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1,899 jour, 09:08 Published in Poland Royaume-Uni de Prince Harry.

(Official British Army) Updates and Dispatch: ,Day 1,908

Claim 8 Q7 just by commenting below and voting ,All British Army members will receive 8 x Q7 Weapons

Just comment "Be The Best" and you're vote number, and your tanks will be with you soon !

British Army Structure


Commander Don Dapper
2nd Commander Friedrich Barbarosa
2nd Commander Ewan Dougall
Regiment 1 Captain – Elsworth
Regiment 2 Captain – BaskB
Regiment 3 Captain – cenodekaMKD
Regiment 4 Captain – Daniel Catalan
Regiment 5 Captain – Taurum
Regiment 6 Captain – Hollenboar
Regiment 7 Captain – Treacherous

Stat's day 1908

Kills 4900
Damage 112 million
Active Fighters 91
Top Fighter Kills Don Dapper
Top Fighter Damage Don Dapper

Photo of the day Taken 18 Jan 1943.

THIS SHOWS THE SPECIAL AIR SERVICE (SAS) IN NORTH AFRICA DURING THE SECOND WORLD WAR : A close-up of a heavily armed patrol of 'L' Detachment SAS in their Jeeps, just back from a three month patrol. The crews of the jeeps are all wearing 'Arab-style' headdress, as copied from the Long Range Desert Group.

I think if you look at the forth guy from front to back looks abit like bob from Vic and Bob !

Want to collect regular supplies ? Want a very active fighting team ? Then Join the British Army today !



Tobi1st 1,899 jour, 13:52

Za spam cudzych bojówek bez vota

Herm1t 1,901 jour, 08:09


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