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1,872 jour, 15:24 Published in United Kingdom Royaume-Uni de Bernard Hoffington

The Ireland/UK conflict.
Somewhere around day 1,865 - 1,870

I joined the unit less than a week ago, brought here by a brother, we're all brothers now. Brothers and sisters.

We made our way to Ireland, Dublin. I didn't know the enemy, i didn't know the politics but with my brothers at my side i was confident.
We were told it was a training war, but the Irish soldiers shouted to us from across the lines. There was confusion everywhere.
"What's going on!?" I heard a soldier shout.

After a quick briefing from commander FragUK we all understood the objective. Seems the gov had messed up, Ireland needed to win, we headed across the lines and shot down British troops with our bean bag bullets, stunning them, after regaining the Irish regions for our Irish friends we headed back over to take Northern Ireland.

It was a tough battle, but we did it.
After all, its us; the war fighters who fix these situations.

If your fed up with logging in and just completing your daily order and working, why not join a 'real' family unit?
But please, don't just join and follow your same routine.
Tank Nation is all about the society. We're brothers and sisters above friends. Join us and get to know us, add all the members and see what you think!

We may not be the biggest or the best, but we sure are friendly!



Cindy021 1,872 jour, 15:26

v2 sub 1162

Great Job !!!!!

D I W 1,872 jour, 15:27

Grandad Missingno you do us Proud

Cygnus X1
Cygnus X1 1,872 jour, 15:27

Would bang.

Hail Tank Nation! o7

iquitbye 1,872 jour, 15:27

needs more This man needs an ewife he's so lonely ^___^

WayneKerr 1,872 jour, 15:31

Voted for the mention of FragUK


FragUK 1,872 jour, 15:49

gogogo Tank Nation o7

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato 1,873 jour, 23:44

I wondered what tank nation was in the shouts and finally clicked the link....Good luck guys, though you won't need it because you have some cracking members in your ranks.

Very highly recommended

T White II
T White II 1,873 jour, 03:38

Tank Nation is a MU that is a credit to the eUK, may more members join and Tank Nation grow and proser!


FragUK 1,873 jour, 06:03

Thanks guys o7

Ariovistuz 1,873 jour, 07:21


LongShotzZ 1,873 jour, 07:29

Voted! o7

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