling our 10/10 campaign. Our next target should be the Iron in currently eSpain-controlled Quebec and the Saltpeter resources in Northwest of Mexico and Baja. eSpain already currently enjoys two iron rich regions of their own so they don't need it. eMexico is a member of CoT so maybe a negotiation can take place although we are a trial member.

With each of these 3 resources secured, our 10/10 resource bonus will be complete and our economy will be strengthened greatly for as long as we can hold these regions just as we are holding our eTaiwan regions against invaders. These resources can easily be procured and launch the eUS as an economic powerhouse able to successfully supply ourselves.

Thank you,
Synapse Styx
eUS Air Force, Fighter Wing 1st Squadron

Motivation, Persistence, Accomplishment



Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan 1,899 jour, 23:17

lol no party wants 10/10 but ours in the T5

ligtreb 1,899 jour, 23:26

I'd love to have 10/10 ... after the PTO threat goes away.

The last time we had 10/10, our PTO opponents in the AFA soared in numbers. It was a great recruiting tool for them to recruit citizens from enemy countries.

Candor 1,899 jour, 23:39

10/10 now. Vote for Candor.

Jack Lantos
Jack Lantos 1,899 jour, 23:51

voted and subbed

Jessica Miss Rabbit
Jessica Miss Rabbit 1,899 jour, 00:15

"Having the 10/10 bonus drives the amount of required raw materials down and the amount of finished products up."

In which world are you leaving ?

Jessica Miss Rabbit
Jessica Miss Rabbit 1,899 jour, 00:16

We are already overproducing, so I don't see how it will strenghten our economy ? By pulling prices more down ?

Syz2 1,899 jour, 12:28

I don't see any way our economy will be "strengthened greatly" by bonuses. Bonuses will do nothing but possibly reduce wages. The only way we can fix this is by Plato changing economy, or at least mitigate the overproduction by strict control over our imports and exports, which has its of repercussions. A higher import tax will help much more than bonuses could to my belief.

GENERAL NECROS QUINTUS 1,899 jour, 16:08

"I'd love to have 10/10 ... after the PTO threat goes away." so usa will never have 10/10 again. the ptos aren´t going anywhere. and the economic module is worse everyday so the 10/10 bonus won´t mean anything in a few months.

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