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Stories Brought to Life 2

1,816 jour, 19:37 Published in USA États-Unis de Crimsonninja
This is a continuation of Stories Brought to Life 1

The 14-year, after what seems to be hours, reaches the bottom of the well and looks around. His eyes widen as he surveys the area. "What in the world is this?!", he exclaims. Before him are 5 different tunnels, all seeming to be endlessly long.

"How am I suppose to find this girl now?!" As he finishes his statement, he hears a faint voice coming from the mid-right tunnel.

Is anyone there???

"That must be here!!!" The boy runs down the passageway and comes to a stop when he sees a boy, short for his age. "Damn... Wasn't her... Hey you. Have you seen a girl around here? I'm looking for this other girl's twin."

The shorter boy looks at him and says, "Is the other girl about my height, blonde, wearing a red shirt, white jeans, and a denim jacket?"

"Yeah!!! How'd you know that?" The boy said.

"Cause that's my twin. My name's Jack, by the way."

"I'm Ethan. Wait... You mean to say there's no hot girl down here?"

"Nope. My sister played you, dude." Jack said with a slight grin. "I've been lost down here for hours. Glad someone came down to help."

"Yeah, whatever. Let's get out of here." Ethan said, turning around. Jack followed him until they reach the center point of the network of tunnels.

"So how are we getting back up?" Jack askd. "You did think of a way to get out here, right?"

Ethan chuckled, slightly embarrassed. "You see... I was so interested in finding the girl, I didn't think about how we'd get out. Oops..."

Jack facepalmed and murmured. "Out of all the people she could of asked, she had to find the dumbest of them all..."

To Be Continued


jadiv 1,817 jour, 14:00

Jack...Do we know this Jack?


Crimsonninja 1,818 jour, 09:53

No xD

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