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Tax Invasion (An Ongoing IP Investigation)

1,975 jour, 22:17 Published in USA États-Unis de Albert Kinchasse

Tax Invasion?

So what moves the government? What allows them to function and build? Well you of course. At the beginning of each day most of you work for an employer. Most employers work their employees as well as work for someone else. Most people notice the sweet little note on your wage report that dictates the federal tax rate and how much that debos from your hard earned measly pay stub. This is because you chose right? wrong.

It is the paycheck you are writing without your permission for having an existence within this country...or that country. It is the essential grease for the gears of government. So knowing that, we trust in our government officials to take only what they need right? wrong. Imperium Press have noticed via their sources and with analytical scrutiny a discrepancy within the monetary math of the government pay pulls that may shatter your fragile egg yolk for a while. (yes we like creative writing...)

In comparison to the days of the first PEACE assaults (yes, again during the POTUS Richardson era.) general tax rates have skyrocketed to over 278.97 percent (average) above the beginning of Richardson era rates. This is a figure that is astronomical. Tax rates at that time barely rose above $1.44 for every $13 dollars earned. Of course during the initial invasions and wars that figure rose of course but today, that figure stands at roughly $3.60 for every $13 dollars earned. The major war is well over. Yes we still have enemies and attacks but NOTHING close to what happened back then.

Now taking that in, lets measure and wax this out a little better. If we are in “peacetimes”, why is the tax rate still so high? Great question. That is exactly what Imperium Press is going to set out to do. Answer that festering question. But before we continue this investigation into monetary turmoil we will lay out some facts.

We know that there is absolutely less legislation in government now, then even as recently as 8 months back. We know that there are far more less defensive states and hospitals then even in the old days when the tax rates were even lower, so just for good measure let's say in the old days there were more people active...that would account for more revenue on a lesser tax rate...but our sources and Imperium Press find that hard to believe...So we are concluding that this is strictly speaking, a tax invasion with dabbles of lack of transparency in the current administrations, number crunching and downright propaganda.

In that format the on going investigation continues. This is Albert Kinchasse straight out of the Rockies reporting to you live from my living room in superman boxers. Really. Godspeed and good night.


VOTE & SUB Imperium Press and you are AWESOME. Cause we say so.



Aoi the Fish
Aoi the Fish 1,976 jour, 00:30

Even if this is true, what would we do about it? Government needs money. People that need weapons and food can get it from the various programs being run in this country, or they can join a military unit to get the things they need. Many employers aren't hiring (Or if they are, it's at a much lower rate than normal) due to overproduction and lack of sales of finished goods.

I don't see you comparing active players and their salaries from your quoted era, and comparing them to today. All I see if the tax rate, which is something anyone could figure out if they bothered to look. If you can provide solid statistics on those things, rather than what looks like grasping at straws, I'd give you more merit.

Aoi the Fish
Aoi the Fish 1,976 jour, 00:30

Also, first.

Dogpyle 1,976 jour, 15:55

So we are taxed at 25% so we can give welfare to those that don't have the sense to join a decent MU or Political Party?

Lots of employers are hiring, I'm not sure what rate you expect them to pay, but it seems pretty fair to me.

I have no argument for your second paragraph. I too, would like to see more info.

Jetsmets 1,976 jour, 19:10

Ah, to be young. You missed out on the Era of Huge Profits. Back before Q7s the economy was actually interesting and the average salary was over $300.

As for the welfare, eRep is an inherently Socialist game. Most countries have the highest tax rates possible (50%) to discourage private MUs and have most people work in the government-run communes and join government MUs.

Dogpyle 1,976 jour, 21:21

Yeah, I was playing in Beta up through the stock market crash. So take your "Aw, your just a noob" attitude and blow it out your...

Most countries are at 50%??? What game are you playing? Most countries' income tax is at 1-15%.

Era of huge profits... LMAO

2503830 1,976 jour, 03:01

Almost felt like i was reading a RL libertarian pamphlet for a second there...

Thern alpha
Thern alpha 1,977 jour, 17:27

u basically where reading a libertarian pamphlet just one made for the game and not RL.

Kortanul 1,976 jour, 07:01

Don't care. Commune worker = go ahead, take my quarter.

Albert Kinchasse
Albert Kinchasse 1,978 jour, 12:00

Commune worker here as well. Difference? I care.

jkeller4000 1,977 jour, 12:12

i say lets allow the goverment to print as much money as they need!! no need to tax when the gove should be using a printer!

Bobby Canell
Bobby Canell 1,977 jour, 20:39

Income tax rates are high because when the admins stopped the bot our national income plummeted. Even with the taxes as high as they are our income is much much lower than it was in the PEACE invasion time. You can't really compare these different economic model periods. Also since you can only work one job a day and thus earn one income a day from that work, and everyone that wants a job has one, lowering the taxes would not make good economic sense, it would lower our national income more and put us at a disadvantage to other nations.

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